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ok folks, in the new itunes press 'file'---->'subscribe to podcast', then in your browser navigate the Bombcast RSS feed page, copy the URL from the RSS feed page into the window on itunes and VIOLA! it will instantly start downloading the 2/12 podcast.

Zune users, navigate to the 'Collection'--->'Podcasts' tab in the Zune software and click the 'Add a Podcast' button in the lower left corner, then feed it the Bombcast RSS URL.

...I have no idea about mobile though =/

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Posted by GunnBjorn

Congrats with the new site, Gentlemen! Slick design. Modern look. Future proof. Now, BombCast!

Posted by GunnBjorn
@branthog said:

More than half of the GB audience is looking at that the two spinning things when you play the podcast and asking "what the hell are those?".

The other half (including yours truly) does know and feels old. : )

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feed shows this podcast as being 1969

@marcustorrent: did you have the feedburner feed? That's what I had and it wouldn't update past the PSA. Had to re-add the RSS feed at the top of this page

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Site looks amazing! The cassette tape is a nice touch.

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Congrats to Vinny buying a house , if he didn't buy a house don't even bother unpacking the boxes

Posted by Cult_of_Cthulhu

Hi team, reporting in from Australia and our itunes shows no shows available. possible region issue?

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Good job @snide , take a lot at the itunes podcast if you get a chance.

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(2h25m ish in)

PS3 HDCP over HDMI can be circumvented for less than $25 with a certain model of a Chinese made HDMI splitter. Haven't verified it with my own eyes but people say the device does it without any frames of latency.

I spent extra and got a monoprice adapter (hdmi to dvi, dvi to hdmi adapter, to capturing device because games and debugging and streaming in HDMI is nice).

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This is actually the first time I've listened to a whole episode on the site. I really like the new podcast player. Neato!

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How do I get this to show in iTunes?

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Has anybody noticed that the recent barrage of Patrick hate had practically led to his injury and recent departure from the site? Many were like "OH LOOK, IT'S PATRICK!" on every QL, and now he breaks his collarbone and is suspiciously missing from the Bombcast and site for now.

Look at what you did, you guys.

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@cult_of_cthulhu: As a fellow Australianite I too confirm that our version (?) of iTunes has not been updated as of yet.

I had to manually download the pod cast and add it to my iPhone like an animal!

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Love the cassette tape.

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Flash keeps crashing while listening to this, sad panda.

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I still have my launch PS3 controller from 2007 and it still holds a charge pretty well, not sure what Ryan is doing for it to loose charge that quickly.

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Ahhh shit. Get better Patrick.

Posted by DedBeet

iTunes still appears to be bodied at this point. Big thanks to Dropbox for getting this episode on my iPhone :)

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Wooooo bombcast!

Posted by Accolade

This pretty rufus.

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Same, yet different.

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These next Xbox rumors are sounding more and more outlandish. I have a hard time believing they'd do anything so consumer hostile.

Posted by blacklab

Not a big fan of the new audio player.

Posted by mcnorhymes

rock and roll.

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@infinite_zero00: thank you for the advice now have Giantbomb on my ipod again :)

As giantbomb podcast not even showing on UK Itunes any more..

I use downcast on the phone and that accepted the link by just clicking RSS on web the page on my iphone (safari).

Posted by arimajinn

yes!! new site new bombcast :D

Posted by arimajinn

yes!! new site new bombcast :D

Posted by Minos

new site's up... but where is the bombcast art?!?!??!?

Posted by EarthBowl

Great Design Guys!

Posted by _Horde

The podcast page design is dope!

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iTunes are still out of Commision as of Wednesday 10:14 central time. Also what happened to the S ranks?

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Goddamn you Vinny! You made me go bust up some od IDE drives...only so they can DIE!!

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"Podcast" "For" "Kids"

Posted by Qlanth

"Podcast" "For" "Kids"

Posted by gbrading

You'll need higher rez images for the podcast image now, evidently.

Posted by fox01313

Guessing the next assassin creed game will be in a different time frame but in a landscape even flatter than in AC3, so probably going to be in the Sahara or some other rugged flat area with nothing to climb up.

Posted by plainplease

Great use of "vagaries" by Jeff. I have a dumb question. Vinny says something about Dr... Chaklas? Chakras? Shaklas? Why can't I think of what he is referencing?

Posted by Elwoodan

dude! my Rio got stolen from a party too!

Posted by sub_o

Great use of "vagaries" by Jeff. I have a dumb question. Vinny says something about Dr... Chaklas? Chakras? Shaklas? Why can't I think of what he is referencing?

He's referring to Dr. Chakwas from Mass Effect.


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Game Tapes!

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