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That box thing appears to be stuck to Bishop's back by magic. Model some straps on it at least, make some kind of effort. This doesn't even have the RPG excuse of having to account for several different weapons types that can be carried by your guy, and even in those cases it's still pretty lazy.

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Hate in shooters when you have to rack back the action manually after changing magazines even though you left a round in the chamber.

Posted by vanfarley

Trailer Park Boys FTW!

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Drew: "Are they all Paul Reiser?"

That was so hilarious I had to comment about it

Posted by MyNameisTingles

Youtube not working for this video, message says that it was removed because the video was too long.

Posted by HandsomeDom

Jim Lahey is the drunken trailer park supervisor of Sunnyvale Trailer Park!

Posted by SpikeDelight

Is that the voice actor from Binary Domain?

Posted by JimmyRedd

"Why are you shooting at humans? Are they all Paul Reiser?" might be the funniest line this site has ever produced.

More Drew!

Posted by bgdiner

I think this would be a cool game to play at 10-15 bucks if you've got nothing else to play. Yea, it's a disappointment, but overlooking expectations and appreciating it as a fun space-shooter might be worth a bit of cash.

Posted by xite

I think the constant use of "Actual" says enough about the direction of this game.

Posted by zokamoka

This took 7 years? wow