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Posted by zokamoka

This took 7 years? wow

Posted by xite

I think the constant use of "Actual" says enough about the direction of this game.

Posted by bgdiner

I think this would be a cool game to play at 10-15 bucks if you've got nothing else to play. Yea, it's a disappointment, but overlooking expectations and appreciating it as a fun space-shooter might be worth a bit of cash.

Posted by JimmyRedd

"Why are you shooting at humans? Are they all Paul Reiser?" might be the funniest line this site has ever produced.

More Drew!

Posted by SpikeDelight

Is that the voice actor from Binary Domain?

Posted by HandsomeDom

Jim Lahey is the drunken trailer park supervisor of Sunnyvale Trailer Park!

Posted by MyNameisTingles

Youtube not working for this video, message says that it was removed because the video was too long.

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Drew: "Are they all Paul Reiser?"

That was so hilarious I had to comment about it

Posted by vanfarley

Trailer Park Boys FTW!

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Hate in shooters when you have to rack back the action manually after changing magazines even though you left a round in the chamber.

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That box thing appears to be stuck to Bishop's back by magic. Model some straps on it at least, make some kind of effort. This doesn't even have the RPG excuse of having to account for several different weapons types that can be carried by your guy, and even in those cases it's still pretty lazy.

Posted by StewCa

Jim Lahey and Randy = Trailer Park Boys

Perhaps the funniest thing to ever come out of Canada. I recommend watching it.

Posted by FirstBossCutman

Why does it seem like the Space Marines are more worried about these "PMC's" than the Aliens?! Your Alien game is fundamentally flawed if the Aliens themselves are not the biggest threat.

Posted by MrCaptain

This game looks boring as hell. Its not really my genre though.

Posted by Bunny_Fire

i am fairly certain that they mispronounced the hoorah thing the marines say OohRah!

Source http://usmilitary.about.com/od/jointservices/a/hooah.htm

You know i hear a lot of people bagging this game i find it ok its basically a standard FPS and its fine.

Posted by WolfHazard

is the quality of this video terrible for anyone else? I've been catching up on Quick Looks today and saved this one for last because it was the longest and man it looks like it's a 240p Youtube video, every other video has looked fantastic today so I'm not going to blame the site, perhaps it's just this video or maybe my internet is to blame.

Posted by YukoAsho

This just looks like a CoD mod. Where is the atmosphere and tension that the first 2 films are so well known for? The game clearly had it at one point from the demo that was shown last year.

The Xenos themselves look comically bad. Just look at the animation of them when Ryan is playing as one at the end and swiping away. It looks like it's swatting at a fly in the air rather than this fierce alien that will tear you to shreds.

Are GearBox going to be THQ in reverse? While THQ wanted to put out high quality games, they flopped and we all know what happened there but GearBox might see success with terrible games. While I enjoy Borderlands, DNF sold millions of copies despite it being a horrible game and I can see this being the same.

To be fair, Duke Nukem Forever likely sold more due to just how damned long people have waited for it. I'm interested to see how the eventual next Duke game performs at retail. It did go down to $9.99 quicker than any title this whole fucking generation, however.

And it's funny we bring up Duke Nukem Forever, as Aliens: Colonial Marines also had a stupidly protracted dev cycle (7 years since announcement) and had a shit ton of developers in the pie. Seriously, look at the game's wiki here, it's fucking ridiculous how many studios had their hands on this game. I'm not sure how it could have ended any other way than a shooter that's not entirely broken, but completely without any memorable moments.

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Creatively bankrupt, yeah, but it doesn't seem technically broken. Seems like the kinda game you get on a sale, or when it goes into $20 territory.

Posted by NekuSakuraba

The game looks pretty generic, it's a real shame they didn't nail the alien fights. The gun sound effects seem cool though.

Posted by NekuSakuraba

The game looks pretty generic, it's a real shame they didn't nail the alien fights. The gun sound effects seem cool though.

Posted by PenguinDust

I watched this for nearly and hour to see the crappy aliens. I should have had a V8.

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Just recently watched Alien and Aliens again, such great movies, this game is such a bummer


I think it ceases to be a "quick look" when it's an hour and twenty two minutes long.

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Ryan's crosshair sure does jump pretty far at the slightest movement. Someone needs to inform the crew about the relationship between mouse DPI and sensitivity and how it dictates how many degrees are 'skipped' each interval when aiming with the mouse. I think this is why Ryan feels the shooting is a little inaccurate.

Raising the mouse DPI as high as it will go in the driver settings and lowering the in-game sensitivity proportionately will allow for more nuance while still keeping the distance-moved to degrees-turned ratio while moving the mouse.

Edited by Will_M

I agree with Jeff in his disinterest of the Alien movies. That could also be because I've never sat down and watched them, though I know the main points of it.

Posted by bkbroiler

They made a big deal about that new "Crusher" or whatever enemy and I don't see it anywhere. And judging by the quality of the game and their reverence toward the source material I doubt they ever explain where it came from, whether it chestburst from some animal or if it's made from a special facehugger like the queen. What bullshit.

Oh man, you have an Aliens avatar. Your opinion counts extra here.

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They made a big deal about that new "Crusher" or whatever enemy and I don't see it anywhere. And judging by the quality of the game and their reverence toward the source material I doubt they ever explain where it came from, whether it chestburst from some animal or if it's made from a special facehugger like the queen. What bullshit.

Posted by britxmenyuan

New player is extremely slow on both low and high for progressive...

Posted by FreedomTown

This game doesn't seem to play much differently then your typical Call of Duty part 113 game, and people go ape-shit over those games...so really, this looks like a solid mediocre shooter to me.

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I'm sure there's a cameo of a ragdoll called Wriggly Scott in this QL.

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if it's at all possible you guys made the video player even worse. Why is the youtube version for members only when I can just go to your channel and watch it there for free? Seems like you dont want page hits

Posted by namesonkel

Really think Ryan's "Oh no." was a perfect reaction to falling down that platform.

Posted by Suits

@jms493: That could refer to both the video or the game

Posted by Mc_FlyHigh

I am the liquor Randy...

Posted by Manos

I can get the video to play but it won't pause which is kind of annoying.

Posted by Suits

I can't purchase premium sub, so aren't I supposed to get ads before video's? I don't have anything blocked on giantbomb. I don't mind, but I want to support them and right now I only get the static ads on the site.

Posted by jms493

Video is working but thew quality is crappy.

Posted by Batmeng

"Can we just call them aliens. They're aliens."

Thank you, Jeff.

Posted by TheCheese33

I beat the game in three hours. Just like the Giant Bomb crew, I started out going "OK, this isn't so bad!" but it only got worse and worse.

Posted by suicidepacmen

Time to mark off another thing on the list of things Jeff avoids because it's popular.

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@origin: Yeah, I have a pretty good connection as well and I'm having the same problem. Watching HD is a pain right now, this buffer is killing me.

Plus, I disagree with everyone in the internet, I think this game looks pretty competent.

Posted by GeneralBison

"Jim Lahey and Randy can fuck off", highlight of the quick look, my god what an awesome name... I fucking miss Corey and Trevor guys :'-(

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@blacksymbiote said:

After hearing/seeing so many bad things from the game, I was expecting it to be glitching all over the place. Instead it just seems like a regular, competent shooter. I'm not exactly sure where the pure horrible hatred is coming from, at least based on this Quick Look.

Expectations. They were hyping this game in a very audacious way despite the fact that they knew they can't deliver. Pitchford was talking all the time about the "true sequel to Aliens" and how they got all the little details right and in the final product, there are two glaring plot holes at the very beginning. The game looks nothing like in the demos - it's like they suddenly removed all dynamic lightning and cool effects. There's a good comparison video on the forums here. Besides, it is glitching all over the place. The thing with buggy games is that it's all completely random, so capturing footage of it can be hard.

It's a shitty game that they tried to con people to buy. If the info about development on reddit is true, then it's even worse, because it casts a grim light on how Gearbox works. It's almost like 3D Realms all over again.

@mrbubbles: Embiggening was basically the only way to sensibly watch videos on the site throughout 2012, considering how bad was the aliasing in full screen in the Gamespot player.

@jsnyder82: Disagree absolutely. Giger's design is absolutely iconic - it's also very smart and deliberate, with its various allusions to sexual imagery and the approach that it should be as close to human as possible to invoke uncanny valley.

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Me and a friend watched all four alien movies a few months ago. Lance Henriksen is so mangled that we concluded it's only proper to name him a soft potato bread. He really is a mess.

Posted by Majkiboy

@trilogy said:

Oh man, the new video player looks so much nicer than that old cbs piece of shit. It's not all pixelated in full screen anymore! Hurray!


Posted by kycinematic

Randy Pitchford, you're a real asshole.

Posted by MadaRenrut

poops mcgee

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Even if you block the arc flash of a welder, the slag coming off of it burns like hell if it hits you so wearing a welding helmet prevents that. There are goggles that have the same darkening of welding helmets but no real protection for the rest of the face. Also prolonged skin exposure (arms, hands, forehead, pretty much anything) while you are welding will give a sun burn :)

Posted by Gutterkisser

Woah now, I'm not normally prone to reactionary nerd rage, but calling Giger's alien design dumb? It's like, the alien design. The one which all others are measured by, kinda sorta.

Posted by Fattony12000