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@vuud: Yeah, but you had to watch it on their twitch channel because GB was basically dead at the time.

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Just watching a little more of the vid and I'm trying to be somewhat positive. Some of the atmosphere, look and sound of Aliens is there, but man...the gameplay is so generic and boring. Like one of the guys said, hearing the pulse rifle sound is cool at first, but becomes quite a bit less special when you're spraying bullets in every direction. All the tension and terror of the movie is ripped out.

I try not get het up over this kind of shiz, but it drives me wonky how little creativity and ambition went into this game.

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this is pretty cool.

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@andromedius: yea it makes me just want to play that instead!

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How is it no one has made a Left 4 Dead game with aliens yet? I was sure that was what this game was going to be :(

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So I've asked this elsewhere, but I can maintain hope here.

Weren't there only about 100 colonists on the planet? Where are all these Xenos coming from?

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Why you gotta pick up the health and armor game?! Just make it automatic ffs.

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This just makes me want to play AvP2.

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Makes AvP 2010 look like art....

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Looked okay at first. And then it looked like a modern military shooter. And then it just looked like Shoot Many Humans: The Video Game. The aliens just look wonky. I think I'll be staying away from this one. The multiplayer seemed A LOT better though. This game would benefit from a left 4 dead style objective mode. Maybe even letting players invade your single-player campaign and controlling the aliens because the AI and everything about them seems terrible.

Also, the chrome "auth.giantbomb.com is now full screen." message refuses to leave the screen with the new player. Very annoying.

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Hey Jeff, I ain't never seen no Aliens either

You're both just uncomfortable with the idea of a vagina monster face-raping you to pregnancy so that a living dick-alien can birth itself out of your chest.

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I know there's a lot of stuff to complain about in this game, but I just can't get past the fact that the ammo counter on the side of the pulse rifle doesn't drop to zero when you remove the clip.

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I am not going to play this game, it looks like no fun.

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The exploding egg effects remind me of Duke Nukem 3D.

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I knew this was going to be terrible, I just knew it.

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God damn, 1 star. That's brutal. What a disappointment.

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As a mild Alien(s) fan, this looks dumb.

As someone who likes shooters, this looks boring.

As someone who appreciates dialogue and voice acting, this is TERRIBLE.

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Love the new sites look... It's just slow as dirt right now.

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Never been a big aliens fan, but why does this interest me more than every other first person shooting game?

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I'd rather go back and play the old Alien Trilogy for the saturn/psx

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"Soo-Lah-Co," not "Suhl-ico," fellas. Pedantry aside, it amazes me how little developers understand fanbases. Aliens had its share of action but the movie was mostly about build-up, terror and atmosphere. I'm not looking to play an alien game with corridor shooting hundreds of aliens and fighting human enemies.

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I really should get around the watching the first two films.

Posted by Tennmuerti

This looks ... old; very plain like it was made 5 years ago or something. With bad blurry textures. Nasty voice acting too. Shooting looks kinda anemic.

Posted by Wolf
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@adaptor: Yeah, this game really seems to have its ideals confused. Still, I was a bit hopeful for it because I just wanted a good Aliens game, but doesn't seem like this is the one.

Posted by Adaptor

A great Alien(s) game, for me, should be a survival horror game with a bit of shooting mixed in. This game seems to have it all backwards...

BTW: Love the new site!

Posted by Gaston

Useful flamethrowers in games: Dead Space 2, Alien Breed ;)

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So Aliens greatly influenced Halo, which greatly influenced shooters, so seeing all of that stuff loop back on itself in an Aliens video game is really freaking my shit out.

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Between the video & written reviews on other game journalism sites & the article on Rock, Paper, Shotgun (here) of all the bugs they found with the single player; think I'll go play the original AvP on the PC instead of this. Not sure which studio working on this just kept it feeling like Duke Nukem did of maybe putting in a few new things but leaving it mostly feeling like the writing/gameplay was done in the early 1990s & never changed. This just looks boring on how they did the execution of the single player so hopefully the multiplayer has better life.

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Not bad, it didn't look too bad at all.

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Not liking the player. Gets all choppy in fullscreen.

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So when is this game even supposed to take place? The Aliens wiki says its after Aliens 3.

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Looking at this... the AvP 2010 game doesn't look that bad anymore...

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@i_smell: They were letting the dialogue play out in the stretches I noticed. It's not very often they don't have something awful to say about the game they're playing.

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Playback is not working properly here, keeps getting stuck mid vid.

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Such a shame that this game turned out like this, such a boring and generic shooter.

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Some Doom mod show-and-tell for Unprofessional Friday would be neat

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Looks insanely booring. Also WAY less tension than expected due to two irritating persons yelling at you all the time.

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They did get the actor Michael Biehn to reprise the role of Hicks. I guess this is the buildup of releasing a game at the end of a near 7 year old console generation.

Hey everyone's gotta vent once in a while.

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I'm glad I didn't bother to even get excited about this game.

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This game is superior bad especially so if you're an Alien(s) fan. Gearbox really did a mess here, where it was expected on Duke Nukem, I thought they might have this locked to be a hit, even tho it had problems shifting studios and what not, I really expected Fox & Sega to look over this a bit more as they apparently did.

Game is simply put broken and as Jeff says, the basics of a FPS game are there, but that's not enough for a high-profile game like that and the story is a mess.

I know Randy is pretty much a PR guy, but I've had about enough of his PR lies, to make a quick buck out of people when in reality he knows perfectly fine how bad the game will turn out. I don't even mind them trying to sell that, but next time just keep quiet Randy, don't crown the game into heavens when you know it's a turd and people wont expect as much as now.

Still can't believe that a license like that didn't receive the love it deserves from neither side Gearbox, Sega or Fox, and I really don't care bout TimeGate, Nerve & the other studios who apparently worked on this, it's pretty much the fault of the big 3 mentioned.

Shame, is all I have to say...

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Huge stretches of noone saying anything... Quick Looks are just Lets Plays now aren't they?

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Always glad to hear Drew's voice!

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shoot that dude!

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Loved the quote Vinny, well done.

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@das9000: Yeah, I'm having similar problems. The video quality likes to randomly change to 240p when I exit full screen and go back and also the framerate is completely jacked in full screen.