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Posted by DougQuaid

The NVA totally had acid for blood back in Nam.

Posted by President_Barackbar

Did anyone else notice that the one cinematic in the QL looks like 1999 era 3D? Shit looks seriously bad.

Posted by das9000

The compression artifacts on the video are fucking horrible (at least for me, I'm not talking about you) and I don't see an option to increase the resolution (?). I don't know if this is a problem with video encoding at creation time but I'm assuming the same procedures were used as on the old site/player, and it looks noticeably worse. I don't know if this is intentional but if this is your plan to get more payed subscribers then fudge you GiantBomb.

Posted by Dezztroy

All the AvP2 talk makes me wish Drew/Patrick followed through with their plans for an AvP2 TNT.

Posted by Dinosaurs

I met John Dunsworth (Jim Lahey) and Pat Roach (Randy) this month while they do their tour and it was one hell of a good time. Love those dudes.

I had some hopes for this game but after viewing this I'm going to have to wait for one hell of a Steam sale.

Posted by Triphos

Just for the (possible) bug count record: I had sound but no video on streaming and progressive in

Chrome Version 25.0.1364.68 beta on my mac, but the video works fine once I switch to HTML 5.

Posted by Risingsun

This is the first time a quick look as made me nauseous. I had to stop watching by the end. I think it was the dark and identical corridors and the fast movement of the gun that did it.

Posted by Phished0ne

Jim Lahey's a drunk bastard.

You know what that sound is? Thats the sound of the shittomorphs coming for ya!

Posted by RIDEBIRD

You can watch it here:


This is an impressively awful looking game. Dat 1999 texture on some shit. Jesus.

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I don't give a shit about this game, but I wanted to let @snide and the engineering brigade know that the site is fucking awesome, and the pin functionality and new player make this much more enjoyable to watch!

Posted by Shtinky

Why is the player on the right?!

Posted by MachoFantastico

Working fine my end, but some technical problems are to be expected.

Anyhow, this looks depressingly dull. Which is a shame, always felt you could do decent things with this license.

Edited by WaffleConed

Jim Lahey's a drunk bastard.

Posted by Brosef

Every time i switch from Fullscreen to Windowed or from Windowed to Fullscreen it starts reloading and plays from the beginning.


Please push this to Roku, not up yet! I know 1st world probs...

Posted by HyperionXR

Can someone tell me the details of Jeff's aversion to Aliens? Just curious... I've always considered the first 2 films as classics!

Edited by SeriouslyNow

Video is working for me (Firefox here).

Also, I'm pretty glad I didn't buy this game.

I wish it didn't (Firefox here, works too) because the game is fucking awful. What a disappointment after the glory that is Borderlands 2. For shame Gearbox.

Posted by ddensel

This just looks... boring, like not even worth picking up for under $20. especially if the campaign is so short.

Posted by Aegeri

Unfortunately the QL isn't working for me at all. Will this be uploaded to youtube? Because its not on there.

Posted by charlie_victor_bravo

It does not look bad visually and yet it looks boring as hell. Weird.

Posted by metal_mad

The new site is way better than this game looks

Posted by ripelivejam
@mcghee said:

Not sure why everyone is calling this shit. Just looks about the same as every other FPS out there, not great but not terrible.

it's shit because it's fucking ALIENS. this didn't need to be anentirely generic FPS. where's the tension, the limited ammo, the fights with fucking xenomorphs??? yeah it's average as a shooter, and there's definitely technically worse games, but for such an overhyped product with such source material it's about as disappointing as can be.

guess you can tell i really wanted to like this game...

Posted by Reisz

I am straight up astonished at how much time was spent shooting human soldiers. good god.

Posted by Phished0ne

I will give this game one thing, the environments look pretty good. Not jaw-dropping or anything, but they look pretty good, the lighting is good, the atmosphere seems good. Ryan really nailed it when he said they seemed to get everything about the license pretty good except applying it to the gameplay.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

I like pretty HUDs, but this game seems playable, but besides that seems like 360 launch title in quality.

Also, play Aliens: Infestation if you want an Aliens game.

Posted by NekuSakuraba

Missed this live, can't wait to watch it!

Posted by Ngunkuru

This looks like it could be fun with co-op, especially with the random alien attacks. The dude vs dude firefights and corridor crawls seem pretty boring (if visually pleasing) though.

Edited by lordofultima

To Ryan's point about it being hard to develop a squad and make it meaningful when they die, I think the best example of that in a game is Halo Reach.

But those deaths happen at pre-determined moments. I'd say a better example is Aliens: Infestation. Permadeath for squadmates, but they're controlled by you so you feel attachment to each of them.

Edited by ll_Exile_ll

To Ryan's point about it being hard to develop a squad and make it meaningful when they die, I think the best example of that being executed well in a game is Halo Reach.

Posted by prestonhedges

"I ain't ever seen no Aliens movie."

Pffft. Bullshit.

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This game is an abortion, I wonder if I'll get to see you guys try your hardest not to get pissed at how terrible it is, or if you'll outright mock its mediocrity.

Posted by walter_sobchak

I hope people realize the crappy frame rate is from the actual game, not the new player. Wow. Is there some way to improve the frame rate? What resolution are you playing in while you vid cap? Can you display a frame rate counter in the corner for future PC reviews? Are the capture PC's spec's listed anywhere?

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

First QL comment of the new site.......a very important moment, all told. I really don't care about this game! I kinda liked AvP back in 2010 (even that was just alright) so if I ever need an Aliens fix, I know where to find it.

Posted by falling_fast

fortunately you'll soon be able to get system shock 2 on good old games

Posted by buft

if you read my last comment ignore it, turns out the player was being weird and artifacting a lot of the black areas making some of the textures look awful, this game looks alright but without having played it and only going on what i can see here some of the gun handling looks a little fiddly.

Strange to hear Jeff bring up the stealth portion up as a negative, Kevin Van Ord quoted in his Gamespot review that the stealth section was one of the better sequences in the game bringing much needed tension to the game.

Posted by Hef

@ndn_shadow: I don't think so. The video just got removed "because it's too long." I've never seen that before. Maybe gearbox didn't like that it was almost an hour and a half long, who knows. And youtube was always available for everyone, I can't see them changing now.

Posted by Glottery

Myeah, good thing I wasn't looking forwards to this anymore. Maybe some years ago, but that's ancient history by now...not that I would've minded it being good, of course. Too bad.

Posted by Nephrahim

I gotta say, I loved "It was the my little pony fighting game of it's day." Comment.

Edited by Vuud

I finally get to watch the quick look now and oh my, this looks like ASS. Graphics look pretty nice but the way everyone moves and clips and AI looks horrible. Worst part is the aliens are total pussies. One alien should be able to wipe out your whole team but here they kinda just come at you and jump on the muzzle of your gun. Worst is how you can just smack em away and they totally don't just rip your hands off when you try. I'll probably get this when its tenbux on steam which likely won't be long.

Posted by Sticky_Pennies

Shooting people in corridors, leveling up, enemies that spew ammo and health, and a shitty weapon attachment system. Yeah, that sounds right... :/

This game pisses me off.

Posted by Vigil80

I was looking forward to this. If the game is half as bad as the buzz says, this should be quite the comedy.

Posted by MadaRenrut

Looks like poo doo

Posted by tropesage

I wish when they showed off multiplayer it was something other then death match.

Posted by falling_fast

also yeah, those aliens look like shit, and they behave in really dumb ways.

Posted by joshthebear

This looks like a big pile of shit, which as a huge Aliens fan, makes me very sad.

Posted by Deathpooky

Hey Buddy!