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Posted by TheDarkOn3

Jim Lahey and Randy are characters from Trailer Park Boys.

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this game looks INSANELY hard. would it have killed the devs to simplify the level design by adding a few repetitive corridors with enemies that spawn in the same place every time and proceed to funnel through choke points for no reason? perhaps have enemies drop armor AND ammo AND health at the same time, instead of making the player walk around the room to collect each separately? and is it too much to ask for a full squad of invincible marines to back up the player instead of just shitty two invincible marines? AND THERE'S TOO MANY DAMN ALIENS. what is this, like, a movie?

but in all seriousness, forgiving all technical problems the game might have (and the seemingly terrible ai and the poor writing and the voice acting), they couldn't even figure out an interesting and meaningful way to incorporate acid blood into the gameplay? ACID BLOOD DUDE. that's like the entire shtick. does it play any significant role in this game? is there any penalty for killing an alien when it is too close to you or some environmental effect when they die or SOMETHING? come on. 2013. get with the program.

Posted by ELpork

Lol, wow, Trailer Park Boy's user name... PC master race?... that's kinda sad to see...

Posted by falling_fast

there's a reason why good action movies don't just have combat going on constantly *yawn*

Posted by falling_fast

doesn't seem too great.

Posted by gleclair

@codefire said:

I'm really starting to question Gearbox, and if they can actually make good games. (Outside of Borderlands - which even then, is wearing thin.)

Yeah, I feel as if they get a bit too much credit for Borderlands. Borderlands 2 is a good, solid game that's really fun with some friends, but I don't find it particularly enticing to play single-player. On the other hand I also think they should stop taking on games that have been in development for 5+ years. Stuff like DNF and A:CM do nothing but tarnish any reputation Borderlands has built for them. I still like them, but being "the guys who did those shitty ports and also Borderlands" doesn't really do much to inspire faith in consumers for any new IP you plan to create.

Posted by mlarrabee

@jeff You guys totally talked over the part (right around 52:00) where the pilot said, "We're in the pipe, five by... fuck!"

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I just read that there's an update; can anyone tell me if it made the game any better, even if slightly? At the beginning, it is actually Michael Biehn. All the actors for the characters from the film are in this. Kevin Riepl did the soundtrack, he's the one that did the original Gears of War music; he took a lot of what James Horner and Jerry Goldsmith did and made it his own for the game.


Furthermore, off topic, this site looks nice and clean, but for right now it's running slower than usual. That's probably because you guys are still working some stuff out, but hey, I think the videos are running better then ever, I mean wow. :D Great job guys!

Posted by LucidDreams117

To be fair to Jeff, across the internets it sounds like this game is awful. though I have yet to watch the QL, sounds like it might just be a case of "It's fun to rip on this game"

Posted by avidwriter

Same team that did the DNF fix/whatever they did before it came out? This is no Borderlands team that's for sure.

Posted by LiquidSwords

Sucks to hear that the game is only 4 hours, but I think that's as much anyone can take in an FPS (?). From the QL, there wasn't enough Xenomorph encounters. Waiting to see Alex's review, oh man oh man.

Posted by Fuzzy_Dunlop

Player is slow as fuck for me at the moment. Might just be my connection though.

Posted by NDN_Shadow

Aww, is Youtube really gonna be members only from now on?

Posted by benpicko
@spiritof said:

Embiggen'd and pinned only gives me the slightest sliver of and area, below the player, within which I can read and respond to comments.

Yeah I wish you could resize it or something

Posted by apita23

WOOT! Site looks great!

Posted by mrangryface

Someone needs to make a gif of the weird corpse hip thing that was going on

Posted by RetroVirus

Alien > Aliens for me. But, Dead Space < Dead Space 2. I am full of diametrically opposed opinions!

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Not sure why everyone is calling this shit. Just looks about the same as every other FPS out there, not great but not terrible.

Posted by BaconGames

Gosh, I feel like Matt Rorie walking in, saying "workmanlike," and then leaving would be the best thing.

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Funny how Jeff was talking about how there's a stealth level in the game and suspects that's the part that people seem to hate but it's been hailed as one of the positive things in the game.

Posted by Spiritof

Embiggen'd and pinned only gives me the slightest sliver of and area, below the player, within which I can read and respond to comments.

Posted by McGhee

Love that Drew is getting more time in front of the camera now.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

You could just feel Drew's disappointment with this game. Feel it in the very depths of your soul.

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I was almost very angry for a second, until I found the Embiggen Andre in the little settings menu. Now all is right with the world. :)

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I'm 20 minutes into the quick look.. and feeling very disappointed in the game play. Hopefully the multiplayer will bring me back around.

EDIT: Nope... this game has been relegated to steam sale only status. Such a shame.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

Video is working for me (Firefox here).

Also, I'm pretty glad I didn't buy this game.

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I'm really starting to question Gearbox, and if they can actually make good games. (Outside of Borderlands - which even then, is wearing thin.)

Posted by TheHT
Posted by xtafxfoulfellow

Hey Jeff, I ain't never seen no Aliens either

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This game is shameful. The fact that the pre-release demos dont represent the final product. The fact that they had a review embargo so that know one knew ahead of time that this game was actually awful. The fact that the game was outsourced and compiled together by different studios. This stuff is just not acceptable for a supposed AAA game. I know I shouldn't take this stuff so serious but this game was billed as a canonical sequel to one of the most important films and it is just an utter disappointment. I'm going to go find a corner to hide in and cry to myself that the best aliens game was made by monolith and came out a long time ago and I should just forget this game exists and move on with my life.

Posted by NoUsernameAvailable

Since when the fuck do Colonial Marines hug each other? Did they even watch the Aliens movie before making the game?

Posted by HaltIamReptar

lovin' the new player.

Posted by Jackel2072

@jareda: I KNOW! its a pulse rifle take that thing off sir!

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Can't play the video...

Also, the site looks nice :)

Edit: Never mind, it works now.

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Posted by JaredA

What the hell is up with the red-dot sight? It's really weirding me out...

Posted by LTSmash

That section on the Sulaco DRAGGED! It seemed to go on forever, which makes it being such a short game even crazier.

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First quicklook on the new site! But it's this game. Oi.

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First quicklook on the new site. But it's this game. Oi.

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"Are they all Paul Reiser?"

Thank you, Drew

Posted by MistaSparkle

Does the audio sound more clear to you guys? Does for me...specifically Ryan's voice.

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I played 40 minutes of this game on PC tonight with Xbox gamepad. Honestly, it makes Deadspace 3 look like a candidate for GOTY. Beyond the score and sound effects, it felt (and looked) like Doom 3 all over again. The voice acting is atrocious. There is no suspense. Firing off rounds isn't awful (again think Doom 3), but the AI is pitifully stupid so it negates the fun. Strange quirks like if you fire off one round but approach a medipack, it forces you to reload in order to pick-up the object. Quite annoying.

Posted by TurboMan

Video works for me.

Posted by big_jon

Too bad for all these long adds, and the poor video quality.

Posted by Nightfang
@solo323 said:

cancelled my pre order from gamestop yesterday my cousin got it early from amazon on friday played it and it was almost broken even with the patch fuck this game

I was about to ask the same question.

Posted by BurningStickMan
@vuud said:

Am I the only one who thought the 2010 AvP was awesome and enjoyed every minute of it?

Every minute of it? No, but it was better than the rep it got. My biggest complaint was they only made about six maps and reused them over and over. And the melee system in multiplayer was a bit daft (along with the conga line executions). Other than that, groovy.

Posted by SolidOcelot

I was told this game was terrible. I have commented to relay that information. And with that I depart.

Posted by LucidDreams117

Going to enjoy watching this especially after reading Kotuku's review. Also, first video on the new site! Love the redesign.

Posted by SOLO323

cancelled my pre order from gamestop yesterday my cousin got it early from amazon on friday played it and it was almost broken even with the patch fuck this game