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Posted by McGhee

Ease down . . . just ease on down. Ease down now. Ease down.

Posted by Vuud

Bring back the reviewer cartoons! How else can I know what they thought?? Besides reading I mean. Reading is for nerds.

Posted by dialisl2

@iamjohn: The background image on EGM is an A:CM promotional splash...they clearly thought EGM was relevant enough to buy coverage.

Posted by ssj4raditz

Well, that's a bummer for the folks who were looking forward to this game. Glad I wasn't.

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

sigh...i'ma go be sad somewhere now

:( :( :(

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There won't be any "reviewer" avatar in the new site? =(

I'm really hoping they bring that back.

Honestly, this game's terrible reception didn't surprise me at all. Although I knew this game wasn't developed by the same team that did the last AvP game, I expected the quality of the game to be similar.

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Mister Pitchford is a hell of a hypeman.

Posted by BlatantNinja23

Remember those awesome demos gear box gave of their upcoming aliens game? When is that version coming out?

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For a long time my heart cried out yes" while my brain dismissively said "no."

I hate that my brain was right.

Goddamned shame...

Posted by SCHULTZ

I played this game last night. Got the Day1 patch, if that means anything. 8hr campaign with a bit of collectible-searching. What I found with A:CM was a mediocre game, with some occasional sloppiness, and non-existent AI. Online coop was kinda fun. While I like leveling/unlocking stuff in my games, it doesn't fit with Aliens. I'd rather they spent their energy with ominous environments and wicked smart AI for the Aliens. All this said, this game is in no way only worth 1 star, as if it's unplayable or broken. A patch or two, and it'll be a standard average FPS. GiantBomb giving out a 1 star actually lowers my opinion of your reviews, which I've held in the highest regard for years. Leave those site-hit-pandering scores to IGN, Joystick, and Destructiod.

Posted by TheGorilla

Oh wow, 1 star. I've never been happier and I don't know why.

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Like Duke Nukem:Forever, this looks like it's destined to pile up in the Wal Mart $9.99 bargain bin in a few months time. Sounds like it's not even worth it at that price. Glad I still have my copy of Rebellion's Aliens vs Predator.

Randy Pitchford needs to stop praising to high heaven such crap before release. It does not do him or his company's reputation any good. It's looking like Gearbox is a one franchise pony.

Posted by peritus

Man thats a low score, but i believe it :( Pleasant to read as always.

Posted by myslead

terrible game alright

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Was genuinely looking forward to this game... sigh.

Dev. has posted an interesting little story on Reddit about development of this game, worth a read.

If you were looking forward to it, keep looking forward to it. Why let one random person's opinion of the game change your mind about something. I hate seeing this kind of post after reading a bad "review". You know what you like, you know if you will have fun playing it. Hell some of the most "fun" games out there probably have scored bad reviews, while other so called "blockbuster", well made, big budget games, were boring and quickly forgotten about.

This isn't to say this specific game is any good at all, just that you should trust in what you like, not what random people think is good or bad, especially since you can't trust anything you hear from others in the media.

Honestly, this review comes off as written by someone who expected this game to be great, with a huge expectation behind it. Who had that? No one as far as I know. It was built up to be a mediocre shooter, and it turned out to be a mediocre shooter. It didn't need this harsh (or lengthy) of a review.

Also, why the hell are there so many deleted posts on GB now? Is this how things are going to be?

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Just because Prometheus did something new and did not focus on just killing does not mean it was bad.

I love movies that make me think and question.

Yeah, I really liked Prometheus aside from some stupid and annoying characters, as well as some other problems with it that I can look past. Furthermore, as stated in the review, it's not a retcon. I thought it was fascinating that it was almost completely different, and dealt with different things, and yet it was interestingly in the same universe as Aliens, when it didn't really have to be if they were just to take some scenes out and change some names, but I like that it is.

Posted by Bawlsz

Guys, check out the the demo version of the game then compare it to the actual game, there is a huge difference in quality and the actual demo looks allot better.

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Well that was an unnecessary dig at Prometheus at the front.Great movie.I don't even think of it in relation to Alien.

Just because Prometheus did something new and did not focus on just killing does not mean it was bad.

I love movies that make me think and question.

Agreed. I think the advertising didn't do any favors to the real tone of the film (made it look Aliens) but it was a very interesting movie. Didn't all quite make sense but that's not what I watch movies for. Loved it.

Posted by AthleticShark

Just because Prometheus did something new and did not focus on just killing does not mean it was bad.

I love movies that make me think and question.

Posted by iAmJohn

I was wondering how long it'd take for someone to post this joke of a review. Has he even like, publicly backed up his take? Or are all the claims that it was a "money-hat" true? It's like he didn't even play the game.

I find it hard to believe that Sega would've money-hatted this review, if only because that would imply that EGM is relevant enough that buying positive coverage off them would make sense. They're not, and it doesn't. He just seems like one of those crazy Dave Halverson types who will love something unconditionally even if it's actually fucked beyond belief.

Posted by hughesie27

I refuse to believe that Alex would dislike a video game.

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It seems like Gearbox is picking up games in trouble, invests minimal amounts of money and development time to make them "release worthy" and hopes that enough people are baited to buy them. I know that they probably need money to keep the studio alive, but c'mon. Give a bit more effort.

Posted by FilipHolm

More like FAILiens. Right folks??

Why did I laugh at this?

Posted by gramblor

I'm really glad Alex opened this review up by referencing Randy Pitchford's sleazy salesmanship of this game. I have no respect for that man, who I'm convinced is a sociopath.

Posted by NekuSakuraba

Saw it coming, just looked like a generic FPS to me, although, not a very good one.

Posted by Ronanana

Not that it really matters, but the game is set after Alien 3. Someone mentions that the Sulaco was brought back from Fury 161 (the planet in Alien 3) at some point.

Just Sayin'.

Posted by Ghostiet
Posted by Lenny

More like FAILiens. Right folks??

Ha, ha! Nice one ! :)

Posted by smcn

This is definitely a good week to be a person who doesn't give a shit about Alien(s). Sucks for those who do, and I think Gearbox might be in need of some soul searching.

Posted by KingX
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BOOM! worst than RE6! Now the year has started.

Game over, man!

Posted by shatteringlast
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But is it any good? ;)

Posted by ucankurbaga

I saw this game on a lot of videos and the graphics looks worse then PS2 game. How it manage to look worse then 2010 AvP is beyond me...

Posted by Stratto83

Congratulations to Alex Navarro and Aliens Colonial Marines for our first 1 star review of the new year (2013) and our new GiantBomb site. Drop the bomb on it!!!! - excluuuuuuuusive!!!!

This has to get an end of year award being the first 1 star on the new site surely?

Posted by Siphillis

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I've always felt Gearbox was and remains a second-rate studio. Their latest batch of creatively-devoid projects (Borderlands 2, DNF, Brothers in Arms: Furious 4, this game) prove they haven't come very far from their days of just porting other studios' works, and are seemingly divorced from having any semblance of taste or wit for themselves.

Posted by boj4ngles

No, this is still better than Prometheus...

I thought Prometheus was awesome.

Posted by SmilingPig
Posted by Luck702

That quick look didn't make this look great, but on the same level of quality of Steel Battalion? I expected more from Gearbox.

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@cakebomb: I guess if it took only a year or so to make it, the game would get two stars but with this taking insanely long to create & being just a massive disappointment to Alex, he felt it deserved a score of 1 of 5 if you had to some kind of scale to rating this game. I agree with Alex that this does look like it's designed around set pieces & that works great for Lego games based off movies as well as the first AvP game on the PC, since then it feels like they were constantly just repeating this design idea that just doesn't work on repeated trips through.

Regardless of what Alex writes, anyone including you, who has interest in this should play it & hell might actually enjoy it.

Posted by Lysergica33
@mongoose said:

Was genuinely looking forward to this game... sigh.

Dev. has posted an interesting little story on Reddit about development of this game, worth a read.

Can I get a link to this? I'm interested.
Also... Posting in an epic thread/toasting in an epic bread

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i find it funny that this game would get a 1/5 but shovelware flash games get goty contender

this kind of stuff pretty much illuminates the direction this site is going

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It's sad kinda makes you wonder if they do any kind of play testing for it because it shouldn't of made it out the door like this. It's just another duke nukem type game out of gearbox. Had very high hopes

Posted by Rekt_Hed

Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. 1 star huh!? I feel sorry for everyone involved. Whoever wins we lose!

Posted by ArtelinaRose

The game isn't amazing, but it's alright. By removing it from the Aliens canon in my brain and simply viewing it as a first person shooter that I only dropped $30 on, I enjoy it.

Posted by raptorsrevenge
Posted by jmic75



This is at least 2 stars, 1 star should be broken, completely unplayable crap like Big Rigs. This is a mediocre by-the-numbers FPS with a great mythology behind it (even if it's mishandled). But oh well, hate train speaks louder I guess.

They should have gone off-canon and played out the unused Alien 3 script where Hicks is the main character, start off already without Ripley and go from there. Michael Biehn gets a job, he's happy to voice the character and just assume it's not canon from the beginning to avoid angry fans.

Still going to play this anyway.

The review scale would be worthless and might as well be three stars if you're going to reserve the extremes for the worst and best game ever made. From the text this is by all means a terrible game that would hardly be interesting even if it wasn't mechanically broken. One star seems justified.

Problem is it isn't mechanically broken, it is competent, it just isn't terribly exciting 2 out of 5 would be been justified. That's still only a 40% and I didn't run into any game stopping bugs or glitches throughout my entire playthrough.

Posted by jayjonesjunior

Dead Space 3, F.E.A.R 3 and Aliens: CM, do you know what they have in common apart from having horror roots(just roots, nothing else)? they all have soldiers saying "actual" and other military jargon.

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So is Alex in charge of reviewing bad games?