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Masterfully done Gearbox. Masterfully done.

Posted by NellyK

Glad I didn't buy into the excitement leading up to this game's release. Sounds like a mess. Must be a major disappointment for Aliens fans.

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Gearbox are so full of shit. They should stick to Borderlands games, just throw in a few new locations and some fetch quests and people will be happy with a Borderlands 3. (and it'll still be a bore)

Posted by spankingaddict

Sounds like a must buy .

Posted by ProfessorK

Man, I'm actually bummed it didn't turn out well. After AVP I figured the next big game in the franchise could only get better. Oh how wrong I was.

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I see we have an early contender for Giantbomb's 2013 Most Disappointing Game.

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Game over, man?

Posted by SeriouslyNow

@branthog: Uhh, a game which reflects its AAA budget for one thing? Aliens is the PERFECT license for a horde mode co-op experience.

Posted by MasterMike569

I hope gearbox burns for this....

Posted by Funkydupe

Review more games for Giant Bomb, Alex Navarro.

Posted by StevieD130

No fun cartoons anymore? Site seems a lot more serious looking now. Hmmm...

Posted by NeoZeon

So at a time when former THQ (and many other) developers are scrambling for work as their studios close around them, this abomination of a game gets released?
At some point is it OK for a grown man to cry? I feel tears of rage forming over here...

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I never thought this game would be any good but didn't expect it to be this bad. Great review Alex

Posted by Fishdingo5


Losing reviewer avatars is even more disappointing. :(

100% agree

Posted by JRock3x8

I feel like this review is not entirely fair. He gives it one star but nevere really explains what is functionally broken about the game. At three different places, he says the game actually works when discussing it as a shooter, as a co op game and as a multiplayer competitive game so something is unreconciled there for me.

Posted by jessemace

before i opened the game, i decided to check the reviews. throughout the day the reviews kept piling on. i took it back and got a 60 dollar store credit. this is total b.s., i had waited for, and anticipated this game for a long while. total b.s.

Posted by AngrySpaceKiwi

The best way to describe this game is this: We were promised a gourmet meal and instead we got a half-eaten chicken nugget that got run over by a truck.

Posted by MagikGimp

Why'd they happen to give this one to Alex? Did they all know it was bad before they asked him to write his review?

Posted by Bombzinski

...And Aliens RPG is the one that gets cancelled. Makes sense to me!

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Posted by AtomicBlaster

What a bummer. I had high hopes for this game.

Posted by iNShadows

@wiggle987: I have to say i was thinking the same, but i too did not see this coming....

Posted by Freki

What a shame - like many I had great hopes, now I'm just gonna reinstall AVP and get my dose of half crummy Alien killing there...

Posted by Etryus

I was expecting so much from this game...

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Had a great time playing this game. Got my season pass all paid up. Bring on the DLC! :)

Posted by Nethlem

Yes, dumber than the entire Aliens vs. Predator franchise.

The AvP franchise is not dumb! Yes the movies are horrible cash-ins, but the AvP franchise is one of the most awesome crossovers ever created! It lead to two great games (and a couple of medicore/good ones) and great comics, don't blame the franchise for being raped by cheap cash-in movies!

And while i haven't played A:CM yet, i do think that 1/5 is a little bit harsh of an rating. Such a low rating implies that the game is fundamentally broken to a point where it can't be played/finished. Sure 1/5 would be matching if you consider all the missed potential, but that potential is usually wishful thinking and high expectations combined, those tend to result in a disappointing experience, no matter how the final product turns out.


You guys are playing a different game to me, that or the worlds been infested with electronic cloned sheep with the same personality prints on you all.

I so don't agree with this review- or for that fact most reviews on Alien CM. This is a great game, absolutely addictive. What are people doing putting a one star review on it!!!! I admit that i have only played this on the xbox version but it played well. If you cant kill as a xeno- you don't know how to play... and you will get frustrated, not due to the games design but due to your lack of skill. If your getting yourself battered as a marine, your probably in a weak team- again not the games fault. As for story gripes, well it is a game trying to incorporate at least five different movies ( id really like to see the people who have bashed this game, come up with a better way of doing this). Lets be honest if these easter eggs were left out of the game the same people would be raising the roof saying they should have tried harder to include more movie stuff.

Game play can have some odd glitches in it, including third person marine in multiplayer and a disappearing pulse rifle in story ( there's your terror) all of which sort themselves out within minutes and are workable.

I want the level cap to go up on it though and will be getting season pass when i see what's in store for release on DLC.

one star really?

Posted by Keeper_Garrett

Bitterly bad news! But it has fallen very quickly on the charts.

So quickly.

Posted by smatticus

@alkusanagi: seriously? better than prometheus? that movie had some serious issues, but like Alex said, it still TRIED a whole lot harder than "that's another, longer story". ugh that whole game made me so mad. especially when you look at the demos they were showing off. should have just cancelled this one like they did the one for the PS2.

Posted by LunaCantabile

"Think of all the potential, the time, the effort, the budget used up over these last several years, only to produce something so deeply, fundamentally flawed in every facet of its execution."

Well word is that much of the time, effort, and budget Gearbox said was spent on this was actually being funnelled away from SEGA to Borderland's 2. Bummer. Between this and duke nuke 'em, and since I found borderlands 2 very frustrating and boring from about level 35-50, I don't know if I really care to take a chance on any Gearbox products in the future.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

When they were picking out games based on Aliens a few years back, I always knew they should have went with Obsidian on the Alien RPG instead of this tripe. I knew it was going to be bad, but didn't know the game would be this bad! I just read the whole company that worked on this game went out of business. I wonder what they were doing for the past 7 years?

Posted by MathewMcIntyre

Everyone defending Prometheus should be beaten with a rubber hose, then sent to bed without dinner.

Posted by BlainNewport

This game is going for $3 on the Humble Store right now. After the 30 cents for charity, 45 cents for the Humble folks, and whatever the credit card people charge, I probably would have been giving the devs less than two bucks. But it still would have been a waste of time, and I appreciate that this review was here to talk me down. Thank you, Alex.