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Was genuinely looking forward to this game... sigh.

Dev. has posted an interesting little story on Reddit about development of this game, worth a read.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Man, I'm so bummed that this game is garbage. So bummed!

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Ooft, was expecting a bad review, but not 1 star bad.

Posted by Slash_Rick

There won't be any "reviewer" avatar in the new site? =(

Posted by KaneRobot

More like FAILiens. Right folks??

Posted by Huey2k2

Everything about how this game turned out depresses me.

Posted by Gordo789

Not surprising. The saddest thing about this whole colonial marines thing, though, is that there are literally dozens of articles about how bad this game is when hundreds of good games continue to exist in obscurity.

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Posted by kanyeeast

Game over, man. Game over.

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No, this is still better than Prometheus...

Posted by BirthWild

wait, no more review drawings of the reviewer? :( bums me out more than the game.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

I never imagined it would be worse than the last AVP game. Looks so, so terrible and completely bland. Multiplayer seems to have some promise but definitely looked completely unbalanced and therefore just boring/annoying.

Was looking forward to playing a good Aliens game. :(

Posted by MoonwalkSA

I think I was anticipating this review more than the game. Alex is always fun to read.

Posted by flip2000b

Really sad how bad this turned out, still, well done Gearbox on making Duke Nukem Forever look better, mission accomplished!

Posted by SquirrelGOD

Can we get a soundcloud file or something of Alex reading this? I just want to hear the rage bubbling in his voice.

Posted by Metal_Mills

Wow, 1 star! That's brutal.

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How does Gearbox keep messing up on everything EXCEPT Borderlands?

Posted by blueneurosis

Oof! Compared to the quick look, I thought the review would at least be a little more charitable. I guess I'll wait for another Steam-based fire sale to even consider picking this one up.

Posted by Ravelle

No, this is still better than Prometheus...

I quite enjoyed Prometheus.

Posted by MjHealy

"weird debug code popping into random gameplay sequences and then just disappearing"

Good lord, I mean, this game took so long to come out so how does stuff like this make it in the final product.

Nice review Alex, keep fighting the good fight against shitty games.

Posted by EuanDewar

I cannot explain much beyond that without outright spoiling the game, but let's just say that a late-game cameo (that the game telegraphs in its opening credits) is one of the dumbest, most hamfisted twists in anything of Alien's canon.

is it hudson i bet it is

Posted by Cloudenvy

Game over, man.Game over.

God damn you.

Posted by WolfHazard

lol wow

Posted by probablytuna

Well this looks like the one magic trick Randy Pitchford couldn't pull off.

Posted by Zooey74

I hope you and your Ridley Scott payoff money are happy Alex!

Posted by gschmidl

Zombie xenomorphs. Fuck you, Gearbox and Sega. Fuck. You.

Posted by Tyrax

The game ... looks nice? I guess?

Posted by trolipo

prometheus was so fucking bad

Posted by hollitz

Looks like the express elevator ride into otherworldly awesomeness was just too much for Alex to take.

Posted by xxDrAiNxx

AVP2 ftw !

Posted by panvixyl

DAMN NAVARRO. Back to reviewing the shit games, huh?

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Losing reviewer avatars is even more disappointing. :(

Posted by geirr

Game over, man! Game over!

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I loves me a good scathing review and no one does them better than Alex.

Posted by BeachThunder

So, which is more broken - Aliens: Colonial Marines or the new website?

Posted by CaptainTightPants


Experience the terror.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

You have to wonder how many times Randy Pitchford can tell people that a game like Duke Nukem Forever will put hair on their chest and then hand them sterility pills instead. Nothing coming out of Gearbox that doesn't have "Border" in the title seems to be worth a shit, and yet they keep pushing ahead with poorly designed games like gamers aren't going to notice.

At the end of the day, Pitchford is a huge part of what's wrong with the industry, backroom outsourcing and denying it later, showing demos for upcoming games that over promise and under deliver, giving talks where he pretends to honor a "deal" between developers and gamers only to hand them an A:CM a week later.


Posted by Hawkerace

How could they shut off the good parts of the game, they're animals man?!

Posted by Animasta
Posted by fisk0

Wow, that was unexpectedly harsh. The Quick look seemed like a mediocre game in every sense of the word. Not bad, but doing nothing the franchise hasn't done (better) previously, and with no attempts whatsoever to do anything new or unusual. I would've expected a 2 or 3, but then we didn't get to see more than an hour of the game during the stream.

Posted by Reisz

Oh Alex, it hurts so bad, make the pain stop. This is just a pity, someone give the license to the guy that built the Aliens TC for Doom. either that or just let it go, some of the ingredients were clearly there the rank and file asset creators must be so bummed out by a reaction like this. A real shame across the board.

Posted by cooljammer00

How dare you badmouth Star Tours, @alex?

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Experience the terror.

this is so funny

The British slang sells it.

edit: whoa... quote boxes got a little dicey there O_o

edit2: aahhh, fuck it.

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Posting in (what is bound to be) a legendary comments thread.

This game certainly did not look good, but I am amazed by the amount of rage Alex has for it. God damn wow. This whole Aliens initiative really didn't work out for Sega, huh?

Posted by Baltimore

This game is sadness personified.

Posted by Qlanth

I thought Prometheus was alright.

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Top selling game on Steam right now. Dunno what that means in actual numbers, or how long it'll last, for that matter.