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Edited by Jack_Lafayette

An article with a video header? When will the madness end.

It's crazy how fast the publishers' paradigm of "popular gaming trends" has shifted. Set it during World War II? Fuck, man.

I mean, with the multi-million seller that is Mass Effect, how fast would a pitch like that (graphical aging aside) get green-lit for a next-gen launch title today? At this point, the aesthetic may even be working against Digital Extremes. Jeff seemed pretty fatigued by the sci-fi visual elements in the quick look.

Posted by Little_Socrates

It is madness that we're getting a fully detailed Dark Sector article in 2013. I never played the original, and I never realized how long the game was in development.

What a story, Mark.

Posted by Winternet

Dark Sector, the first next gen game. I still remember that initial teaser.

Posted by ikabubu

I remember some original screenshots from print magazines way back then. It didn't have that "Guyver"-esque character design (that I've come to really love, and love their persistence on reusing it for Dark Sector and Warframe.)

Now I just want better Guyver knock-offs for them to show off to tease this new generation.

Posted by I_smell

Just watched that video and I dunno, Dark Sector seems PRETTY badass!

Posted by Tan

Wow, really cool article. Thanks Patrick.

Posted by Jackel2072

And WarFrame is awesome. I play it offten.

Posted by spiketail

Woah, this is mind blowing. I rather like how Warframe plays, even if I don't put enough time into it.

Thank yous to @kato for pointing this out! Props to Digital Extreme for finally making their dream alive!

Posted by Nonentity

Oh wow, that is awesome. I'm a big fan of Warframe, and seeing that it has roots all the way back to 2000 is crazy.

Posted by Enigma777

Oh wow, I didn't realize how similar those two games looked.

Edited by GateKeeper

Fuckin' eh amazing work Patrick! Keep it up.

Posted by OriginalYellow

Glad im not the only fan of Warframe here from the comments, in case there are any doubters, its a great game! First free to play game that I've ever put money into just because they earned every penny in what isn't even a finished game.

Posted by evanbower

I have an irrational hatred of pull quotes..

Posted by machinerebel

Really interesting - it's cool to read about these smaller companies that never seem to make a splash, but are still regularly producing games. Shame about Dark Sector though; the glaive was cool.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

That was an insightful article on a game I genuinely cared about and now I have understanding why Dark Sector turned out the way it did.

Posted by geirr

Warframe -as is- is just too repetitive for me, and the characters look strangely low-rez and (to me) weird and the different 'frames' even in beta are hidden away behind microtransactions; and not cheap ones either. I play it for about an hour after every update though so I'm still hoping it'll get more interesting!

Posted by Reisz

One of the things I loved about Warframe going into it completely blind was the heritage that came through in the design. Everything about those characters felt old, in the best possible way. Like a successful evolution, as though it was based on more than what looked good. It makes perfect sense that they've been thinking about this world for over a decade. I am way more into Warframe now for this knowledge. Great article Patrick.

Posted by ucankurbaga

I loved Dark Sector. It was the most unappreciated game in its time. I wish they made sequel to it instead of Warframe.

Posted by fisk0

Interesting stuff. I still have my sealed copy of Dark Sector I kinda want to play some day. Didn't know Pariah and Warpath also was them, and I definitely check Warframe out when it becomes an open beta.

I think a similar retrospective on Alan Wake could be interesting, perhaps even Syndicate, considering how long that was in development.

Posted by Humanity

Woah, this is mind blowing. I rather like how Warframe plays, even if I don't put enough time into it.

Thank yous to @kato for pointing this out! Props to Digital Extreme for finally making their dream alive!

I actually posted about this before the Beta became playable to the public but back then no one cared about the game. I even made the Wiki page for Warframe which has since been actually filled with useful information! I don't blame @patrickklepek for not knowing since my thread was way older, and as I said, no one paid it much attention back then since people don't hold Dark Sector in very high regard. (unwisely since it's actually a pretty good game despite what the negative feelings the Bombcrew have towards it)

Edited by BaconGames

Great stuff Patrick! Also, I'm just going to leave this right here:

Posted by klinkcow

This is rad!

Edited by Aniawn

Man, I remember when that video was released back in 2004; I fell in love with what I saw. I was so disappointed when Dark Sector took its radical change from that early concept video. Fast forward to today, and I have been enjoying my time in the Warframe beta. Not just because of the return of the concepts and art styles that I fell in love with back in 2004, but because of its focus on cooperative multiplayer like Mass Effect 3's multiplayer.

I'm glad that you wrote this article, Patrick. It's answered questions I've had about Dark Sector for years and how Warframe came about.

Posted by RudeCubes

That Dark Sector video doesn't actually look that bad! I mean, you can tell it was from early in the generation, but still looks nice!

Posted by mrcraggle

Now I can see why Patrick had uploaded pics of Warframe a few days ago. I'm glad Jeff and Patrick played it as I sort out the beta soon after and got in. I haven't played it as much as I would have liked to but I'm enjoying it and I'm excited for the future of the game and once the site stops producing 500 errors for creating objects, I'm going to crank away on the wiki.

Edited by Sammo21

I've really been enjoying Warframe. I am even going to kick them a few shekels come next paycheck. Some great ideas in that game, even this early into the beta.

I find it a little odd Jeff gave Dark Sector 2 stars...I mean...what the fuck? Everyone has an opinion but the game is not below average at all. Then again , Jeff's reviews have been all over the place.

Posted by GalacticPunt

This is an excellent story. I'm apparently just late enough to the video-game-blog party that I had no idea about the hype around Dark Sector in 2004. I can totally see how that video would have be an exciting glimpse into Next Gen around then.

The way publishers desperately try to predict trends is amazing. In 2005 nobody wanted to publish sci-fi games, even though the Halo series was already huge? Everybody wanted Digital Extremes to throw out their setting. The industry was convinced shooters had to be modern day or WWII then. Now futuristic space shooters are everywhere, and I'm sure there are many frustrated developers pitching WWII games and getting shot down.

It's going to be interesting to see what dumb trends the industry gets hung up on in this new generation. "Interesting project. But can you Tweet from inside the game about the micro-transactions that you're buying? No? Then FUCK YOU. Get out of my office."

Posted by Hunter5024

I've always been strangely enamored with Dark Sector's history, so this article was awesome to me. Good work Patrick.

Posted by MeatSim

Still looks way more fascinating then what Dark Sector actually became.

Edited by pnevares

I'm trying to understand what the byline means by "Jun. 1 2:33pm". Is that just when Tricky began writing this story?

Edited by Cretaceous_Bob

Fuck, Giant Bomb's been around since Dark Sector came out? That's really weirding my shit out. I've been following Jeff since Gamespot and it sure doesn't feel like it's been that long. Guess time flies when you're having fun.

Posted by darkjester74

Wow, uncanny how much this looks like Warframe. Very cool story Patrick, thanks! :-)

Posted by Jedted

I just remember how i was psyched for this game because Mike Rosenbaum was in it and it turned out to be a low point for his career. :(

I'll have to try out this Warframe once it goes into open beta. That game looks fun from what i saw in that QL.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

What an excellent read. Digital Extremes were always in the back of my mind due to my appreciation for the various Unreal Tournament iterations. And I actually do remember Dark Sector as well as Pariah and Warpath. Technically I had been aware of their history all along but seeing the chronology of the developer put together like this kind of boggles the mind. Fascinating stuff.

Posted by Milkman

Man, articles on the new site are sexy as hell.

Posted by cikame

I hate side quote things, pulled from the article... horrible, i just end up reading the same bit twice.

I have a weird love for Pariah and i actually really liked Dark Sector, I'll definately try Warframe at some point, but the companies strange obsession with Rhino horn helmets is odd.

Posted by AmethystRush

I still love that original dark sector video to this day. So much damned style. Warframe is super fun too, and has a ton of potential.

Posted by NoelVeiga

Oh, wow, if you have sticky videos turned on this thing becomes next to unreadable on a PC. Easy fix is to unsticky, of course, but for a while I was very confused.

Posted by MistaSparkle

Wow, really really awesome article Patrick! More cool stuff like this, please! :P

It's crazy seeing that early Dark Sector trailer(animation), and comparing it to the Warframe we all know. So awesome to see Schmalz and his team keep their dream alive and be able to use all the assets they saved for Warframe. I'm probably gonna go look into Warframe a bit more now, especially if it has the potential to be what they wanted Dark Sector to be. Also, the glave was a really cool thing, and I hope it's in Warframe somewhere...

Thanks, @patrickklepek! This was a really interesting read :D

Posted by jvalenti57

Great article Patrick! A fantastic read.

Posted by Bladefire

I've been playing Warframe for a couple of months now and the basic action feels really good. The only real gripe I have with the game right now is the lack of variety in the environments. As long as that comes along i could see myself playing Warframe for quite a while.

Posted by OfficeGamer

I lost my intrigue and stopped reading when you said it's an online shooter..

It's an online shooter. How can it be interesting beyond the fact that it's fun because it's an online shooter?

Posted by Phatmac

@patrickklepek Noticed a typo in the article

"Since our Quick Look was recorded, the game has added several new features, including the ability for players run run along walls."

Edited by andmm
Posted by AssInAss

Awesome article, I've watched that original trailer every year until Warframe was announced and I noticed the similarities. I'm a huge fan of DE after Darkness 2, such an excellent game gameplay and storytelling-wise, and really enjoying Warframe. Need to get back into it.

“An executive at a publisher that will remain nameless called out the cod piece, and also suggested that he look more grizzled and that he be torn up and, perhaps, an eye patch and some stubble would help,” he said. “Actually, our art director, who's the same art director on Warframe, Mike Brennan, drew a picture of a guy screaming with large bullet holes in his ears in response to that feedback, which we didn't send. [laughs]”

I NEED to see this.

@patrickklepek there's a typo in your article. "Since our Quick Look was recorded, the game has added several new features, including the ability for players run run along walls."

Edited by revizion

I remember checking out Dark Sector back when the 3rd gen launched. I almost bought a 360 because of it, tbh. All that said: Its great to see a dev get the opportunity to work on something they truly care about - and believe me, it shows in the game.

I first heard about Warframe right here on the QL Jeff & Patrick I'd been playing ME3 multiplayer (460+ hours worth ._.) ) and as a lover of co-op/third-person/shooter games, I figured I'd check it out. Yea.... 70 hours and 50 bucks later, I still stay up all damn night playing what is only BETA. This game gets updated about every 10 days or so, and the updates are always awesome. Sure its a beta and the seams come apart sometimes, but its worth it. I can't wait until the finished version comes out.

I highly recommend this labor of love to ANYONE who likes shooters..

Myin-game name is the same as here for anyone who wants to farm some rubedo or allow plates lol

Posted by DjDonFrancisco

I played Dark Sector and i'm alive to tell it. Guess what? It wasn't the worst game ever.

Posted by cooljammer00

In the words of @Jeff Gerstmann, "gross". All those men in suits saying "Your game sucks, but tell us all your secrets" is just gross.

Posted by ThePhilatron

Excellent story Patrick! Whenever I've thought of next-gen the past couple years I've made sure to temper my expectations by reminding myself of when I saw this video. Feels real nice to learn the true history of what happened here.

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Great article! It's really amazing to hear how long Digital Extremes has pushed for this game to happen, and the crap they experienced on that promotion tour was unreal. I love the design of the warframe suit, so I'm hoping I can give the game a shot soon enough.

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