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Posted by granderojo

Hopefully they get the career right this time around, looks dope.

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@dezvous said:

Do people think that if they continue to say "no cockpit no sale" that they're going to eventually put it in?

Especially funny when it'll probably end up just like when everyone said they wouldn't buy CoD on Steam, 70% of you are going to buy it having made that declaration or not.

Word. This game looks great so far to me personally and I am a huge fan of the first game. The cockpit from the first game is pretty good but it was hardly the one big reason why I liked the game. For me it was the arcade racing feel, the atmosphere of the tracks and the awesome music that kicks in during big races and how it changes intensity depending on the lap you are in and whether or not you are in first.

Bummer there's no cockpit view but I'll be rational and give the new game a fair go and I'll likely enjoy it a ton. I'm also going to continue to enjoy the current builds of Project CARS for my cockpit and simulation driving needs with great graphics. People so anal about the lack of cockpits in this new game should just go to Project CARS and leave the rest of us with what looks to be a really fun arcade-ish racing game.

Posted by Tan

Wait what Quick Look Road Show

Posted by MightyDuck

Huge fan of Dirt 3. This looks like it'll be quite a racing game as well.

Posted by ghostNPC

Looks pretty ok. That PR language and emphasis really got on my nerves though.

Posted by Rabid619

Holy hell, I can hardly believe this game actually exists. Really happy that it does, though, I LOVED the first game and haven't really gotten into a racing game as much as I was into that since.

Posted by Xshinobi

The lack of a cockpit view is a big letdown and due to that I will not be purchasing this at launch or at full price.

Posted by BawlZINmotion


Posted by Anaardvark

I'm a big GRID fan, played it to death when it was released and I played a Pre-Alpha version of GRID 2 at Eurogamer. Even back then it both looked and played great. I can't wait for retail.

Posted by Shaunage

Is that a track from Project Gotham?

Posted by bigmess

Yep. That definitely looks like a car game.

Posted by Sanity

This looks great, will buy it for sure.

Posted by FMinus

yeah about that, I'll wait for what SimBin brings. I've had enough arcade racers past year to fill my fix for this year.

Posted by KaneRobot

Disappointed that this is not THE Grid 2, signaling the return of both Midway and arcades in general.

Posted by NekuSakuraba

Grid 2 is a thing? Well, time to check it out!

Posted by Blimble

This looks okay and all but it really seems like every other racing game out there

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Ehh,it sure looks nice but without a cockpit camera I´m not really interested.

Posted by Colourful_Hippie

I was going to be bummed about no longer having access to the Forza games when I dump my 360 but then I just remembered that this game exists for PC.

Posted by Moonling

Good interview.

Posted by nayte23

can't drive without a cockpit view so I'll be skipping this one

Posted by Rox360

@blimble said:

This looks okay and all but it really seems like every other racing game out there

Racing games, just like shooters, don't really have to do anything new as long as they play well enough. They all look pretty much the same on the surface, but that's not what matters.

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Looks good, but I've already spent too much money on racing games that I never get around to. Other genres just take priority, for me.

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Cockpit view is nice technically, but in practice I will always take the bumper or hood cam. The problem with cockpit view is only about 50% of our screen space is the view of the road.

The only place where I think the cockpit view could be really awesome is with the Oculus Rift, would be awesome to look around the cockpit but still have the equivalent of a 55inch TV being your wind shield, but for now would prefer them to put the time they use on cockpit view to just make the tracks and cars look better.

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@ghostnpc said:

Looks pretty ok. That PR language and emphasis really got on my nerves though.

Yeah same here. There they are just gushing all over it like it's some revolution for racing games when really it looks like it's "just another racing game." I guess it looks nice, but I wasn't BLOWN AWAY by the visuals or anything. Just looks like the kind of racing game that's so far up its own ass that it's hard to find it fun. It'd be nice if Ryan had asked him "soooooo... what makes this different than every other racing game on the market?" instead of "your game looks awesome. How did you make it look so awesome?"

Posted by Zelnox
Posted by reese

Looks good.

Posted by ectoplasma

This guys' inflection ins unbearable.

Posted by skelington_

@ravelle said:

@chavtheworld said:

No in-cockpit view, fuck this game.

No matter how good a racing game is, the lack of it always is a huge let down for me.

QFT. No buy.

Posted by AlanFromOhio

This dudes voice is incredible

My god that is the only thing I could think about that entire video 0.o

Posted by development

Is it just me or is this game simply gorgeous EXCEPT for the car models?

I'd agree with this, but then again the Codemasters games never really had anything on Forza or GT. I'm only down with games like this pretty much exclusively for the immersion, and I need me a cockpit view. Sorry, folks.

Posted by NekuSakuraba

I'm a bit disappointed about the no cockpit thing. Anyone know why he said "spiritual successor" though? It seems like a direct sequel to me.

Posted by tenniscrazy

anyone know if this is developed for PC and ported to consoles?

Posted by graf1k

Even though he's just sort of asking the question, I think Ryan is right on in that with games like this coming out this year on the current consoles but also on PC and looking markedly better on the latter, it makes a lot of sense for them to eventually be ported from the PC version to the Orbis and Durango. Personally, I think that is going to happen with a lot of big multi-platform games coming out this year, including GTA5. That is, provided it's as easy to port the games from PC to Orbis/Durango as one would assume from the specs and architectures of the two consoles. As a result, I think both consoles will have a surprisingly solid launch line up and may even be able to avoid the typical drought that comes after the launch deluge of most consoles.

Posted by fisk0

@ravelle said:

@chavtheworld said:

No in-cockpit view, fuck this game.

No matter how good a racing game is, the lack of it always is a huge let down for me.

QFT. No buy.

At least there's a hood view, I'm kinda OK with that, most driving games in the past five years have only had that terrible "bumper"/invisible car view.

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So stoked for this.