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Posted by RedHatDrew

The Fry's near my house used to have one of these. Not sure if any actually sold...

Posted by crithon

hehe, I think I was at the same tech demo as Drew. I was able to touch honey, then we tested it on Half Life 2 gravity gun feedback

Edited by chilipeppersman

can you rift my falcon? thanks

Posted by wukong

Moldy lady parts. Dot com.

Posted by HarlequinRiot

I never knew these actually were sold to the public. I thought it looked like a pretty cool device, clever at least.

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How do you make backgrounds for wiki pages?

I think you need 1000 wikipoints for the specific page you want to add the background to.

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This looks ridiculous

Posted by ezdude

Wow, I totally forgot those things existed. I can't wait to see what they do with it.

Posted by edgefusion

What's that keyboard Jeff has?

Posted by Blueblur1

That thing looks crazy!

Posted by Impugned

Thanks, Evan. That's mighty kind of you, mate.

Posted by ch3burashka

Just last week I remembered this thing existed, and posted in a forum somewhere, saying they should get one along with a Oculus Rift for some insanity/hilarity. Didn't think my wish would come to fruition so soon.

Posted by I_smell

Why wouldn't you cut out the middle falcon and just have sex with the lady bits directly?

Posted by Mackinder

Haha! I had no idea what this was called. We had one at my old uni. Dumb as fuuuuck.

Posted by Mackinder

To explain a little further. At my uni we had a couple of Masters students who were developing a piece of software to help train surgeons. There was a scalpel attached to it, and you could move it around, rotate, etc. Then you could "cut" into a 3D mesh and feel the resistance of the different body parts. So cutting into the bone would stop it, etc. They then paired this with some 3D glasses and made it 3D for extra weirdness. Throw all the tech into it!

I used to just switch the scalpel out with the gun and piss about.

Posted by jNerd

I can't wait to see a video with that awesome controller. Thanks Evan!

Posted by Hasuto

I have one of these! They have a couple of sales every year so you can get them a bit cheaper.

Half Life 2 has built in support for it (so you can just start the game from Steam and it works). There are also some special versions of the Penumbra games (by the guys who then went on to make Amnesia) which have support for it. Most of the demo games I got with it were pretty shitty though.

Posted by Blackout62

And Drew just basically teleports over after hearing Novint Falcon.