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Posted by MildMolasses

The audio seems slightly out of sync. Not a big deal since its just a dude talking

Posted by Coolarman

@wampa1 said:

Did Patrick somehow get YOUNGER? What is going on...

He has a portrait of himself in the attic where the portrait gets older and he stays the same

Posted by RanmaRanma

Valkyria Chronicles <3

Posted by Subjugation

Get well Kleptok. Avoid those potholes.

Posted by Grimluck343

I love the medication that's just sitting behind him.

Posted by chocolaterhinovampire

This is what professional is mother fuckers!!!!!

Posted by TzarStefan

Yes, yes, i see

Posted by mrfluke

Please Please continue with this, i think this is EXACTLY what you needed. a video soapbox where you can fully articulate your opinions.

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I've said this before but God bless you, Patrick, for still making content whilst injured when no-one would expect you to. Get well soon.

Interesting that you're considering Valkyria Chronicles but I'd say that there are some story and character stuff that might put you off. I mean I'm usually totally fine with 'Japanese weirdness' in my games and it even made me roll my eyes at times. I just don't think that the (sort of) WWII setting really fits some of those character types or 'story beats' (to borrow a phrase from you guys). The combat and all that is real fun though.

P.S. I don't like dogs but that is a cute dog you got there.

Posted by Mister_V

Great video Patrick. Would love to see more of these.

Posted by GrantHeaslip

@nekuctr said:

Why is Brad the only one that doesn't do features from home? I'd love to see him do some Bombasticas or tech speculation, or something. Anything.

Maybe he just wants a cleaner separation between his public and private life? It’s totally understandable to not want to blur those lines.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

I encountered that House of Cards scene with the Vita last night and laughed so hard. Such blatant product placement. And I think Spacey's character is playing Killzone, not CoD, which would make sense with the whole Sony thing. Good show, though!

Thanks for the vid, Scoops. Still working hard, even with your messed-up bones. I'll put in another vote for you checking out Valkyria Chronicles, I think you might be into it.

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PK seems to be ok... if he has a concussion he's not showing it. Hope your collarbone mends well.

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Really enjoyed this Tricky. Feel free to do more but can I submit questions to another place like your PM? I don't use Tumblr.

Posted by RenMcKormack

@patrickklepek: after you get your collar bone fixed up man i will donate you my facial hair. I HAVE SO MUCH WHY SHOULD OTHERS SUFFER.

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I know nobody cares, but Underwood was playing Killzone.

Posted by BooDoug187
@wampa1 said:

Did Patrick somehow get YOUNGER? What is going on...

He is a mutant, kinda like Wolverine, when he gets damaged his cells heal quickly.

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Posted by DougQuaid

@wampa1 said:

Did Patrick somehow get YOUNGER? What is going on...

He is a mutant, kinda like Wolverine, when he gets damaged his cells heal quickly.

Snikt bub

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Posted by Artof_War

I love Chihuahuas!

Posted by zeekthegeek

Jar Time? Nah, Jewfro Time

Posted by fanboyjustin

this is great! everyone should do these on the site

Posted by AssInAss

I hope your recovery goes smoothly, you're one of my favorite journalists in the business! :)

Posted by SeanFoster

I watched 7 minutes of this on my way home, got home and loaded it up and it immediately picked up where I left off on my phone!

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Wants to play Dark Souls. Doesn't have time.

Go grab Brad and get to doin and endurance run!

Posted by captainanderson

@patrickklepek If you're going to play any other Fire Emblem game, I'd definitely recommend The Sacred Stones for GBA. Mechanically it's the most similar to Awakening, and it's probably the most forgiving out of all the games, though still challenging. Stay away from the DS one.

Posted by Fawkes

Recupin' with Scoops.

Posted by MrGtD

That's a chill-ass dog.

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Posted by TehJedicake

When the hell is Patrick getting that new PC

Posted by chikin_n_rofls

Get well soon, Tricky.

Posted by mrcraggle

I'm really interested to see where Capcom can take Dragon's Dogma. I took 80 hours on my first playthrough but I gave up on new game+ only after a couple as the enemies didn't scale and it was actually very boring to play. For me, the fun in that game came from the difficulties in fighting an enemy and planning before hand and being ready. There are certain enemies you simply cannot beat but it's incredibly satisfying when you beat the odds against you. The biggest problem really comes from the world itself and how stale it becomes after several hours of playing. Fighting these monsters and people are fun but the game doesn't feel random enough which is really what it needs especially the more powerful you get and how you visit some of the same places several times. I also found running around on the town rooftops a lot of fun (whilst also pissing off the guards) but I found the same thing fun in Mario Sunshine so maybe I just like the idea of running on rooftops in games.

Posted by claudius

patrick i would like to pet your dog

Posted by YummyTreeSap

@patrickklepek If you decide to go into Valkyria Chronicles, prepare to be massively irritated by the story. I made this post about it elsewhere after some drinks:

I decided to try (for the manyth time) getting back into and beating Valkyria Chronicles. While I can see myself getting into the gameplay mechanics, I'm still pretty cold to the story and attitude of the story. All these fucking video games, man, they're so goddamned hypocritical. Oh boohoo, war is such bullshit, now here are some conveniently evil enemies, fucking kill them all to WIN WIN WIN, you know you're gonna have fun. And then the story itself even doubly enforces this crap. "I will defend my land no matter what" and "even in war, new life emerges". BARF>>> (ideological barf; not alcohological)

Maybe this aspect of the game becomes less saccharinely fucking sweet garbage as you get farther into it, but every time I try to play it I start to remember why I've never beaten it.

And it's not just this game, but pretty much every game in the history of for-ever. Die die die.

Such eloquence. But I back this 100%, still. Valkyria Chronicles infuriates me.

Posted by UberExplodey

Get well soon, dude. Don't let the potholes win.

Posted by Leptok

How much Vicodin did you have? All of it?

Posted by skelington_

Video quality is fantastic. Get well soon, Patrick! I hope the surgery went well.

Posted by bkbroiler

ilu pat rick

Posted by Arrested_Developer

There are too many poor kids who see sports as their only escape from poverty for there not to be enough talent for football.

Posted by Arrested_Developer

There are too many poor kids who see sports as their only escape from poverty for there not to be enough talent for football.

Posted by Athadam

We need more of these Patrick, in fact, I would love it if more of the other staff members did these as well.

Keep up the awesome work!

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What Patrick found at the bottom of that pothole was the fountain of youth.

Posted by Xtrememuffinman

As a premium guy, I don't really think this should be premium content. Tumblr is free, and all of these questions could and should have hypothetically been answered there.

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Cyborg Patrick! Glad your well enough to force yourself to make content.

...that statue behind him is also really really creepy

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Some people were mentioning Patrick looked younger in this video. If you really want to see him younger (with a meatier 'fro to boot) check him out on the 1UP Show. The videos are still up on 1UP and they're suitably hilarious.

Posted by wefwefasdf

Really, really enjoy these type of videos. Hope to see more in the future!

Posted by patrickklepek

If this is me on drugs (which I wasn't), I must be CRAZY on drugs.

Posted by Nephrahim

Kinda nice to hear from Patrick. When I heard what happened to him I was pretty worried, but it looks like he's relatively okay.