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When will you start plotting your revenge against the pothole?

Posted by Paindamnation
Posted by I_am_Lono

I hate Patrick! I have hated him recently because of his sudden deluge his self righteous, over opinionated articles have really alienated many readers. However this was bloody enjoyable! Each question was answered excellently! This was engaging, interesting, informative and shows that behind the arrogance there is some very intelligent content that can be provided by him.

Why do I hate him still? Because he has won me back. Stick to this and avoid calling for the Gianbomb community to start burning their bras.

I would watch this feature again.

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When did Doogie Howser join GB? Just kidding, I wish you well in your recovery Patrick! Thank you for making this video and for your dedication, you are an important part of this site.

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Try not to break again Patrick ! Thanks for this video, its cool.

Posted by cloudnineboya

pixels so cute. ok i've held my breath for a while now but when the fuck are we getting a new spooking with scoops?

nice video, good to see your getting better.

Posted by PatchMaster

Someone get this man a jar.

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior
Posted by edgefusion

Patrick is actually kinda cute with short hair.

Posted by Cashewual

I love these kind of videos, good on you for doing this in your current condition, Scoops! Also, I'd love it if the entire bombcrew hade their own jartime-vids, once in a while.

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Scatrick "Scoopz Shit Man"/"Tricky" Klepek

Posted by Rexicon

How does Patrick look perpetually twelve years old.

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Patrick love the video!

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percocet time with Patrick!

Posted by edoone

hey!! its a cool video!!

Thanks Patrick!!

Posted by kubazse

@branthog said:

Hey, you know . . . it wouldn't be a bad idea if @patrickklepek did these once in awhile. We only ever hear from Patrick in the context of everyone else on podcasts and events. I like hearing from each of these guys, on their own, individually. It reinforces the whole "GB is about the byline/personalities" thing. This is one of the neatest things Patrick has gotten around to doing and I appreciate it every bit as much as Jeff's Jar Time stuff.

Will be keeping him in my mind this week. Surgery scares me. I'm a huge pussy. I don't envy his situation, but hope it all goes well.

Totally, I like Patrick's view on the industry and it is nice to hear a different view to Jeff's. By the way, when is Patrick doing another horror game live stream?

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Did you just mimic/hum the Hawaii 5-0 theme while finding another question to read? (6min mark)

Also who wrote ' Since Patrick and his dog aren't capable of or even interested in moving, let's not. '?

Because that's real funny.

Posted by ripelivejam
@ravelle said:

I hope you get better soon Patrick! Can't wait for more Jurassic Park and Spookin' with Scoops content.

How about both combined?

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Patrick seems vastly different in this video, and I'm not exactly sure what to put my finger on.

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@ghost_cat: Percocet.

Thanks for the insight and analysis, Patrick. I love GiantBomb in large part because of the inside baseball stuff that you guys are willing to share.

Posted by dr_mantas

Did Patrick tweat his I ATEN'T DEAD?

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More of this please, this is great.

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@ravelle said:

I hope you get better soon Patrick! Can't wait for more Jurassic Park and Spookin' with Scoops content.

How about both combined?

Man, Dino Crisis 3 had some cool moments. I really liked a lot of the design, but it was just stupid to call it Dino Crisis since it had nothing to do with the other games except some random inconsequential mention of the Third Energy Research. Also, some proper camera control would have gone a long way.

Posted by mancopter

This is great content. Thanks Patrick. I hope you a speedy recovery, man!

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I think PK Thunder shines in a feature like. I dug it. Patrick has been here a while, but I'm only just now starting to be able to hear his voice in his writing. I feel like this helps.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

@ghost_cat said:

Patrick seems vastly different in this video, and I'm not exactly sure what to put my finger on.

Well he is an android now.

Posted by Asger

What a great video!

Feel better soon!

Posted by Vince_Videogames

Love this, just needs more Pixel! For the next video have him in the background shot while Patrick should have the focused third of the camera angle.

Posted by Pop

nice astro headset Patrick.

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Not going to lie, as a dog person, I was more intrigued by watching Patrick's dog than listening to anything Patrick had to say. Not a slam on Patrick, I just like dogs!