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Posted by Maitimo

They seem a little thin on the ground here.

Posted by MrQuotes

Monster Hunter 3. Fuck the rest of this garbage.

Posted by Elwoodan

Can't wait for Monster Hunter, it'll be the first one I have a chance to play. And it's right before PAX! street passing galore!!

Posted by TheHT

Really interested in Remember Me. The Combo Lab sounds potentially amazing.

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was also at the event.

Thanks Brad. Really. >.>

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Nice insightful coverage of Monster Hunter 3 @brad.

Posted by WMoyer83

Nothing of Mega Man? :(

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@wes899 said:

@jking47 said:

"Monster hunter unlimited was also at the event"

Wow that is some awesome coverage. Come on Brad. At the very least get a little info from the publisher/developer and put that in there, this is just fucking lazy.

It's the 400th version of Monster Hunter 3. The only people who care are the people that are already on board and know everything about it anyway.

No, it's not the 400th version of Monster Hunter Tri. There was Tri, and then there was Monster Hunter 3G, which is the same game as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate here. In between there was a PSP title called Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for the PSP in Japan, but it's an entirely different game.

So, there was the original Tri, and now there is 3U.

Posted by WolfHazard

So stoked for the DMC DLC and when is my next MVC game coming out?!

Posted by Grimluck343

Remember Me looks interesting at least. Love some Darkstalkers too.

Posted by Undeadpool

@sravankb said:

I'm a big fan of the Monster Hunter series, and even I found that hilarious.

Someone on an enthusiast website that has a sense of HUMOR about something they're passionate about??? Are you a UNICORN?

And to everyone who found Brad's goof distasteful, the 8-4 Play podcast talks about Monster Hunter in-depth all the time.

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So according to Brad Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is contender for GOTY. Sounds about right.

Posted by Lukeweizer
Posted by paisan13

I really don't get all your f**king whining, it's February, so what did you expect news-wise out of Capcom? Did you guys really expect lots and lots of brand spanking new games, with videos an all? You don't think Capcom, as all other company's is waiting with there load until E3? So stop with this ridiculous crocodile-teared shit cause you didn't get the next big reveal, and be happy you get any news at all, cause I haven't seen any other company sending out either pictures or info on anything interesting what so ever in the last few weeks.

Posted by Epidehl

That Vergil DLC is basically DmC's last chance to totally win me over, and if he plays exactly like Dante that is NOT a good start. I always loved playing as Vergil in DMC3 over Dante, and if he isn't different that'll be a massive bummer.

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Still not sold on Remember Me - kinda sounds too derivative/uninspired on all fronts. Not that we've seen a whole lot of it, of course, so who knows, maybe it'll be a solid Sleeping Dogs style amalgam.

Posted by MistaSparkle

Every time I see something from Remember Me, I get even more excited and curious. I don't know why the Eiffel Tower is there or any of the other out of place monuments, but I bet there's a pretty weird explanation for it. I really like the main character's outfit too, never seen a sleeveless jumpsuit before but it looks pretty cool.

Other than Remember Me, not too excited about any of this other stuff. Monster Hunter looks cool, but I'm just not invested enough in it to be excited...

Posted by Curufinwe

@epidehl said:

That Vergil DLC is basically DmC's last chance to totally win me over, and if he plays exactly like Dante that is NOT a good start. I always loved playing as Vergil in DMC3 over Dante, and if he isn't different that'll be a massive bummer.

DMC 3 SE Vergil is such a blast to play as. Totally worth getting the HD collection for if you only ever played the original DMC 3 release back in 2005.

Posted by DrWhat

I don't care about any of these games, but I think the story looks pretty good in the new layout.

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I'm super hyped for Revelations. The true sequel to RE4?

Posted by Atom

"...unless you preordered the game, in which case you should have a code that'll net you the add-on for free."

I don't think I got anything when I preordered DmC on Steam...

Posted by Giantstalker

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was also at the event.


I laughed. I really did. Why even include this bit?

Posted by Eristocrat

I got a hardy laugh out of that conclusion.

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Spring ain't no business season. Seasons ain't no business thing. I'm a business man. Translate this into quarters so I can understand it.

Posted by bunkerbuster05

I got a hardy laugh out of that conclusion.


@brad numbers... numbers number numbers!! Do the numbers tell you how much those who do like text features like text features!? HUH!?

Just kidding. You da man Brad. Nice layout on this one. Aced it.

I'll take more text, for the record. Let's not forget that before y'all bombers where famous for your personalities you were loved for your words.

Posted by Leeroi

More content on the site is better content for the site. Nice to read something here that isn't written by Alex or Patrick. Not that I dislike their work. I just wish there was more content on Giant Bomb period.

Posted by CptMorganCA

@epidehl said:

That Vergil DLC is basically DmC's last chance to totally win me over, and if he plays exactly like Dante that is NOT a good start. I always loved playing as Vergil in DMC3 over Dante, and if he isn't different that'll be a massive bummer.

DMC 3 SE Vergil is such a blast to play as. Totally worth getting the HD collection for if you only ever played the original DMC 3 release back in 2005.

Surprised to see you didn't like the way this DmC played. Never played the old ones, but this DmC is some of the most fun I've had with a game of this type in a long while. I'm curious to check out that HD collection as well, just to know.

Posted by Killroycantkill

No love for Monster Hunter?! Aww come on guys, step it up!

Posted by Vortextk

"Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was also at the event."

Best write up ever!

Remember Me sounds and looks abso-fucking-lutely fantastic. I hope at worst it's "good". Love everything about the look and sound, the gameplay atleast LOOKS great and we'll see how it plays. The weird mind hacking/memory switching seems atleast unique. I just found out about this game a few weeks ago and the best god damned news was OH, PC VERSION! Something that slick deserves it. I still weep for vanquish for while I love that game, sometimes a game like that just screams for the cleanest possible anti-aliased lines possible.

Posted by randomdrummer

I got my fingers crossed for Remember Me. I don't have any interest in any of the other shtuff though. :/

Posted by McGhee

First time I've heard of Remember Me. Love the look of it.

Posted by ThePaleKing

Damn it, now how am I supposed to know if the next Monster Hunter will have more monsters and things that can be made from the parts of said monsters.

That combo lab in Remember Me sounds like the combo building system from God Hand, which is quite exciting. I kiiiind of doubt it will end up being as malleable, but I can hope.

Posted by iAmJohn

I would like more written content in general, honestly. Especially if it will be as hard hitting as the Monster Hunter coverage!

Posted by Lazyaza

Remember Me looks like it could be amazing, combat does seem very Batman-ish from what little gameplay I've seen and the traversal seems very Asscreed but then it's all Deus Ex in other respects, hope it turns out great, really would love to play more awesome sci-fi games with cool female protagonists so I can get closer to feeling like I'm finally playing a good Ghost in the Shell game. lol

Might have to grab Revelations too, Jill horse-butt ftw.

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More text is always a good thing! Keep it up, Brad. You're a great writer.

Posted by RedFive

I do not believe Monster Hunter 3 was at this event.

Posted by CilliaBlack

I'm usually a fan of stupidly big weapons being wielded by relatively small characters, but the ones in that Monster Hunter screenshot just look duuuummmmmbbbb. And not in a good way.

Dark Souls proves MH style 3rd-person combat can be excellent when married to an interesting game world, but I find it super boring when associated with a quasi Diablo-esque style of farming the same general area over and over. Or at least, that was my impression of MHF2 on the PSP. No idea how the series is now.

Also, MMO-level grinding to get the best items in your single player game is shit.

Posted by strangeling

This info is informative!

Remember Me had caught my interest, and I'm hoping it turns out good.

Posted by Rayeth

Standard GiantBomb, giving no interest whatsoever to games like Dark Souls and Monster Hunter despite their huge popularity in Japan and abroad (yo, Dark Souls sold a TON of copies, Monster Hunter not so much). At least it got an acknowledgement.

Remember Me looks interesting at least. I like the idea of that combo system, but we'll have to see how it plays out.

Posted by McDayman

Remember Me looks interesting at least. I would say it seemed more so before Capcom showed the combat. That initial premise seemed very cool without the need for "fight some guys" time. If there is indeed some ingenuity to it, I'm back on board.

Also, that snazzy header image looks faaantastic.

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

Remember Me's Combo Lab sounds like something God Hand had.

Posted by crithon

50 bucks for a 3ds port? Is there online co op now? RE Revelation was a big surprise last year, Happy there is now a port for other players but man 50 bucks seems terrible after RE6. And worst of all..... the graphics don't seem much improved unless they now added lip sync?

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Remember me interests me.

Also will be great to get my hands on some more DmC

Posted by probablytuna

Hahaha the end was pretty great. I watched a preview of Remember Me today and the only thing that kinda stuck out was the rather mediocre animations and they don't mesh well with the great visuals.

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Every time I hear about a new Monster Hunter, I get really excited. But then I realise that it's another Monster Hunter game and I get less excited. However, the last Monster Hunter was actually kinda fun for me so I hope this one uses the same mojo.

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"Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was also at the event."

Appropriate. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate looks like it hasn't radically changed from its predecessor, just the same with a few new additions, many of which are just fan-favorite features from previous iterations such as my personal favorite, the gunlance. Other than that it looks like some fucking Monster Hunter right there, dun'nit?

Posted by MJones916

I LIKE text. My limited 3G coverage doesn't allow me to watch all the videos you guys post, so this is nice. I'd love to see more write-ups.

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

No Dead Rising? OK, I'll be on my way. Thanks anyway Capcom.

Posted by Reisz

Wow I guess I'm the only one in here interested in all of this, I can't wait to play Darkstalkers again, I never touched Monster Hunter Tri either so Ultimate sounds like something to check out. Thanks for this Brad, good write-up.