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Posted by TheYear20XX

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was also at the event.


I laughed. I really did. Why even include this bit?

Gotta do your due diligence!

Posted by BrandonPckrfn

Awesome, also new site is pimping.

Posted by jeffrud

This is actually a really cool piece of content. I like how the new backend allows for all sort of formatting wizardry, and what's here was interesting enough. Post-Nintendo Direct dumps in this format would be real winners.

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I've always wanted to try out a Monster Hunter game, but they're lately always being release on consoles I don't own. Looking forward to the Vergil DLC and RE: Revelations anywhoo, and I've been keeping a keen eye on Remember Me, too. The aesthetic looks attractive and its combo systems seems reminiscent of God Hand.

Posted by WalkerTR77

I really want more text content like this from the core bombcrew. It's what made me like the site in the first place and it's a shame that they don't get written more often because of a low view count. The occasional review isn't enough to satisfy me.

Posted by Seb

I think I want to try Monster Hunter.

Posted by graf1k

Still want to try DmC eventually but that's a pretty grim looking line-up for Capcom, minus Remember Me which definitely sounds interesting. Hopefully all the pieces go together well.

Posted by Parsnip

Yeap, definitely interested in Remember Me.

Posted by DedBeet

I wonder if Brad has ever given Monster Hunter a try. With his penchant for collecting items and game with difficult but fair systems, you'd think it'd be right up his alley.

Posted by joelalfaro

Haha the one sentence description of monster hunter.

Posted by RAMBO604

So I'm assuming the 26-27th for Vergil's Downfall? Capcom couldn't be more specific about something less than two weeks away....

And Remember Me looks cool, Capcom has better luck with Western Studios than it's own so hopefully it will be a nice surprise.

Posted by LikeaSsur

"Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was also at the event."

Ow, Brad. That was a very nasty twist you gave to the dagger in my heart.

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$50 for RE: Revelations? Lol, no thanks. I was actually interested in picking it up if it was released like RE4 or Code Veronica were for the Xbox 360 at the $20 price point.

Posted by Orange_Pork

Haters gonna hate man, I'm playing the fuck out of Monster Hunter next month, sluggy ass controls and all.

Posted by Chibi_Kaji

Not sure why everyone is shocked at them charging $50 for Revelations. They were charging $40 for it on the 3DS.

Posted by Winternet

Hahaha, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate got the exact coverage it needed.

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I wish Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate would have been at the event...

Also, Remember Me looks promising.

Posted by mORTEN81

I like the written format and I'd like to see more like this.

Posted by Mercanis

@brad wrote "We don't write a lot of text previews around here these days, because, well, the numbers don't indicate you guys are all that interested in text previews."

Don't let the numbers get you down, Mr. Brad. Power to the written word! Put that English degree to work! (At least, I recall Brad saying he had an English degree.)

Posted by AdebisiStyle

Photo galleries worked great for me (on a Mac, Firefox). Also, I am always happy to read a well written article. Patrick links to some well written interesting stuff on worth reading, and Guns of Navarro has quickly become something I look forward to every week as well. I always enjoy reading the stuff Brad writes too. In short, y'all keep writing 'em, I'll keep reading em.

Posted by WrenchNinja

That's definitely all the coverage Monster Hunter deserves.

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Dead Rising 3 will be developed by Ninja Theory. Expect a young Frank West with white hair and an iPhone 5 shooting EXTREME pictures on his skateboard.

All the zombies will have guns.


Posted by Demoskinos

@sooty said:

Vergil shouldn't play anything like Dante, sounds like Ninja Theory screwed that up. In UMvC3 and DmC3 the two play very differently.

I was thinking the exact same thing. Even using UMC3 as my example. Seeing how Virgil has all his signature moves the news that he is very similar is disappointing. I barely played Virgil in DMC3se so maybe he was similar feeling to Dante in that. But with his swords, teleports, rapid slash, dimisions slash, etc he should not play like Dante. Unless Brad just means he has moves mapped to the same buttons. Like when he says all the weapons play similar.

I think its just Brad generalizing. It didn't sound like he spent a whole lotta time with it. The fact that Vergil has his Summon swords and teleports already says to me that he will play differently.

Posted by JEC03

RE6 PC version quick look ?

Posted by mosdl

@mrgtd said:

Beyond excited for the DmC DLC, which is something I don't want to say out loud. Just wish they'd get it out sooner, but I guess I'll just play the main game 2 more times until then.

One day someone will figure out the perfect time to release DLC. I want more DmC now!

Posted by mnzy

@mosdl said:

@mrgtd said:

Beyond excited for the DmC DLC, which is something I don't want to say out loud. Just wish they'd get it out sooner, but I guess I'll just play the main game 2 more times until then.

One day someone will figure out the perfect time to release DLC. I want more DmC now!

The free Bloody Palace DLC will be out on the 20th, though. Their release plan isn't too bad.

Posted by PJ

Wo wo wo Brad. Don't get all excited about Monster Hunter. Hehe, MH is so not a game that's even worth releasing in the western world.

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I forgot about Remember Me. Adding it to my "I want to know more" list. The premise looks neat.

More DmC is always welcome.

And i'm surprised at how well that RE Revelations HD port turned out. If only Capcom had put as much effort in the RE4 HD port...

Also dat HD ass.

Posted by CrystaljDesign

@fleck0 said:

Remember Me's combo system sounds very similar to Godhand

This was exactly what I was thinking! Can't wait to see more!

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The filter they're using for the Darkstalker's screenshots looks like shit. Hopefully you can turn that off.

Posted by BBQBram

If Neo-Paris contains even a sliver of William Gibson atmosphere, I'm sold.

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It's actually the third version in Japan, but the second one for the west.

Please inform yourself before spewing bullshit.

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Remember Me is the direction I've been waiting for Capcom to start pushing in for a while. By that I mean that I've been waiting for them to release an original IP again. Its an added plus that it looks legitimately interesting, looking forward to messing with their combo system.

Posted by Solh0und

Can't wait for Virgil's Downfall. Hope it's not underwhelming!

Isn't there a Monster Hunter 3DS game coming?

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@hawkerace: I'm hoping Dead Rising 3 will be a launch title for the next gen.

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To me, Remember Me looks pretty bad. The setting is cool, sure, Neo-Paris and all, but the actual gameplay seems super lame and the animations leave a lot to be desired.

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I'm a big fan of more text entries from you guys on the site. Thanks Brad!

Posted by The_Vein

Remember Me and DmC DLC are both cool to me.

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

Remember Me involving Zombies...Alot of Capcom games seem to use Zombies, I wonder if it is just to do with they don't know how to do modern AI.

Posted by dvorak

A lot of folks really like Monster Hunter, myself included. But even if Brad was a fan, I mean just saying that there's another Monster Hunter coming is enough.

"It's Monster Hunter, but it's kinda new and has more stuff!"

Posted by supamon

Lol at the one liner for Monster Hunter but it really is an amazingly fun game. I don't even bother keeping up with the info on new versions, I know I'll be getting it.

Posted by WickedCobra03

I am kind of down with Remember me and seeing how that turns out. I dunno, I feel like it might turn out a little bland trying to play up it's neo-underground Paris, but not really executing. I hope it does though!

And as for Resident Evil Revelations, I am totally up for that, but like you said Patrick, that is more of a $30 or $40 game at most... I am not sure if I am feeling $60 out of that. It will be a wait and see, and even then if it does turn out good, I might wait for a price drop if it is indeed priced at $60.

Posted by EnchantedEcho

Remember Me looks fantastic, really liking their art direction and the split city theme. DMC DLC could be cool too, really enjoyed the main game and am game to play a few more chapters.

Posted by ripelivejam

brads dismissal be damned im probably still gonna get monster hunter. looks like itll be a damn fine time sink for a portable system, plus ive never played one before.

great article regardless brad!

Posted by Tordah

That's all the Monster Hunter coverage I need. Thank you, Brad.

Posted by SpudBug

That was pretty funny but I wish he had made some type of effort at learning a thing or two about monster hunter.

Posted by SpudBug

That was pretty funny but I wish he had made some type of effort at learning a thing or two about monster hunter.

Posted by FakeKisser

Jury's still out on Remember Me...for me... I want to see reviews, or at least some in-depth hands-on right before release before I decide on purchasing. I'm excited for the DmC DLC, though I'm not sure if I'll pick it up right away.

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I really wanna get RE: revelations but $50 for a 3ds port is a little steep. Maybe it will be cheap with ps+.

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Remember Me has some real potential. I can't wait to see more about it.