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Posted by Grimluck343

I think you hit the nail on the head with regards to how intertwined the narrative and the gameplay itself is. You want to advance the story and the social links not just because of the great writing and the desire to see how those story threads wrap up, but it also provides immediate benefits in the combat. The farther along your social links are the more powerful you are fighting enemies. It's a great idea that's really well executed.

Edited by probablytuna

And this is why I love Persona 4, nice write up!

Edited by Winternet

Now, go watch the entire Endurance Run.

Edited by TruthTellah

Nicely done! Though, I honestly came into this somewhat expecting the cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia made into Persona 4-like characters.

Posted by DaMisterChief

I love me some Persona 4, glad you liked it much

Posted by m3ds334

@winternet: Ha, it's a reference to 30 Rock.


Posted by selfconfessedcynic

Fantastic write-up. I think

"Everything Sunny All the Time Always"

is a perfect way to distil the things I truly love about Persona 4 / Golden. I could praise you for the title alone, but the rest is great too.