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Posted by VoshiNova

I remember seeing this and being excited.

Posted by Bran_Smith

Hell of a year

Posted by Klaimore

Wow this is Warframe, also how did I get here!?!

Posted by rachelepithet

Holiday 2014 podcast brought me here.

Posted by ripelivejam


Posted by hawkinson76

Just found this. Thank you, Patrick. FYI, I am the same age as Jeff/Vinny and my daughter was 2 when this concept video was produced.

Posted by snarekick

Patrick was 6 years old when he posted this video

Posted by avyshue

Man, I cant wait for this game to come out!

Posted by Itwongo

Cool! Neat!

Posted by DeadpanCakes

We're all caught in the voiiiddddd!!

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Giantbombs dark secrets revealed!

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I was wondering what this was doing here, but the other comments point to temporal shenanigans.

Posted by ReCkLeSs_X

Time travel

Posted by MagikGimp

I'm noticing quite a few things borrowed or recycled from this promo in fairly recent games. Very interesting and great looking video for the time, and now.

Posted by Red12b


Posted by UberExplodey


Posted by George_Hukas

How did I get here!?!?

Posted by defordj

Yep, looks pretty bad.

Posted by defordj

Found this by random exploration; couldn't figure out how Patrick was posting videos that long ago. Might as well mark my spot for explorers to come!