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Posted by darkest4

Video player still broken as hell for me. Keeps restarting when I exit/enter full screen, can't pause it (pause button will press but the video keeps playing..) etc.. Have to go out to your youtube page to watch these qlooks.

This game looks pretty boring but there's always something enjoyable about watching Vinny and Ryan play an adventure game and listening to their banter.

Posted by GasparNolasco

Now I know why this game is freaking me out, something in the voice acting, logic and mood reminds me of Deadly Premonition!

I WILL NOT BE TRICKED AGAIN. Before I start watching this I'm going to look this up..... OK it's NOT a dumb iOS game, *continues watching*

It kinda is, in a way.

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I think the culprit is Bob the Builder... call it a hunch.

Posted by mithical

You don't need to break into Tracy Trapman's garage; She told him to take his fast car and keep on drivin'.

Posted by dannyodwyer


Posted by Qlanth

Angelica Weaver is one of the lesser known characters from Fargo.

Posted by Phished0ne

I hate to be this guy but, hear me out, i think the future of Endurance runs are for casual games. They dont have to worry about devs and pubs getting fustrated that a high-profile is playing their whole game on the internet. They are perfect games to make fun of, and it will test the endurance of the players because they really really really dont want to be playing them.

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@phished0ne: Is there evidence of developers getting really upset over them?

So far all of the games that have been played certainly benefited by being featured. I'm sure Deadly Premonition got bought by some people that would have never thought to pick it up and Persona by some people who would have never given a game like that the time of day. I'm certainly one of those people, and now I own a Vita because of it.

Then you've got Chrono Trigger which is just so old it doesn't really matter anymore and I'm sure you had younger people that weren't really aware of it picking up that game for themselves too.

As long as they continue down that path, I don't see the problem with it.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Great stuff! I think some of the minigame-esque changes of pace from pure inventory puzzles here have a solid idea at the core. But the execution is just so silly most of the time. And the classic adventure puzzles seem more like a cheeky parody than an honest attempt at good design. Either way, good on Drew for bringing attention to this little 'gem' - made for one of the funniest QLs in some time.

Posted by dream431ca

Angelica Weaver = Female Patrick Klepek (Accent is exactly the same).

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

The 'skip' button is probably just a 'skip' button.

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What the hell. I live in Cicero, and it is nothing like that.

Posted by fox01313

@spunkyhepanda: Yes, played a few of these games lately & that meter will fill up after a while to give the option to skip it but you don't have to so if you want to solve it you can (or just pull up walkthrough on google).

Posted by Death_Burnout

So Chicago and London are the same thing? huh, ok.

Why is no one making a fuss about this?

Posted by SerHulse

I was convinced this was one of those old games they got in the Binders Full of Games™ until I saw it had downloaded through Steam.

That is some throwback gameplay right there. When was the last time games came with downloadable screensavers?

Posted by Tsuchikage

This looks like a game my Mom would enjoy.

Posted by WolfHazard

Man this game looks terrible ahah

Posted by OneKillWonder_

@lavs said:

What the hell. I live in Cicero, and it is nothing like that.

I agree. This game does a poor job of showing what a shithole Cicero really is.

This QL is hilarious, though.

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Find the bullshit brick.

Posted by Chicken008

Love the simultaneous "Waaahhh!" when they honked the horn.

Posted by DeviTiffany

Excuse me why I pick up these Chicago Police Badges that seem to have been tossed about London in 1888.

Posted by Rodiard


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Sweet sweet manna from Giantbomb.com

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Wasn't there a tv show on TNT or USA network that had a similar premise to the game? The quick look was better than the game itself.

Is there a way to make the tool bar disappear while the video is playing? The bar was covering up what was going on the bottom of the screen.

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So...new Endurance Run candidate?

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So this is ghost whisperer the video game?

Posted by gaftra

Is there controller support?

Posted by MistaSparkle

Dreeeeam weaaver

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A little testy today Mr. Davis?

Posted by Fuzzy_Dunlop

I need more of Ryan's heavenly singing voice in my life.

Posted by MarkWahlberg


Posted by KirkDouglas

I want that desktop background so bad.

Posted by HerbieBug

The lady looks like my psychiatrist. The resemblance is uncanny. I don't feel comfortable with this. >_<

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I'm glad to know that Vinny also finds himself humming the Wii Shop music from time to time. :)

Posted by MrBubbles

i took vinny's advice and got it on big fish games for $4.19

Posted by Sor_Eddie

Oh, come on Ryan! Stop acting like 90s adventure games were anything like this. This is just yet another "hunt for objects" casual game with a little bit more using objects instead of hunting for them. How the hell are you like 10 years older than me and review games for a living, but I know way more about the most basic tenants of a genre? Next thing you know, you'll start playing a new CoD game and say "You see, regenerating health like this is what killed FPS games in the 90s".

Posted by Mezmero
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Kind of annoying that I can't download from the featured video on the main page anymore. On the to-do list...?

Edit: Just realized Mumbo Jumbo is what the Sin developers turned into.

Angelica Weaver = Elexis Sinclair..?

Posted by SpikeDelight

I don't want to meet the killer that's willing to drag a giant weaver's loom all the way back to the scene of the crime, just to carry out a weak pun.

Posted by Saadnation

It's content like this that makes me proud to be a subscriber

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@mnzy said:

@alistercat said:

"Has europe all over it" seems to be short hand for "looks janky/crappy". According to the Wiki the developers are from Texas. More to the point, nobody calls them eyeglasses except for America, so that's telling.

Yeah they use Europe as a synonym for trash a lot. Guess we've earned that?

They seem to have a lot of issues with Europian journalists too, having grown up reading PC Gamer and EDGE, cant say I know why. Oh well, we all have our irrational hatred of things I guess.

(before anyone tells me either of those magazines are shit I havent read one of them since the 90's so they may have gotten worse over the years)

Posted by ezdude

Well, are they in freaking Chicago or London?

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Gotta get those fresh screen savers!

Posted by extragingerbrew

Might not be the most popular of opinions these days when FPS rule the land, but I really dig the atmosphere and thought provoking nature of these type of adventure games. Breaks up the stale monotony of ooh-rah space marine bros. Plus it has kitties.

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Sing it Ryan Davis, sing it like only you can.

Posted by fiberpay

Is it possible for vinny to quick look anything anymore without crashing to the desktop?

I hope not!

Posted by captainanderson

Sometimes I wish Ryan and Vinny could Quick Look my life.

Posted by Barrock

The screen scrolling over to fill the screen with footprints was the best.

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I want that desktop background so bad.

If you meant the GB wallpaper, here you go. http://i.imgur.com/MHROCYp.png