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Posted by Patman99

Premium Casual games, the future of video gaming.

Posted by Rexicon

Goddamit, I enjoyed this quick look more than I ever should.

Edited by Bored_Ming

Imelda Marcos gives this Quick Look 5 shoes out of 5.

Posted by Rox360

The greatest mystery here is why Vinny keeps humming the intro to the Wii shop music...

Edited by Venatio

@rox360: @cptmorganca: No actually, I think he's humming that Harlem shake song

Since Ryan keeps making Harlem shake references, but I think it could be both

Posted by ThreeRoneC

Is there ever a bad quick look with Ryan and Vinny?

I think not.

Posted by ScreamingFist

Modern day Nancy Drew game

Posted by CharAznable

Shoe, shoe. Boot, boot. Shoe, shoe.

Posted by TekZero

I bet Chapman has a fast car in that garage.