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Posted by Dallas_Raines

@bevinsky: The Mega Man Legends games still look surprisingly decent.

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Love the video pinning. So awesome.

Just wish my monitor had more pixels so I could pin and embiggen.

Posted by dagas

@snide Thanks for the call out in the show. I never meant to troll you. I am using my other TV now which runs at 1360x768 and the site works better on this TV. I guess the 1280x720 TV is getting old but I don't feel the need to upgrade to 1080p as long as I play on consoles that are barely outputting 720p. I know I am a bit wierd for sitting in the sofa with a keyboard with a track pad and surfing the internet but I don't have space for a desk and I like using my TV for my PC since I get good sound from my home theatre.

Posted by metal_mad

A night of TNT and quick looks coming up

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Oh yay....video resumes where you left off when you come back :D

also i remember playing a 3d centipede clone called 3d bug attack and really enjoyed it at the time....always thought it was the version of centipede they played today though

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I didn't know Whiskey Nerd did voice work on a Centipede game.

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Excellent TNT

Posted by flyingace16021

Jez Butterworth is a fantastic writer, wrote the fantastic play Jerusalem. That being said, an asteroids move is either the worst idea ever or the best. Probably the former rather than the latter.


I don't have a problem at all with these old 3D graphics. I think it would suck to hate them.

Way I think about it, I get to enjoy new and old games equally. Pretty sweet, considering how many awesome old games there are.

Posted by blueinferno

"I am empty sir" guy. Missile Command's answer to Slippy Toad from Star Fox.

Posted by face15

Could not stop laughing at Ryan's face.

Posted by cikame

I love the look of ps1 games, there are certainly alot of games which have that nasty harsh look, but there's also MGS1, Crash Bandicoot, Vagrant Story, Gran Turismo which has aged but looked phenominal at the time.

Games which don't look the best but i love on ps1 include Fighting Force, Tekken 2 and Pandemonium.

Posted by Nidzumi


Posted by Griffinmills

Woo hoo, I'm watching and posting from a BlackBerry PlayBook, Jeff! The site has always and continues to work well on it. Great work Dave and the gang.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

I love the PSX Pong so much. I still play it to this day.

Posted by EriMus

Oh man, couldn't stop laughing at BOAT DRINKS LLC.

Posted by Spiritof

I had never seen Pong for the PS1.

Watching it made me actively angry.

Posted by shatted

I love how Dave said "Nexus 6" (the replicant model from Blade Runner) instead of "Nexus 7" (the tablet from Google.) I have made the same mistake so, so many times.

Posted by CharAznable




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Oh man Centipede is boooooooooring. Great show of course, but man.

Posted by Sparkleen

Oh man I just realized I've played that version of Asteroids but I HAVE NO IDEA WHEN OR WHERE.

Posted by cooljammer00

It's just the best when the site's broken and they have a few stutter starts.

Posted by abomunist

Just a heads up guys, your streaming is horribly slow right now. Youtube is the only workable option.

Posted by JoeyRavn

OK, somebody explain to me that GameSpot thing about the reviewer and the Staff. I can't hear the guy's name, so I can't dig it up by myself. GO.

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Is it just me, or did the guys seem pretty down? I thought the unhappiness was palpable at some moments.

I don't know, maybe playing limp Atari remakes will do that. Hope everything's going well, in any case.

Posted by Graylend

Vinny is a technical mastermind.

Posted by LoFi

Oh man, that voiceover in centipede sounds like the narrator from Wizard People, Dear Reader

Posted by Devil240Z

Lol what is that song playing at the end.

Posted by ThePhilatron


Posted by Tebbit

I'm glad that Ryan shares my nostalgia for the PS1 boot noise.

Posted by Rox360

These games are all awful. I love it. Also, the resume video position thing is an absolute lifesaver for these long ones! Good job with that!

Posted by Christoffer

With all due respect, this TNT wasn't the greatest. But they can't all be gold.

Then again, maybe it would be more interesting if I cared about Atari and PS1.

Posted by TheHT

oh my god, jeff's techno dance 34 min is fucking INSANE.

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Following the video game chemtrails regarding Niko Constant and Che Chou. Any word as to why they'd have to change all the Che Chou reviews to "Staff"? He works at 343 now, but I don't think there would be any conflict of interest there. Not sure why Jeff would call him a "turncoat".

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so much acid in this TNT.

Posted by Mathey

Boat Drinks makes me think of the pseudo-Tarantino art house crime caper film "Things to Do In Denver When You're Dead". It features a lot of self-referential language including the use of "boat drinks" as a salute or toast between the central characters. It refers to their vague dreams of getting one last big score and retiring to some coastal paradise and sharing drinks aboard a boat.

Its very 90s.

Posted by Brett43

I didn't know Whiskey Nerd did voice work on a Centipede game.

Man I wish the old GFW crew would reform and join forces with giantbomb

Posted by Wonloong

Beautiful man eyes they are.

I lost it when Control Room put Ryan's mouth in.

Posted by TinyGrasshopper

I miss when Vinny used to play around with the tricaster all the time.

Posted by Vrikk

Wait. Is Brad dissing the PS1? I'LL HURT HIM.

I think this is one of the only times that I've agreed with Jeff's opinion.

Posted by ThePickle

Boat fucking Drinks LL to the goddamn C

Posted by DoctorWelch

Ryans eyes on the side and mouth on the bottom is too disturbing to look at.

Posted by MeAuntieNora

Ryan LOVE chunk.

Rocky road?

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I missed this one, excited to watch this! :)

Posted by Muppio

I looked away for 5 seconds, and then suddenly DAVE!