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I'm a PC gamer, and still acknowledge that the new console generation will become a return to the status quo of adequate PC ports or console exclusives purchased through sheer lumps of cash, thus necessitating me buying one of either Sony's or Microsoft's consoles. I wasn't disappointed in buying a 360 until the hardware failed on me twice, and I spent the cost of a new console on a PC GPU alone, so I'm ready to buy one of the two consoles being launched this year, if only out of exclusivity necessity.

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It's what the developers can do with the new console improvements that intrigues, and will ultimately get people on board sooner rather than later with the next console generation. And any peripheral applications that will come, and there will be tons agreed, are strictly optional of course, but still nice to have especially if different members and generations of a family have access.

That said TC, you can play a few games on the next systems and still play your backlog/markdown older stuff on you current system. This can be achieved simultaneously. ;)

I know that's what I'll be doing.

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Wow what an amazingly unique opinon.

Posted by TooWalrus

Know what I care about in a new console? The games. That's what I'll be basing my decision on this time around. If a console has a few exclusives that are worth playing, I'll pick it up.

Posted by PolygonSlayer

I will be where the games I care about are, if that is on new consoles, handhelds, PC or whatever, then that is it. Usually all of them... unfortunately :3

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I will get a new console when the games I want to play are available on it. I have transitioned almost completely into playing games only on PC and almost only if it's available on Steam. I'm sure I will end up getting 1 if not several of the new consoles eventually but I am not overly excited yet to get one. But who knows, after the PS4 (or whatever it's called) announcement next week I might have a totally new opinion.

Posted by JDillinger

As an aside PC only gamers are gonna be pissed when they don't get games for the first few years.

Posted by DaMisterChief

YEAH MAN, PC MASTER RACE motherfucker. Ive got my laptop that runs all my games. Nah, getting a console DAY 1(xbox), i could totally buy a PC right now but choose not to cause i know what im getting (high rez textures which i could care less about BUT is nice, motion blur, more lens flare, INSANE amount of fps).

But there is nothing more exciting video games wise that a new piece of dedicated gaming tech.

Posted by project343

You know that raw power does more than just lead to higher texture quality and all sorts of dumb post-processing effects, right?

Posted by supergg2k

I am considering holding off on a new console and getting a dedicated PC for games for the same reason Ben makes in his last bullet point. There are at least a dozen games I still want to play on current systems. I also have a bunch of other games from the last generation that I would like to play. Considering that the only way to play those games may be to pick up PC versions and knowing that many third party games will still be on the PC in the future, I'd be comfortable holding off until there are compelling first party titles like the next Naughty Dog or 343 Studios title.

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I've always been a huge nintendo fan, but really I find the Wii U absolutly unapealing ( and I liked the Wii ).

I think I'll skip this game console generation entirely ... some experts say that it might be the last one, who knows ?

I kickstarted the Ouya though ... I'll see to that one

Posted by AlexW00d

As an aside PC only gamers are gonna be pissed when they don't get games for the first few years.

For me personally, the big name multiplatform games aren't what I am interested in, as they're generally overhyped and not particularly great, so less of those for the first year or so of this next console cycle is A-OK with me.

Posted by Grimluck343

I only play consoles for the exclusives and PC for everything else. Worked out well last gen.

Posted by PillClinton

But what if I like zany design? Seriously, though, I'm looking forward to it, even if it's just because multiplat PC games won't be held back anymore. And all the craziness around new console year E3s is fuckin' awesome and stupid and crazy.

Posted by McGhee

I imagine you smugly standing with arms folded as I read this.

Posted by Fredchuckdave

There is pretty much no reason to buy a console at launch unless you have money pouring out of your ass or a game like Super Mario 64 comes out (not going to happen), wait a few years (or several years as was the case this generation) until there's actually a few decent games for it; always.

Posted by Poppduder

So, your thought process is that since all you want to do is play GAMES you refuse to get dedicated GAMING platforms?

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I agree with your sentiment duder ..... but if a game that blows me away get realeased then I may cave in , but fortunately there is non at the moment (and the ones that are coming will be for the current systems , yeah I dont believe next gen consoles will come out this year)

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I am kinda in the same boat now. I am busy with school and/or work so much that I don't play very many games and have a huge back catalog of games that I can play, though in that case it is mostly PC games. I was contemplating a new console or a new CPU and whatnot for my PC but I have so much old stuff that I wouldn't need that for that I don't see the point. So instead I am just gonna get a new, far more powerful Mac laptop since I use my current Mac more than everything else I own tech-related combined (As in like 7-8 hours a day minimum. 4 hours of notes at school, averaging at about 4000 words a day, and usually going through readings and programming all afternoon and evening with my lappy hooked up to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard). It is very likely that I will probably just switch fully to Mac and install Windows on my computer for games since the newer 15" Macs can run most new games very well.

Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG

Consoles will raise the standard for PC games because......

Nvm, why am I taking this seriously

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I don't know, I am undecided. I don't mind all of the media features being built in even if I already have my laptop hooked up to my TV for XBMC. Yes, I just want the console to play games, but even if all the other stuff comes with it, well that's just something we are going to have to deal with if we decide to get the console.

I am a PC gamer first and foremost, but I do like console games from time to time and I may be the minority, but I love what Microsoft has done with the 360 and all of the features. I don't mind those being included into the next one. Consoles have slowly been growing into media systems since they could start playing CDs. Later it was DVDs, then Blu-Rays and HD-DVDs. Once streaming media became a thing, it was the thing that sealed consoles as a full fledged media device.

As for them building in features like Kinect, well why why not? It just makes sense. They can't abandon it because there are people that like it. My wife loves all the stupid dance games. Why not build it in when they already have all the hardware, probably super cheap to make now and it gets it into a lot more homes than a stand alone piece of hardware? You have to remember that it is a console that will have a lifespan of about 7-10 years; they have to think about the future now. We may not want some of these features this instant, but for a lot of people it will look great and in a few years may make a lot more sense.

Posted by zudthespud

I just don't know what the in feature will be for the new consoles. It might be something PC's can't do, but if it's not I can't see myself caring that much.

Posted by benstewart84

So, your thought process is that since all you want to do is play GAMES you refuse to get dedicated GAMING platforms?

I believe for the very first time, this generation of consoles will be advertised as all in one set top boxes. not just games machines.

movies. music. apps. facebook etc etc etc.

games will obviously be there... I just dont think there is going to be anything that is going to interest me anymore than what is currently out.

maybe it's my lifestyle right now too. I had more fun playing DONT STARVE for the 30mins I tried it then the whole of dishonoured.

Posted by RioStarwind

Until PC manages to get a lot of the 1st party stuff from the main console makers I'll still be picking up the ones that have games that I want to play at some point. All the 3rd party games and indie stuff will still be mainly on PC since I can get it cheap. Anyway sounds like you just don't have as much time to play everything as you once did so might as well play all the games you want before heading into a new platform.

Posted by jimmyfenix

Future consoles will always sell, i dont see a parent forking out a shit ton of money for a pc which will probably need upgrading while they can get a console then dont need to worry about anything else

Posted by Irishdoom

I may buy one at launch, but only because it would be the first time I've done so in awhile. I think the last one I bought at launch was the Dreamcast. Of course, based on how that turned out, maybe I SHOULDN'T buy one at launch. :)

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@jdillinger said:

As an aside PC only gamers are gonna be pissed when they don't get games for the first few years.

That didn't happen this generation and it probably won't next.

and developers would be silly to snub the PC when the first few years of the next consoles will probably have an incredibly small install base.

As for me I won't get a new console because I'll be shipping off to Japan next year so I literally can't buy one. The voltages are different, if I get one it will be on my return but even then I may just stick to PC if the console exclusives are still as weak as they have been this gen. I can't think of any console exclusive games I couldn't have gone without, well, except Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Posted by Caustic_Fox

I will personally be sticking to the PC platform. To anyone anticipating to buy a launch system in the future... just be aware that you will be buying a prototype-esc system. Remember that little RRoD/YLoD fiasco last generation? And look how well that turned out, both consoles (PS3/xbox) got a hardware revision just so they would stop shitting themselves every few years.

With that said, happy gaming.

Posted by Tarsier

@benstewart84: i for one am stoked on new consoles, stoked, and hopeful. but wary. they could completely destroy my interest in the next generation. i have no interest in playing games with mouse and keyboard, i like to be able to sit back and get into a game with a controller and have an immersive experience with rumble and the ability to just prss the buttons and control my guy without considering the device im using to control the game.. if the next generation of consoles forces me to piss around with gimmicks like the wii, and the wii u, and the move, and the kinect do, im saying fuck it to gaming. i did not sign up for that crap.

on the other hand, im excited for the next level of visuals and technology. i hope they go hard in the realms of new AI systems, physics, and other things that were impossible with this generation. people always say 'tehres not much more you can do to have a noticeable improvement' but there is. games of this generation spent a lot of their power making the visuals look really nice. in the next generation, i hope there is so much power available to people that they can focus on all sorts of things to bring new experiences to people. new ways to interact with game worlds (inside the games). and higher quality experiences beyond just the visuals. also i hope true artists like the people at thatgamecompany, and jonathan blow, and the people at ACE team, and the people who made ilomilo, get funding to make next generation games with reasonably substantial budgets. these are the kinds of people who can bring gaming to the next level . not EA, and not activision.

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I'm pretty sure you underestimate the appeal of the next generation of software. Some of which will be console exclusives. Sure - lots will come out on PC too, though you'll quite certainly will have to substantially upgrade your PC, even if the tech within theoretically outperforms the next generation of consoles already.

Anyways - I'm expecting quite a leap forward games-wise, especially when it comes to scope and scale and quality of simulation (AI, Physics, Density of Simulation). I think your viewpoint is too cynical, and not entirely factual, once you are faced with the reality of the next generation of software.

You will want to play the new shit over the old. Badly.

Posted by FancySoapsMan


Posted by Kazona

I'll buy a new console eventually, but for now I'm just intrigued to see whether they do more with the new hardware than just making prettier graphics.

Posted by zenmastah

I have no desire to buy any of the new consoles either, im quite happy as a PC gamer and will be in the future also.

None of the console exclusive games this generation have been so good imo that id buy a console just for that series.

Posted by JDillinger
Posted by SomeDeliCook

I'm interested in the exclusives and that is all. I won't be picking up a new console for 400+ bucks but I'll still like to see videos of what new 'next-gen' games are

Posted by Alexander

@benstewart84 The current consoles are holding gaming back in general when it comes to the largest titles, they need to come out for the sake of all gamers.

My 360 downstairs serves as a media device and a gaming machine for when friends are over, there's no local 4-player with my PC, there are certain things a console is better at. On release they're going to wipe the floor with most people's gaming rigs (from a visual standpoint), most likely including yours, the balance will be restored for a while.

I'll personally stick with the PC until the next gen console prices come down, but you're making a mistake disregarding them.

Posted by John1912

What are with these topics. Well for one enjoy never buying a new console as apparently you will never want to own a new one. I dont get this thing of apparently games have hit this wall, and there is nothing left to do to improve mentality.

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@sooty: Yes it did.

If you say so. I remember nothing of the sort, utter hyperbole.

Posted by Colourful_Hippie

I have no desire to buy any of the new consoles either, im quite happy as a PC gamer and will be in the future also.

Posted by mikey87144

I think you PC gamers are missing out on an important point. With new consoles comes a rise in tech innovations in all facets of video games, (visuals A.I., scripting, etc.) so PC users should start seeing the same benefita that new console buyers are, just at a smaller level.

Posted by Fattony12000


I'll pick one up in 2/3 years probably. Just like an sane person.

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im going to make wild assumptions and declare my purchase plans of things that haven't even been announced or revealed yet! on the internet no less! someone take me seriously....

Posted by SpudBug

I'm not really interested right now, but that could change once I have literally any information about them.

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

Red Dead Redemption 2 on high end consoles, Hell Yeah!

I love console gaming the first 4 or so years of each console, up until the point where the tech holds back the games. Look at games like Bioshock, GTA IV, Fallout 3, Burnout Paradise, Red Dead Redemption, Mirrors Edge, Dead Space. All fantastic games that couldn't of been done of previous consoles, so who knows what kind of awesome games will come out of the next generation.

Posted by Blu3V3nom07

Imagine a next-gen wii u, I'm pretty excited now.

Posted by pyrodactyl

Congratulation on being old, I guess?

There is nothing wrong with you, not buying the new console but they need to come out sooner rather than later. Interest in the medium is very low at the moment and great games are selling like shit. If young people with more time on their hands don't buy these new toys in mass we might be looking at some depressing years for gaming and you wouldn't like that, even if you aren't interested in the PS4 or 720