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Posted by paulosaurus


I'm a freshman in college, and I totally watched this sort of thing in elementary school and middle school. Yes, we watched film reels in the early-to-mid 2000s.

Posted by ICF_19XX


@orbitz89 said:

Huh.. I didn't know VHS was around in the late 70's.

I don't know. To me it had more of a filmstrip quality to it.

Posted by Qlanth

Eh. I like the style of this but the content does absolutely nothing for me.

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This alternate time line stuff is neat. I hope some kind of historical site pops up.

This blows my "it is all VR" theory about the game.

Posted by Mr_JPeps

The aesthetic of these videos is great,

I normally hate trailers!

Posted by MSUSteve

Alex Navarro is so jaded and cool that his idea of a compliment is saying that he's not bored with something.

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Reminds me of Leonard Nimoy's narration in the "In Search Of..." series.

Nice official hype videos! I hope there are more.

I think that's specifically what they're going for. The narrator sounds really Nimoyesque..

Posted by Tesla

I like this trailer because I can ignore my Bioshock media blackout and watch it. It adds to the fiction without showing sections of a game I know I'm going to buy. Great execution on a fantastic concept too.

Posted by Sonny009

I love this type of stuff. this trailer is awesome.

Posted by oldskooldeano

After watching the Bungie 'Destiny' circle jerk hype-train, this has washed the taste of hubris and arrogance from my mouth. Thank you Irrational!

Posted by Jechtshot78

I love these. I hope there are more.

Posted by mattgriffin

I love these videos. The music, visual style, audio artifacts. They're perfect.

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Not saying it was Songbird.

But it is Songbird.

Edited by courage_wolf

So these videos have me wondering in a world where the floating City of Colombia was launched in 1901 and is a semi mythical city in the 1980s, what does the world of 2013 look like?

Posted by Evilsbane

Sooo fucking cool.

Posted by Dethfish

Man, I love these videos. That audio popping is amazing.

Posted by Enigma777


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Posted by EverydayOdyssey

These are pretty cool videos. I love the soundtrack - and the popping on the audio.

Posted by umdesch4

Reminds me of Look Around You. I love this kind of stuff...

Posted by ptys

This trailer is so good, I kinda get the vibe they're going for. Sold

Posted by KelpPlankton

I'd really love to see a full-length faux documentary thing done in this style about Columbia. It'd be great. Never gonna happen, but ohhhh it'd be good.

Posted by probablytuna

Loving these faux-80s documentaries.

Posted by falconpunch

wow, its just like those videos we used to watch in science class, except for it being about things I care about

Posted by GaspoweR

Man, if you haven't been keeping with too much coverage of the game these videos really do well to setting up the story without giving too much away.

Posted by CaptRocketblaze

This is the best kind of marketing.

Posted by endoworks

This is marketing done right, couldn't do a better job of keeping me excited for this game!

Edited by Anim8td_fan

Very cool video. I can't wait for this to come out.

Posted by McNaastyy

Looks fucking Rad

Posted by SpicyRichter

more film strip than vhs...

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Takes me back to junior high film strips!


"Ewww, he's picking his nose!"


Posted by Forderz

@branthog: Don't worry, duder. At least up in Canada, we never replaced those old NOVA documentaries from the late 70s/early 80s.

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Posted by kist

cool trailer, reminds me of the great story telling of the first Bioshock game

Edited by coakroach

Good stuff.

Posted by x0mb13

Man these are awesome! I'm leaving to go pre-order this game right now. My excitement for this game died along time ago considering it was announced like 30 months previous. These two trailers have completely rekindled my interest in the game. Hope they release a few more.

Posted by Zeik

@branthog said:

What I find funny about these trailers is that I suspect more than half of the population watching them don't comprehend the appeal, as they've never sat through a grainy, slightly out of sync, tinny-voiced, stiffly narrated film reel in school like you had to in the 70s and 80s.

Oh god. So old. So. Old.

That wasn't just in the 70's and 80's. They were still using stuff like that when I was school in the 90's.

Posted by NTM

Oh, so Elizabeth is the chosen one? That's exactly the type of story hook this game needed.

Oh, but here's the twist... It's not the main protagonist! :O Whoa.

Edited by Parsnip

These are pretty cool.

Posted by xXHesekielXx

Looks dope!

Posted by cactusspines

Reminds me of Leonard Nimoy's narration in the "In Search Of..." series.

Nice official hype videos! I hope there are more.

Edited by mdnthrvst

Too bad we know the crux of the entire plot just from the little they've shown.

>Columbia creates time-traveling wizard child because reasons

>DeWitt's employer is the secret bad guy who knows about and wants to abuse her power and Booker eventually realizes this and has to stop him

The whole horse-resuscitation thing gave the entire story away. That and the people on Booker's boat speaking cryptically probably means that Booker is involved in some existential way with Columbia a la Jack. Really, all that's left is soaking up Columbia and figuring out the origin of Elizabeth's whole time-traveling thing.

Also, fifty bucks that the Songbird doesn't stay antagonistic and when Elizabeth gets endangered by Booker's boss at the end he swoops in to help out.

Edited by Box3ru13

Goddamnit I am getting so hyped about Bioshock Infinite that I'm afraid I'm going to Dark Knight myself and get so excited that literally nothing will live up to expectations.

But the subject matter and social issues that I've heard this game touches on makes it near impossible for me not to be so anxious.

I want like 5 more of these before the game's release, so good, so good.

Posted by DjDonFrancisco

These are the ONLY Bioshock Infinite videos that i'll be watching pre-release. Well done!

Posted by Hugh_Jazz

Oh, so Elizabeth is the chosen one? That's exactly the type of story hook this game needed.

Posted by BlatantNinja23

wow, that video was pretty amazing

Posted by JEC03

Wish I could like the Bioshock series but I got to give them credit these old school trailers are pretty cool.

Posted by Agent47

@exiledvip3r: Don't be silly,they are obviously talking about Andrew Ryan as a child before he built Rapture, duhhh.

Edited by RobotHamster

I think this video may have sold me on a day one buy.

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