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Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Metal Gear Rising: Fruit Ninja Edition

Posted by HerbieBug

I like this 30 dollars worth. Will pick up then.

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I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this problem but the video artifacts make the video look like dog shit. I don't know if it is watchable for premium users but I'm going to go watch it on youtube. Bye

Posted by Matoyak

@leem101 said:

is it me or did kojima do some sick thing were he made his team apologize for the apparent mess that was this game before platinum picked it up, you know rather than him taking responsibility

Was pretty certain he didn't actually do anything on this game, and that it was the whole "let a new director work on it" one. And apparently it didn't work out, hence the eventual outsourcing. Not saying Kojima's like a nice dude or a bad dude or anything (I don't know much about him), just that he likely wouldn't have much to apologize for as it wasn't his project.

Posted by HerbieBug

@das9000 said:

I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this problem but the video artifacts make the video look like dog shit. I don't know if it is watchable for premium users but I'm going to go watch it on youtube. Bye

It's the variable bitrate on the streaming video. There is apparently no option to choose your video quality with streaming option, so it jumps around to various bitrates as the connection strength changes. Which is shitty and a step back from the old player.

Fortunately you can solve this issue by switching to progressive and selecting the desired video quality.

Posted by marbleCmoney

Wow, this game actually looks really cool. I think I'll have to check it out.

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daddy got this from gamefly today in the mail...

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Posted by shinluis

More impressive than the very very nice 4 star rating is Jeff's dope ass gameplay of this. Never seen anyone in GB playing a game this good. Ever. JEFF YOU DID GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Holy shit you just get left arms in this game?

Why didn't anybody say that before? *runs to the store*

Posted by Nephrahim

I'm not super mad or anything, but odd choice to just say what happened at the end of MGS4 in the beginning of the video. I never had a PS3 so I never got to finish it.

Posted by Sessh

Man, I really need to play this. But first there's still DMC.

Posted by needforswede

I think I'm near the end of the game, and if so, one of my few complaints would be that it is too short. And that's a big complaint actually, my biggest problem with games from recent years is that it takes no time at all to beat most of them. Maybe time goes by more quickly as you get older, as I remember it taking forever to beat something like Super Metroid (but wait...even though I beat Metroid like once a year, and know where everything is, I feel like it still at least takes a good weekend to beat, if you obsessively hunt down every item like I do).

It would be more excusable if there weren't examples of recent action games that seem at least twice as long. The new Devil May Cry is of the same genre and I was constantly surprised by how many times I thought the story was about to end, only to realize its scope was much larger than I originally thought. Even more shocking was how I felt the need to replay it immediately on a harder difficulty.

I can't talk much about MGR's length before I beat it, although I feel it's definitely about to wrap up and I really don't want it to, which is in a way a mark of success in terms of gameplay. If it wasn't so satisfying I probably wouldn't have nearly finished it in one sitting. Regardless of length, I rarely get addicted enough to beat games that quickly.

Also, I'd been looking forward to this game since it was announced in, like, 2008. I didn't think it was ever going to come out, but my hopes were so high I feel like I was setting myself up for inevitable disappointment. But MGR is certainly no disappointment. It's true enough to the series to feel like a worthy entry alongside some of the greatest games ever made, and enough of a departure from the established formula to be a refreshing change of pace.

Plus I've always thought Raiden was an interesting character, while most hated him from the get go, and many still hate him. Pretty much androgynous, seemingly harmless and inexperienced until we realized "wow, what a badass!" After seeing Raiden in action in MGS4, it's hard to imagine a game starring him in his cyborg ninja form playing any differently from how MGR turned out.

I also like how they've drawn parallels between Raiden and his nemesis Vamp from previous games without even mentioning his name. Raiden looks malnourished to be honest, more pale, nearly invincible, with an almost insatiable bloodlust, constantly ending his foe's lives to replenish his own health, and his past, his "true nature" being undeniable as a curse, but an occasional blessing depending on how you look at it.

Now I feel like I should have just written a review instead of a comment that is just a big wall of text. But overall, great game. Luckily I'm not disappointed thus far.

Posted by probablytuna

This game looks batshit crazy. Exactly the reason why I love the Metal Gear series. I'll probably pick it up when it's on sale.

Posted by Lurkero

@hanskisaragi: I'll take a short, fun game over a long, bad game any day.

I would do the same, but that is not factoring in how much I am willing to pay. If the cost is too much I take neither. I might enjoy MGR, but I am not justifying paying full price for it.

Posted by Praise_the_sun

This game is so goddamned good

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Don't forget, Revengeance is the dumbest name of anything ever.

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Jeff wasn't lying about the final boss. It's insane, even by Metal Gear standards.

Posted by mrpibb

yup yup

Posted by NickFerg

About eight minutes in Raiden fights the Black Knight from Monty Python.

Posted by durden77

Holy shit he wasn't kidding about that final boss.

Game was greattttttt. It may have been a little short but ear to ear all the way.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

I don't care for what they did to Raiden in MGS4, and here they kind of make him even more shallow, but it looks interesting and fun in a world where there hasn't been a great MGS game since Peace Walker.

Posted by BoOzak

@kerse said:

Should I have played MGS4 before this? And for that matter MGS3? I loved 1 and 2 but fell off the wagon after that for some reason, I have 4, but haven't started it yet.

I played through MGS4 again recently to fuel the hype for Rising and yes, if you care at all about the MGS universe you should play 4. (unless you're the type who still takes it seriously) Although dont expect Rising to add anything meaningful to the story.

Posted by babyeater3000
Posted by jdh5153

This game looks blocky as hell...Like Dreamcast graphics....

Posted by Huey2k2

As someone who has never understood the appeal of MGS in any way, listening to Brad and Jeff talk about MGS "lore" is confusing and just further solidifies my belief that MGS is not for me.

That said this game does look pretty cool, not as cool as Bayonetta, but I imagine to someone who loves MGS this is probably pretty awesome.

Posted by Error1355

@jdh5153: Are you looking at the same game as me? >_>

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@dan_citi said:

I don't care for what they did to Raiden in MGS4, and here they kind of make him even more shallow, but it looks interesting and fun in a world where there hasn't been a great MGS game since Peace Walker.

Wasn't Peace Walker the last MG game before this? This comment makes my brain hurt.

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If I wasn't all on the PC's jock right now, I might consider getting this. Also I would have to care about Metal Gear. Also I would have to have never ever played DmC since that game is clearly superior.

Posted by bmehlers

For those complaining about video quality, the HTML5 player in Chrome looks gorgeous. It's the best HD video player I've seen on the net. As for the game, it looks fucking awesome and can't wait to pick it up when I have some extra cash.

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God damn this game looks sick!

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@crushed said:

Just worth noting that Jeff is slightly wrong about the difficulty settings. There's five, not four settings. "Normal" is actually the second easiest mode. Hard, Very Hard, and Revengeance difficulties are where the game becomes way more difficult, changes up enemy attacks, placements, and patterns, and punishes the sort of button mashing Jeff was talking about. Reviews and impressions from people who started on Hard mode said that it took them 7-10 hours to beat the game, not 4 hours.

I'd like to add that this game is not easy. It's actually very hard.

I'm well versed in games like this and I started playing on Hard. For me, this is a harder game than any of the DMC games. In fact, the only game that is harder than this one for me is NGII.

That said, at least right now - I'm not enjoying it that much. It's not the kind of difficult game where it being difficult is fun. Getting stunned in the game is absolutely terrible. You have to wiggle the stick back and forth to snap out of it, while you are getting stunned all the time. It's a fast paced game, so trying to break free often doesn't even work (because you're too late).

Of course you can say: 'yeah, well, don't get stunned then'. That's no excuse for poor design. If you want to enforce a penalty for what you consider poor performance, than deduct a large amount of health or get a free shot in. Hell, one-hit kill for all I care.

There is nothing I hate more than being stunned. Taking control away in the mid of battle is not good use of penalties. I hate it when games do it. I think it's poor design. If I lose control of the game I'm playing it should be with good reason. Like narrative. Not a penalty for getting hit.

Anyway, the fidelity of everything is pretty awesome. I'll try to get better at the game, but unless I get so good I will be able to avoid every single stun-attack (which seems impossible), I think there are better combat systems out there.

For funs, I'll post another comment once I beat the game. See if I changed my mind.

Posted by AlexGBRO

good job platinum games good job

Posted by LunaCantabile

I don't get why it was so hard for eveyrone to understand that the timer only showed the time you spent in ranked/graded battles.