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Posted by posh

this was a 4-star game the day it was announced. that's good enough for me to buy it

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Posted by cannedstingray

what about the Crysis QL and review??

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might get this game

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There isn't even a quest for being the first comment any more!

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Posted by TepidShark

Played the demo it looked cool, curious how the final game turns out.

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Posted by GiantAdenoid

Still not a word

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Hoping this game turns out to be as good as Bayonetta, not sure if Kojima will let it embrace the same level of stupid and absurdity that Bayonetta did with its characters, and just how ridiculous everything was. Really though as long as the gameplay is as good as Bayonetta, thats really what matters for me.

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Posted by UltimAXE


I'll watch this after I put some time in with the game later today. Been hyped for this game since the Platinum reveal two years ago and want to go in fresh.

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Posted by PDXSonic

A four hour game? Maybe I'll wait for a price drop.

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This is not what I want in a Metal Gear game, Solid or no.

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Posted by evanbower

So it's a Raiden Gaiden. Got it!

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Posted by casper_

this looks like some hot japanese nonsense but whatever im down

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Shit, I still need to play 4.

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Posted by CastroCasper

Yo, Denver represent!

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4 hours is the average action game ? When did we start removing an hour for every year that goes ?

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Posted by mlarrabee

I've come to terms with the fact that I will never understand the minds behind Japanese game design.

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I have this on the way from gamefly for 360. Looks like they are playing the PS3 version and I cant tell if the choppy frame rate is the game or the new site's dodgy video player. Will probably download the video to see.

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Posted by vaiz

Is it just my internets, or is the compression on this video fucking horrible? Artifacting all over the damn place.

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basically, as fucking awesome as Vanquish was, is going to be this game in a nutshell.

srsly, bitches don't know what they'd be missin'

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Posted by Ke0

Must.resist.urge to buy!

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Posted by ch3burashka

Metal Gear Rising Gaiden? More like Metal Gear Rising RAIDEN! High-five!


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Posted by Scarabus

Patrick is not there to hate on Metal gear. Good.

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Posted by Subjugation

I remember when we would scoff at an eight hour campaign. Now we accept a four hour campaign without complaint? I don't think so.

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Posted by Trilogy

Guess there was an embargo. Oh well, late night content before bed gooooo!

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Posted by DeviTiffany

This looks like the Nightmare sequence from Metal Gear Solid 3 made into a full game. Awesome.

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Posted by MachoFantastico

Don't care if it's short, I'm totally onboard. Enjoyed the demo and this continues to look great.

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Game looks fun as heck.

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Posted by Humanity

Looks fun but shallow as hell. Those environments also not really doing anything for me.

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Posted by Nycalexdunk

I remember when we would scoff at an eight hour campaign. Now we accept a four hour campaign without complaint? I don't think so.

I feel ya. and yet how ever I find it increasingly difficult to finish games... instead i play tons of multiplayer.

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Let there be watermelons!

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Posted by warmonked

He's wearing heels O_o

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Posted by Gerhabio

Excited to play this! The demo was real fun so I decided to rent this a while back.

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The way this game keeps track of total play time is really weird, but also kind of refreshing. For once a game tells it to you straight and your time played really is time played.

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Posted by TzarStefan

Goddamn next gen now!!! looking at this game hurts my eyes

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Posted by TepidShark

Quinton Flynn is a pretty good voice actor but kind of sounds the same in most of his video game roles. His cartoon work is a little better (His roles on My Life as a Teenage Robot spring to mind as an example.)

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Posted by CharlieBoom

Slashing things looks kinda fun, but Tiny and Big already scratched that 'slashing things' itch for me.

The speed at which enemies are removed from the world really kills the fun for me. It's like playing my aus version of L4D2, where the quick disappearance of felled enemies removes that feeling of achievement and progression.

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This must be the railroad!!!

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Posted by golguin

This is what I want in my character action games. Crazy moves. Crazy weapons. Crazy boss fights. It's all crazy.

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when is this come out for pc?

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Posted by Eaxis

Looks great. Swamped with games atm so will pick it up later. Played through MGS2 recently and started MGS3 so i'm still catching up on MGS.