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Thanks Patrick! Love this part of the week!

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Hell yes! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Septerra Core is a better game than Final Fantasy 7.

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Thanks Mr. Klepek

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Cyborg patrick fights for the GOOD of mankind.

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Get well soon, Mr. Klepek. Always love the Worth Reading articles!

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The Kotaku story about the Virtual Console games losses is saddening. It's too bad that companies can't get their act together, I hope this is NOT a sign of things to come with the all digital future.

What I thought was scary was all the comments defending Nintendo and how the guy was an idiot by returning it to the store he purchased his Wii U from. Blows my mind that Nintendo is innovative enough to create really neat, and somewhat gimicky, hardware, but they're completely backwards on how the internet works.

@pr1mus said:

That bolded text on Chrome looks hideous.

Glad I wasn't the only one that could barely read that tweet quote. It's pretty gnarly.

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That bolded text on Chrome looks hideous.

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No, you're not, dammit! I enjoyed Septerra Core too! I loved it to bits. I just wish I could get that game to work on my Windows 7 PC, though. Feels like I've tried everything.

I'm in the same boat. I tried to reinstall it about a year ago to show my GF, and couldn't get it to run properly. I loved that game way back in the day. Have no idea if it still holds up or not, but I'd like to revisit it for nostalgic reasons at least.

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The Kotaku story about the Virtual Console games losses is saddening. It's too bad that companies can't get their act together, I hope this is NOT a sign of things to come with the all digital future.

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So I downloaded and played "The Plan". I held W for a few minutes, and was done. Whoop.

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Septerra Core was fantastic. It still hold's up somewhat.

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The Longest Journey is well worth getting into!

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Another great worth reading.

Get well soon Patrick!

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Septerra Core was fantastic although I never did finish it

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Hope you feel better soon Patrick. It is good to see that you are finding ways to work around the injury. NOTHING STOPS THE KLEPEK!

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Usually I'm not a fan of Worth Reading and only clicked on this one because it was a giant box on the front but I gotta say I think you've finally hit on something with this one Patrick. Specifically I'm referring to the increase in sub-section variety. Somehow you've changed it up enough and thrown in enough flavor text that this was really fun to scroll through. I think the few links per the variety of sub-sections works better than here's a long list of articles.

Related to that, I totally went hmmmmm after reading that tweet. Like I said, you may be into something here. Of course this is relative to my opinion of this feature ordinarily, so interpret this how you will.

Oh, before I forget, stick in there man. You don't realize how many muscles you use without realizing (had a sling after a shoulder dislocation.)

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Am I the only person in the world who enjoyed Septerra Core?

Hell no. I love that game. I keep meaning to go back to it for a replay, but it always slips my mind. But when it was new, it was pretty amazing to see that style of game come from a Western developer.

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Hey Patrick. Thanks for putting this up, despite the pain you're in.

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Septerra Core was great fun, never got around to finishing it though.

Lost count of the amount of times I heard "I have no knowledge of such things." I took ownership of that phrase and say it often!

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I bought Septerra Core at Wal-Mart some years back, in a double-pack with SHOGO:MAD. Liked it so much, I stole a character's name and have been using it for years.

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"You need a really good laugh when it's three in the morning and you can't get to sleep for the second night in a row because your arm is screaming in fiery pain. Too bad laughter feels like a knife jabbing me over and over."

Yeah man, when I broke both bones in my lower leg every time I fell asleep I was quickly awoken by severe pain caused by muscle spasms. Apparently the spasms are normal when sleeping/dreaming, but two badly broken bones has the effect of someone squeezing your tender parts.

Bad stuff, but look at the bright side, it will only get better. :)

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The bolded text is really difficult to read, especially the tweet.

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Feel better soon Patrick.

I CAN argue about The 7th Guest being on Steam. I already own and have played it. Yes, I'm a selfish and horrible monster.

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The Longest Journey totally holds up. One of the best stories in gaming, and really great voice acting. Be prepared to have a walkthrough handy though because, like others have said, some of the puzzles do require crazy leaps of logic.

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So what kinda bionic collarbone did you get @patrickklepek? Laser beam? Some kinda healing module for the next time you ride your bike?

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I'm just so happy I get to play System Shock 2 again after all these years.

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Thank you for making me aware of the Continue magazine Kickstarter, Patrick. Many people here (and by that I mean non-UK peeps) will not recognise Paul Presley as one of the guys behind PC Zone. I read that magazine for years and in many respects it guided me through my gaming adolescence. It is great to see him working on this new project and taking a quick look through the three sample issues makes me think that it really is something that deserves to get funding.

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@patrickklepek you trooper! thanks for getting this up, broken-ass bones and all. Above and beyond the call of duty. I was rifling through greenlight just this morning in the anticipated absence of Worth Reading, (gotta spend that coffee time somehow right?) as soon as I saw The Plan, I knew we'd hear about it from Scoops sometime soon. I figured that would be days however, rather than minutes!

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Wow that LBP2 version of Hexagon was amazing!

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That EGM review for Aliens is a complete crock of shit. I've never been one to jump on the "this guy is getting paid off" train, but something is wrong about it. It reads like the guy has never even played the game.

Get well soon Klepek!

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Fire emblem spoilercast would be cool! In general just a long discussion on all of your tactics and strategies, characters, builds, all that shit really. It's fun to hear how others play games as customisable and strategy dependant as Fire Emblem or X-Com etc. Good luck with the cybernetics implants Scoop-o-tron 2084!

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A data-driven analysis of the response to a female voice in a multiplayer video game.

Oh god that sounds like its going to be a real bummer article.

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Quantity over quality

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Nothing stops Tricky!

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I've owned Septerra Core for many years but have never played it. I found a Septerra Core/Shogo bundle at the dollar store one day and bought it just for the hell of it. I'm fairly certain I still have both of those games. Maybe I'll have to dig em out one day soon.

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@patrickklepek The Longest Journey absolutely holds up, I only started playing it last year (before I knew a sequel might come out). It's incredibly progressive in its time for sexuality (you have lesbian landlords and there's barely any drama about it), deals with sexism, and one of the best female protagonists in games. April Ryan is the best female character I've come across, displaying her hopes/fears/insecurities/mundane life through sarcastic wit. Not to mention it's easily the most epic adventure game ever, traversing from a cyberpunk real world to a magical fantasy world with tons of cool lore and variety in locations. Check it out for the characters, and have a guide on hand if you get stuck because the characters, world building, and story are absolutely worth experiencing.

Gorgeous game even in a low resolution because of the pre-rendered backgrounds.

Also, it predicted Twitter back in 1999:

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I hate that people jump on the grave of living consoles long before they're even near dead. They did the same thing to the 3DS and now the WiiU. They did it to the Vita too when it launched.

Though.. it's kinda funny how little of this I see for the Vita NOW considering it still has a dire lack of good non-port games. That said, I'm still happy with my purchase of the portable Persona 4/Disgaea 3 machine.

It's branded as prediction, but is phrased in the present, giving off that "self-fulfilling prophecy" deal.

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You and Dave should definitely get together to talk more Fire Emblem. It's my first time playing a game in the series and I really think it's incredible. Maybe you two can dig back into the older games as Encyclopedia Bombastica entries.

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Thanks for linking Greg Zeschuk's beer diary vid. Even if they're unrelated to games, I'm more interested in these than anything EA or Bioware have in development. It was a little dry but there's some cool info in there. I'd love to try a bottle of Thrash Metal Ale or Black Metal Stout just for the great label art alone.

Might even send a link to my local import business and see what they think of distributing some of the beers covered in the vids.