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Posted by Minifig

The more and more I hear about this, the more and more I wonder if this is what Blizzard is working on with Bungie, and is Titan.

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I guess my level of enjoyment depends on if you need to know the people you play with. If it's like Journey and it doesn't really matter who you play with then I might be interested. But if it's a game that's best when you play with friends then it's not for me.

I simply don't know enough people that are interested enough in playing videogames for that too be fun. If I had more friends that were into games then that might be really cool, but unfortunately I don't.

I wonder if the game will feature actual songs with lyrics now that Paul McCartney is attached to the project?

Posted by Alekss

the sound issues in this video are maddening

Posted by Jedted

When they say "working on it for a decade" does that mean the game won't be out within the next ten years or is that the planned lifespan of the game?

Posted by ripelivejam

i am frightened a/o aroused :\

Posted by Nanne

I wonder why they hate PC so much.

Posted by zenmastah

Also the audio is skipping and its FUCKING ANNOYING!

Posted by Davvyk

Yeah, im in.

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I understand the second and third episodes in this trilogy will be called Cinnamon and Fantasia.

Posted by therealminime

Man I hope the Sony meeting on Wednesday isn't this vague. Great video Jeff, more info than Bungie's video.

Posted by RedRavN

This game seems cool and different with a great sci-fi setup. However, I'm not to into the multiplayer focus and focus on "dungeons" and other MMO concepts. With dungeons and loot comes grinding and probable micro transactions. I would much rather have a more narrative focus and a single player story with optional co-op. Thats just my opinion and I think this game should be able to find an audience. Also, activision would have to be insane to not port this to PC.

Posted by evanomeara

underpants club

Posted by pandastrong

I tried to pre-order at Bungie.net for their 'special content'. They blocked my ISP. Good start Bungie. I'm off the bandwagon. It looks like Rage/Halo/Sphere integrated with bullshit social media. Ambitious? Yes. Moneygrubbing? Yes. Generic? Absolutely

It's so generic I couldn't wait to pre-order it!!!

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dude-bro guild wars?

sounds like it to me.

Posted by Reisz

This sounds a lot like the early Halo talk, from back when it was a Mac exclusive. Interesting that they never really got away from wanting to make that game, I am glad that their tastes have matured though, I could never really get behind the big green space marine with the motorcycle helmet. The art looks fantastic, seems a very peculiar choice not to develop for PC though.

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take a look at 9:40 - 9:50, your mic is cutting out.

this game sounds kind of like a mix of borderlands and diablo, i'll take that.

Posted by ucankurbaga

This looks boring lol, there is barely any gameplay. I still don't understand what it is about.

PS: yayyy Jeff got new mic.

Posted by shadow961

@adoggz said:

man the audio

yeah =/

thought they were editing out stuff that cant be said at first

Posted by HansKaosu

This new IP sounds pretty awesome.

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This thing being PS360 is really weird. Sounds like a consummate PC game.

And it will be weird if it goes current gen and next gen combined.

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man the audio

Posted by Robopengy

Dat cow lick

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Oh man, this sounds cool.

Posted by Andorski

No PC version... sigh.

Posted by zenmastah

10 years is a long ass time, Bungie is really gambling on this.

Posted by LiquidSwords

Yesterday was Scoops article and now Jeff's video for a Sunday morning!

Posted by Jedted

Sounds a lot like an MMOFPS. Hopefully they'll reveal something later on to differentiate it from other games in the genre.

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Nothin' shady about a grown man spittin' knowledge at me through the internet.

Posted by RudeCubes

So Bungie made a

  • First-Person Shooter
  • Involving humans fighting against aliens
  • With a multiplayer focus

I'm sure the game will be neat but come on. Apparently there's weird rhino people on Mars you fight? Why can't I play as one of those? I WANNA BE A COOL RHINO DUDE

Posted by herdi3

So this essentially Dust 514 or Planetside?

Posted by casper_

sounds like they are using a lot rpg terms. i hope they flesh that out in character creation/ stats etc but i doubt it.

Posted by scaramoosh

Disappointing, can't say I'm hyped at all.

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I tried to pre-order at Bungie.net for their 'special content'. They blocked my ISP. Good start Bungie. I'm off the bandwagon. It looks like Rage/Halo/Sphere integrated with bullshit social media. Ambitious? Yes. Moneygrubbing? Yes. Generic? Absolutely

Posted by Pr1mus
@orexis97 said:


With an extra dose of crazy. I like it.

Posted by vespene_jazz

A first-person shooter with a (alleged) Dark Souls / Journey multiplayer structure seems interesting, I'm in.

Posted by MarekkPie

Is it just my computer or are there random audio cut outs?

Posted by pyrodactyl

ho, so it's an mmo fps. Yeah, the thing we've known for about a year. Now I understand why Jeff was kind of bummed out by the event

Posted by Sticky_Pennies

Sounds like Guild Wars 1 with guns.

Posted by Sil3n7

That activision exec looks pretty pumped to see a man in his underwear.

I don't blame him.

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that official 'vidoc' was pretty vague and self-aggrandizing. don't get me wrong, looks intriguing- but it's a sci-fi shooter with some pervasive mmo elements. then again, i'm not a big fan of halo, so whatdoiknow about bungie.

Posted by Eristocrat

Too much clothing!

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This is sounding an awful lot like a first-person MMO that they're trying as hard as possible to not be labeled as MMO.

Posted by ZmillA

Jeff's hair could use another 9 months in preproduction. The light clipping can be ironed out before launch

Posted by deano546

Holy crap at Jeff's hair.

Posted by BeardStrokingBullshit

Wish they would have been more forward with the info, but whatever. Bungie rarely disappoints.

Posted by csl316

AGMIHUTYA... is my favorite new GB feature.

Doesn't quite roll off the tongue like TANG or RPG or LOLS but what can you do.

Posted by Orexis97


Posted by Phatmac


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Man i love Halo, but this does nothing for me.

A MMO that spans a WHOLE DECADE, oh wait WOW is that

since Bungie loves tracking stats

Posted by Bishna

Interested to hear what this is about, and who better to tell me than a grown man in his underwear.