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Posted by Fattony12000

I will work with you @zombiepie. You have my...sword...

Great fresh new blog stylings, by the way.

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Wait, what's that thing at the top? Was @mento pulling overtime on this?

Posted by MooseyMcMan

What are you doing promoting my blog when I pretty clearly badmouthed you for what you did to the Bombcast Watitng Room? CAN'T YOU HOLD A GRUDGE LIKE I DO?!

Posted by Captain_Tolerable

That was the first review I ever wrote and I'm super stoked it made the Community Spotlight. I really hope I can keep it up, definitely plan on writing more.

Checked everything on this Spotlight out, thanks for the handy list @zombiepie!

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Thanks for featuring my blog and extra thanks for putting these together every week, dude! You're our hero!

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Posted by Bollard

Nice write up! I am interested to see that Klepek Quest when I get home.

Posted by Mento

@buzz_clik: I tried, duder, but our blogs didn't make the cut in time.

Still, there's something about this week's Spotlight that makes me feel like I've been represented enough.

Posted by buzz_clik

@mento: Ha! You should make the header every week, mate.

Also (and I'm sure you probably know this already) I've just noticed that your latest entry is repeated a lot on your blog.

Posted by Mento

@buzz_clik: I think there's enough 'shop maestros around here, yourself included, that ZombiePie never has to rely on my dubious MS Paint wizardry to headline a Spotlight. I figure it's suitably lo-fi for a week where everything's broken, though.

Also yeah, that cloned blog business is mostly my bad. I wasn't sure if it had published or not (kept getting 500 errors) and didn't want to redo all that formatting, so I tried a few more times and they all simultaneously popped into existence a few hours later. Hopefully I'll be allowed to delete all the extra ones soon. Again, fitting for a blog about calamities.

Posted by ZombiePie
Posted by buzz_clik

@zombiepie: Heh, s'okay. I'll just have to console myself with my new powers that allow me to change page backgrounds. BRAD WAS RIGHT, I CAN'T STOP.

Posted by egg

Is it just me or the "This week's most recommended" button on the user lists page simply not work? It just sits there loading forever: "Transferring data from static.giantbomb.com..."

Posted by DaMisterChief

love the header art

Posted by probablytuna

Worth Reading: Community Edition. I like it.

Posted by Gamer_152
Posted by wumbo3000

I know this is really late, and the game is really old, but I wrote a review for Stacking. Thanks!

Posted by ZombiePie

The latest edition of the Community Spotlight is up here.