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Posted by Lyfeforce

Over the next ten years?


Posted by bassman2112

@gesi1223: I think you misinterpreted what he meant by "bigger." He meant in terms of scale, not sales.

Posted by Lazyaza

We're making something totally new and different!

*insert footage of first person shooter with sci-fi soldiers in space armor with guns*


Posted by AngelN7

If Mary's sweet music is there I'll be there!

Posted by Illyr

Is this narrator the same guy from Crack Down?

Posted by CaLe

I don't have time for persistent online multiplayer games. I'm interested in seeing how this all pans out, though. It does seem very ambitious.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

I'm in man. I could go for some more big blockbuster sci-fi in my games to fill the Mass Effect gap.

Posted by chose

Could be great, probably okay, but this whole video presentation is too much intellectual masturbation.

Posted by briansanderson

Music is fantastic for sure. Would have liked to have seen some gameplay though.

Posted by Rafaelfc

at least we got to see all the great concept art players will be unlocking in the game.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

Was always mystified by the adoration the Halo series got.

Equally mystified by the attention this is getting.

Posted by CitizenKane

Sounds like it could be really interesting. Color me excited.

Posted by Shaanyboi

...this seems a lot like Halo.

This voiceover is also fucking horrendous. This really does not inspire my interest... at all.

Posted by ArkHunter

I wonder if this could signal the new consoles will be out this Holiday? I would't think they would release on current ones if they couldn't get on both new and old hardware. Of course, pull a DVD/Blu-ray "uber extra mega special edition" and release on this gen and then an "enhanced version" on next gen to get two sales (they would hope).

Edited by kpaadet

From what have been shown so far it looks very generic and empty, also some of those developers might want to tone down the confidence a bit.

Edited by marbleCmoney

Not a ton to see in this video, but it's a sci-fi game from the guys who made Halo so I'm excited to see more.

Posted by BoFooQ

the parts that are suppose to look real seem terrible, I'm fine with sci-fi shooter. Its all the crap they try to put ontop of the game that I'm more worried about.

Posted by Haethos

I'm curious. Still not sold on whether or not Bungie can create a game to suck me in, since I -hate- Halo. We'll see though.

Edited by Deathpooky

Sarcastic pessimism abound here. I'm very interested. The concept and backstory seem cool, and SOMEONE has to do something with the shooter to bring it into the next generation.

Building on MMO concepts without a monthly fee, likely new content and a game that evolves over time, easy drop-in drop-out multiplayer ala Journey, multiplatform interaction including iOS devices, etc. All ideas that have often failed or been executed half-heartedly, but have shown promise and can expect to be big parts of the new consoles. Combine them with Bungie's talents from Halo, and I'm in.

Posted by SmithCommaJohn

Getting a bit of an "Avatar" vibe from the marketing, with the super serious music and the general tone of "This is the BIGGEST. FUCKING. DEAL. EVER."

Posted by Wandrecanada

Did anyone else see the "My body is ready," text? I don't know what to say about that.

Posted by namesonkel

Didn't know Reggie was playing this.

Posted by The_Vein

The amount of hate this game is already generating is staggering.

I'm pretty excited for it myself.

Posted by coakroach

Cautiously optimistic.

Posted by Meepasaurus

Getting some minor Halo mixed with Gurren Lagann vibes from this. That could be OK.

Posted by Asmo917

@wandrecanada: I do. I was immediately less interested. If you're trying to get my to buy something, avoid

  • "My body is ready,"
  • "Epic ______" where the blank is anything other than "Games,"and represents the name of your studio
  • "Feels," or
  • "This."

Talk to me like a fucking adult, not a child who can only communicate in worn-out forum-speak. At least pretend you think I'm an intelligent consumer who can make decisions without you pandering to me or the target demo you associate with me.

In other news, consider me among the chorus of those unimpressed so far. Show me some game footage or be definitive in your plans. I'm not writing it off, by any means, but I'm not super-interested yet either.

Posted by ShadowConqueror

Well, this was rather disappointing.

Posted by AphroThunder

@rincewind: Article on RPS today claims they won't release on pc because "We made the game run without a mouse and keyboard. And now nobody plays shooters the way they used to play them before Halo ’cause nobody wants to.”


Posted by rldumle

wait....so bungie invites basically all of the gaming press, and they dont even show the game?

Edited by Kain55

Man, the negativity in here is bumming me out. I for one think this looks like it could be pretty damn cool. I could turn out to be wrong, but I think the ambition it sounds like this game is bringing to the table is very exciting. The shooting and sci-fi may be familiar but the overarching game concepts sound very interesting.

Posted by JEC03

WOW no.

Edited by CodeFire

"How can anything be bigger then Halo?"

Get over yourself, Bungie. I can't stand it when creators sprout out lines such as this.

Posted by flasaltine

Humans that existed long before current humans? Sounds like something else Bungie has made...

Edited by tcsajax

"My body is ready"

...Destiny confirmed for WiiU...

Edited by casper_


Posted by Hewitt

So...This is the spiritual re-incarnation of Huxley?

Posted by Deusx

Interesting to say the least. Come on Bungie I want to see more... and a PC version.

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

This story of the sphere really has me intrigued

Posted by laxbro19

This game looks like a great endeavor. However, I fail to see how this game will run on anything that isn't the next generation of hardware. It all seems to big and complex to run on a 360 or PS3. Also I understand that what they showed is early but it didn't look graphically pleasing like a next gen game should be.

Posted by Allison

Yawn. Bungie should start caring about the PC, but they never will. Much like Gearbox, they've become a company I could care less about (and do!) because of their actions and attitudes towards PC players.

"Nobody wants to play PC games with a mouse and keyboard"? Is that so, Bungie? Hahaha you dopes.

Posted by videogamesarenotart

LOL they are deleting everyone's comments, must be new site policy, if you arent a blind naive fanboy of the site you get banned

your mic failed to work over 10 times during this video

Posted by advocatefish

If those species were looking for the last of the human race to kill why didn't they look under the giant moon ship instead out in the jungle? Or maybe in the city they're rebuilding?

You have sniper rifle, assault rifle, shotgun etc. everything else is window dressing.

Posted by Arx724

@videogamesarenotart said:

LOL they are deleting everyone's comments, must be new site policy, if you arent a blind naive fanboy of the site you get banned

your mic failed to work over 10 times during this video

...you aren't even commenting on the right video.

Posted by headphonehalo

@swick: Mass Effect didn't have a very original story, so that isn't necessarily saying much.

Posted by theanticitizen

I think they meant for Bungie. Not in gaming

Edited by theanticitizen

I think they meant for Bungie. Not in gaming

Edited by MormonWarrior

Looks more Star Wars-y than Halo-y.

Edited by Tru3_Blu3

Worst vidoc that Bungie has ever put out. So lifeless and forced that it makes me think these guys don't want to make games anymore or something.

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