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Edited by Viking_Funeral

That gameplay footage gave me an immediate Halo vibe.

Posted by AngryRedPlumber

I am very interested to see what the gameplay is like. I don't doubt Bungie's ability to make some revolutions in that aspect. I do, however, wish the game's aesthetics and story were not so seemingly done to death.

Edited by mr_shoeless

All I got out of this video is that Bungie devs have iPhones and they are making another FPS.

Posted by EchoEcho

So many people -- even on this site -- criticize game journalists for being too cynical, but reading through comments on videos like this, it really seems like the pot calling the kettle black.

I like Halo; I like Bungie. What they've shown so far, even if it isn't gameplay, has me intrigued. Unlike what seems to be a pretty large majority of people around here, I'm not going to judge the final product based on some concept art and a few talking heads sounding like they're "up their own ass" (Seriously, people? Bungie isn't allowed to be proud of their accomplishments or excited about their new IP?), but I'm feeling pretty damn optimistic about this game.

Posted by bunkerbuster05

Reading these comments is bumming me out... Maybe I'm just too much of an optimist, or gullible, but I think this looks awesome. Sure, they are hyping themselves and the game, but it gets me pumped up for what could be a phenomenal product. Can't wait to see more of the game, the concept sounds great to me. Every time a studio has tried to mash up persistent multiplayer, roleplaying mechanics and shooters it always feels like they get something wrong. Borderlands is great, for instance, but the shooting mechanics are not as solid as something like Halo. With Bungie's pedigree as a shooter developer I'm hoping they can pull it all together in a meaningful way.

No, I'm with you. If anyone can do it, it's Bungie. Better Halo combat with a persistent world, kind of like Dust 514, would be amazing.

Edited by Daftasabat

As long as there aren't any Toy Story Aliens in this one like Halo, it might be ok. Although, graphically it looks very similar, oh well (le sigh)

Edited by Dan_CiTi

Man, everything but what the game actually is at its core is looking really bad/try-hard. "My body is ready" "IN ANCIENT TIMES BAD ALIENS" and so forth. Hopefully they will get away from this kind of BS and go forth and make a great game.

Posted by Lashe

Regardless of what hardware this ends up on, I'm excited to see where this goes. Cross-platform integration, an intriguing world/aesthetic and more Marty O'Donnell already has me sold. I just hope it plays tight and that they can pull off their ambitions.

Posted by HellknightLeon

Ten years of... I DON'T CARE. So far this game is not looking like much more than a Halo and CoD baby gone wrong. They are shooting for the stars but... not going to happen. Still be fun to watch what it turns out to be in the "long run". Maybe I will eat my words one day. Long way off.

Posted by yemeth

@missacre: Yeah that ME 1 vibe was what I was getting. They really seem invested in making this a large fiction with a great scale. I hope there is ample room for exploration in this game, as that is what I am always looking forward to the most with such games.

Posted by kennybaese

Huh, seems interesting, but if it has a really heavy multiplayer focus, I'm probably not going to play it. I generally like co-op games, but getting the three or four people together than I generally like to play with is a pain in the ass more often than not.

Then again, if the multiplayer works more like Journey, which was (I think) Adam Sessler's impression of it, then I'm much more interested in the game.

Posted by Icaria

This could easily have been a video promoting some new-age guru and his quantum philosophy of oneness and buying his self-help books. Not sure that was the intended vibe... feel as if I need a shower after watching it, though.

Posted by Missacre

So far, I'm liking this game. It looks like it's trying to be of a grand scale, like the first Mass Effect. I hope I get those feelings of wonder and discovery again. I'm cautiously optimistic, but I'll wait for more news, as we all know what the quality of recent games has been.

Posted by KlUMZeE

Sounds like a cool idea, just have to see how it pans out.


I'm intrigued. Even if it looks a little too similar to Halo and sounds a little too similar to Mass Effect, I'm feeling optimistic.

Posted by Paindamnation

My body is ready." I'm so on board with this game.

Posted by byterunner

I wonder sometimes that this community gets a bit too jaded and cynical because they listen to a bunch of industry vets that are a bit burned out on video games nowadays.

anyways, game looks interesting. I like the vibe and setting. Though this is probably just gonna be a mmo shooter. nothing really wrong with it, if its done well. Maybe even amazingly well.

Also, dat My body is ready reference.

Posted by avantegardener

Could be cool, anything's got to be better then that insipid creten Master Chef.

Posted by Dagbiker

Good, I always wanted a Final Fantasy XIII MMO.

Posted by MeatSim

Well they make it sound ambitious, but they barely showed anything. Not much of a reveal.

Edited by SpicyRichter

Unfolds over the next 10 years? That's pretty optimistic

Posted by AGold

I don't think Bungie could get any more pretentious if they tried.

Posted by demontrace

First off, I hope they make a PC version, cause that's the only thing that could pull this off well, out of all systems available. Of course the gaming base will be smaller, it'll be tougher to optimize, but if you pull it off, you could have a very devoted gaming base. I mean, look at WoW.

However, I would add, there have been many online sci-fi shooter type games that have failed miserably, or failed to meet expectations. Sci-Fi is a very delicate genre in games, it seems. You either create something that pulls in hordes, like Mass Effect(although I wouldn't call that an online shooter, regardless of Mass Effect 3's online mode), or you get a game that kinda ends up failing, like Anarchy Online(which I liked, but it got very boring, very quickly, and was rather disorganized). It's hard to find that careful mix that can pull in people who don't even usually give sci-fi their time, as sci-fi is generally handed off to the geeks and nerds crowd(not dissing them, I fall in there sometimes as well), I guess along with fantasy too. :)

Also, "my body is ready" is the lamest line.

Edited by darkest4

It always amazes me how game developers can bullshit for minutes at a time without actually saying anything. These guys have mastered the art of vague ass sentences and claims that mean nothing. Getting tired of hearing vague shit like "we're building something alive" "we're creating something completely new" "we're blazing new trails". yadayada... everyone says the same things and then usually releases another generic game that delivers very little of it's over hyped promises, please just speak plainly and give us the actual details/gameplay footage and let us decide for ourselves, or don't say anything at all.

They should have just left it with the story trailer, because the developer comments at the end said absolutely nothing and just comes off as lame PR hyping that can bite them in the ass later on, you'd think developers would be a bit more careful with their hype after Gearbox's fiasco with Aliens: Colonial Marines lol. Pro tip developers, most gamers dislike the "developer's talk extremely vaguely to hype their game while giving us no actual details trailer", just give us concrete details or gameplay footage thanks..

Posted by JesterPC238

Reading these comments is bumming me out... Maybe I'm just too much of an optimist, or gullible, but I think this looks awesome. Sure, they are hyping themselves and the game, but it gets me pumped up for what could be a phenomenal product. Can't wait to see more of the game, the concept sounds great to me. Every time a studio has tried to mash up persistent multiplayer, roleplaying mechanics and shooters it always feels like they get something wrong. Borderlands is great, for instance, but the shooting mechanics are not as solid as something like Halo. With Bungie's pedigree as a shooter developer I'm hoping they can pull it all together in a meaningful way.

Posted by leebmx

Seems a touch arrogant to get people to fly out to see your new game and then don't show any of it.

Posted by TheHT

Looks cool. That said, no PC version = no buy.

Posted by andmm

There's no way they can pull all the crap they talk about in ths video of a current gen console. And no pc version? Yeah, fuck it.

Posted by Necrotoxin

This looks good, hope there is a PC version.

Posted by mordukai

@hollitz said:

Prediction: Jeff will review it. It will get 4 stars.

Man, dropping truth like that, just bummed me out.

Naaa man. Bradly will review it and will give it 3 stars.

Posted by 1p

They sure know how to get me hyped up without saying barely anything about the actual game.

Posted by probablytuna

Nope, you fail to interest me. I'll come back around E3 and see what happens then.

Edited by Dangerloves

All those talking head moments were so ambiguous and convoluted - like some J.J. Abrams bullshit. Sorry not interested.

I preferred Marathon and Planetside

Edited by Gerhabio

I like the mysterious giant sphere floating over the city, gives me a sort of Battle Angel Alita feel to it.

Posted by Devise22

So they are taking iterative ideas and combining genres to essentially add to the already great shooter mechanics they developed already?

Sure I'm on board. This will be fun. This is certainly an ambitious project. But even if it ends up being an amazing game, with an amazing story and the multiplayer set up they want to do works amazingly this is hardly what I feel would be the "next step" in multiplayer gaming.

As @jeff said in his video, this reminds me of a multiplayer set up similar to Journey or the original Guild Wars. Something that while it may get a bit more popular I highly doubt it is the big deal that COD's multiplayer set up when it was when it first came out. It feels just like another step or another layer onto that without completely ripping it off.

I applaud Bungie though. I like how they didn't just do typical space marine halo stuff and went with an entirely new story and all of it seems intriguing enough that they could take locations and enemy types all over the place to keep things fresh.

Posted by DrJota

So...no Oni sequel?

Posted by JasonMrazMtaz

This could be incredibly amazing, or it could be a massive failure. Too early to tell.

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

I'm interested, but the fact they're already pushing this as a "ten year franchise" right out of the gate brings to mind how lofty EA's goals were for The Old Republic and how hard that came crashing down around them.

That being said, TOR was basically just "World of Warcraft with a lot more voiced dialog and dialog trees". This at least promises to be a little different. I hope.

Posted by Ares42

This reminds me of the SwToR videos. Devs talking about how they're revolutionizing genres etc etc while refusing to show any real gameplay. Not gonna say it's gonna be a dud like that, but a picture (prefferably a moving one) says more than a thousand words.

Posted by Seraphim84

Bungie's gotta have their baller skybox

Posted by Kharhaz

@herbiebug: Yea, me too. I don't buy games based on what a game dev tells me. Especially not when I see text messages from them stating "My body is ready."

That just seems creepy.

Posted by louiedog

Just like the Bioshock Infinite reveal in 2010 (seriously, 2010), it's way too early for me to start being caring about this.

Posted by captainanderson

People seem to be confusing the PR of this game with the actual game itself. There's absolutely no way anyone can say whether Destiny will be good or not at this point.

Edited by HerbieBug

i hate developer talks vaguely about game trailers.

Posted by Korolev

The MMO thing kills it for me. I don't want to play a game with a constant online community that does nothing except remind me "THIS IS A GAME. THIS IS A GAME. YOU ARE PLAYING WITH 14 YEAR OLDS. THIS IS A GAME". It is impossible to become immersed in an MMO, or at least, impossible to become as immersed as a single player game.

Still, for an MMO, it looks okay. I'm aware that it might not be a "traditional MMO", but it's always online, there's no end to the story, and there's probably no way you can permanently impact the game. It's essentially a multiplayer focused shooter with a backstory that doesn't really affect the game all that much. It'll probably be great for shooter fans, but I need something more.

Posted by Will_M

I feel like Bungie is up it's own ass right now. I know they're trying to "get the crowd hype" but at some point, I think everyone is expecting some hybrid between any MMO, planetside, and borderlands.

Posted by hilld1985

This genuinely looks interesting. The idea that they're planning for a halo-type franchise that extends over the next 10 years has Activision written all over it, but this need not be a bad thing.

I'm quite excited to be honest. bungie obviously believe in the project.

Edited by Tru3_Blu3

Worst vidoc that Bungie has ever put out. So lifeless and forced that it makes me think these guys don't want to make games anymore or something.

Edited by MormonWarrior

Looks more Star Wars-y than Halo-y.

Edited by theanticitizen

I think they meant for Bungie. Not in gaming

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