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Posted by deject

Dave you're a scholar and a gentleman! Thanks to you, Alexis, and everyone else on the back end team that has been working so hard to make Giant Bomb the super awesome site that it is. You guys rock.

Posted by StraitKraken

This site is well worth the wait.

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I didn't have that many issues from Wednesday on... but I'll take some free premium time.

You guys rule.

Posted by Demoskinos

@snide Don't be so hard on yourself duder! You guys had a massive undertaking. Yes, login issues suck and aren't okay but all things considered you guys transferred a enormous database and undertook a damn near impossible task and came out the other side.

Posted by Jedted

Nice work, Dave! I knew you'd get everything all sorted out on your end.

I think those Top Men deserve a raise.

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@nrl909 said:

@kommando208 said:

This is what makes Giant Bomb one of the best sites on the Internet.

That. And the new site is probably one of the first times ever for me that a relaunch provides a better website than the old one, imho

lol, I was also thinking the same thing. "This is how you handle your community, treat them properly and like Adults and you will get love and respect back".

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This is what makes Giant Bomb one of the best sites on the Internet.

That. And the new site is probably one of the first times ever for me that a relaunch provides a better website than the old one, imho

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I feel like the site re-launch went about as good as could be expected from such a large project. Don't worry, Dave, (just about) everything seems to be working now and the new site's awesome. Keep up the great work!

Posted by LucidDreams117

Thanks Dave! Even though I'm a little sad about the video controls, I know you guys have a lot going on and I appreciate all the work you guys put into the site. You guys are awesome. :)

Posted by Camsampbell

You guys are the best.

Posted by StriderNo9

Thanks for the extra 2 weeks, not needed but its nice to have, thanks for the hard work guys.

Posted by MarkOnFire

Minor login issues and some first day rockiness are pretty minor in light of the huge design upgrade we all got as a result. Well done. Thanks for going above and beyond.

Posted by Blair

Wicked! Thanks Dave!

Posted by Tonch

I'm not a paid member (at least not yet), but this is a very classy thing to do for those that are. Good on you guys.

And keep up the good work!

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Very nice of you guys, and I'll gladly take your free time, but was not at all nessisary, I could only not get on the site for 2 days tops. I guess the chat was kind of messed up but you've got archives for that.

Posted by VshineV

Hey Dave, sites up!

Posted by probablytuna

You guys are great, keep up the good work!

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Thanks, Dave (and engineers).

Posted by TheCheese33

Aww, thanks Dave and co.! You guys are the best.

Posted by GreggD

I don't care if you're a replicant, Dave. I still love ya.

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Great stuff! New design is great by the way, once it's stable it'll be perfect.

Posted by YoThatLimp

Wow really, I mean it was a very good lunch all things considered and not too much downtime.

Yeah if we compare it to the new Tested launch it was downright smooth.

Posted by ShotgunLincoln

HOW DARE YOU GIVE ME FREE SUBSCRIPTION TIME. This is one of the reasons why I love this site.

On a side note, is anyone listening to the podcast through Itunes? Ever since the relaunch my Itunes has separated my old Bombcast downloads from the new one thinking it's a completely different podcast altogether. Any fixes I can do for that?

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Finishing Blade Runner?

Posted by Korolev

Hey that's really cool. Certainly didn't expect to be given two extra weeks. Thanks!

I don't think the site's in a bad way at all. You can tell it's new, but it certainly works.

Posted by ChosenOne

I'm walking on...

Posted by Beomoose

Love the redesign, Dave, and it's not been all that bad for me. Thanks to you and all the Top Men for your work.


Never realised how much i looked forward to watching the premium videos on my Apple TV of a night until they were gone. Can't wait til they're back.

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I don't give two shits that there's been problems.

Cheers guys, and double-cheers to the engineers who have been undoubtedly busting ass to get everything working.

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Not necessary at all but good on you guys for being so effing awesome. The site is incredible.

Posted by Gildermershina

Three cheers for the men behind the curtain.

Posted by kenniWORLDPEACE

this is why GiantBomb is awesome, among other things.


Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Wow really, I mean it was a very good lunch all things considered and not too much downtime.

Posted by BluPotato

All said and done, the transition to the new site was very smooth from our end for the most part.

Posted by Auxin

You have my unwavering support! Keep the great content coming!

Posted by Slab64
Posted by Max_Cherry


Posted by indieslaw

Unnecessary, but cool.

Posted by fr0sterson

Awesome. Cheers guys!

Posted by Bunny_Fire

i think i managed to make sure everything is up-to-date ... during a very short window of uptime :) anyway the new site looks very smooth.

Posted by nightbird

Thanks gang. Keep up the good work!

Posted by Freelancer52

Wow, was not expecting that.The new site looks excellent.

Posted by DoublePlusRad

Thanks guys! I can't wait till the RSS feeds get working again. I appreciate the 2 weeks, although I never regret my subscription money.

Posted by Ted_Mosby

Thanks duder!

Posted by tcsajax

Honestly, I'm impressed at how well the launch went. After dealing with DOD level of shenanigans with new websites, portals, and tech you guys are a breast of fresh ass...

Posted by H8RAID

That's a community-first gesture you just don't see, ever. Thank you and keep up the fire, the new site looks great.

Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake

I ain't even mad Dave, but good on you duders.