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Posted by D_W

Snider is credit to team!

Posted by warpedzappa

This is exactly why I subscribe in the first place. What a great bunch of duders.

Posted by habster3

I'm cool with this

Posted by Sooty

What about people that used to be signed up, but canceled their memberships because of lack of content and now just watch unprofessional fridays on the twitch channel.

Screw you guys that's what! No YouTube for you!

Posted by Triumvir

@snide Two weeks extra time for a few days of instability and some minor bugs?

You are a prince among duders, Dave.

Posted by TruthTellah

Cool! That does take the sting out a bit. I look forward to the site's continued progress. :)

Posted by DeadPan

You are a Top Man Dave

Posted by Aelric

Well, that's cool. Now bring back some random PC games once you have time and I'll gladly marry you.

Posted by ch3burashka

Really, Dave? Making a Blade Runner joke in the midst of his trial? That's heartless.

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Thanks Dave! Honestly I think I'm in agreement with most people here saying we expected a little rough going what with the scope of the site overhaul. You guys have done a phenomenal job, and this is a generous icing on the delicious GB cake. :)

Posted by Bistromath

Seems you were able to fix my Ipad login issues, and I didn't even have to write in.

Patience people.

I need some Blade Runner soon though.

Posted by synthesis_landale

@crusader8463: I have to agree to this. I don't know WHY it happens, and happened before the relaunch but on a 105Mbps connection I often get laggy or non-loading video.

I assume it's a server issue whether the backend is poorly serving the videos or it's just a lack of enough servers. It seemed to get a bit better with the new site but there hasn't been enough time to pass to make a final judgement on that. Still, I'll start watching the longer form videos and inevitably it stops playing part way through, but instead of having to keep reloading or DL the video (Which also sometimes works right sometimes doesn't) I can usually click a little ahead in the video and it buffers again, which is progress, I guess.

Not to say I don't love the site and what everyone in front of the camera and behind the scenes does, I just look forward to it being better.

Posted by JukeboxJoe

I've not even had problems and I want to go down on you

Edited by fanboyjustin

not necessary but thanks all the same!!!!

Posted by LarryDavis

Sallright, Dave, it ain't no thang.

Posted by BatmanBatman

Thanks guys, site's looking great!

also *Unicorns*

Posted by HatKing

Completely unnecessary. So, in order to make up for this I'll just add an extra two weeks to the amount of time I'll be a paid subscriber. How much for forever plus two weeks?

Posted by Colourful_Hippie

@subyman said:

I certainly wasn't expecting this. I've had a lot of fun watching the transition. Keep up the good work Dave.

Posted by crusader8463

Here's hoping priority number 2 is to fix the unwatchable videos. Kind of sucks when you can't watch the videos on a website that's 95% video content.

Posted by paisan13

This is one part of why we love you guys. No whining needed, you just take care of business ^_^

Edited by FCDRandy

Snides for President

Posted by TooWalrus

Oh hey, right on!

Posted by Toxeia

This is my formal request to exchange my Two (2) Free Weeks for a hug :(

Posted by ultrapeanut

Annnnnd this is why I love you guys.

Posted by Thiefsie

Fantastic... my login now works again and I love the new site, apart from it's font size which I think is a little larde. I can adjust that myself easily enough however of course.

Posted by cloudnineboya

even though i dont think you need to do this,but this is why i love this site you guys are the best.

big shout out to dave+alex+the rest of the nameless guys helping to make the site even better

Posted by subyman

I certainly wasn't expecting this. I've had a lot of fun watching the transition. Keep up the good work Dave.

Posted by Bollard

100% unnecessary, you're too awesome guys.

Posted by oobs
Edited by DEFE

Man, you guys are the best. Good luck with the rest of the bugs, folks. I look forward to more Blade Runner.

Posted by Blubba

Wow, you guys are really upstanding people. Thanks for the two weeks, it's very appreciated!

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This is why I will continue to throw money at you, Giant Bomb.

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Really kind of you guys! God, I love this site.

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Thanks duders! Really wasn't necessary, but I appreciate it very much. Also, the new video player is supreme. All the weird problems I have in the last few months are completely gone. Love the new site, take as long as you need!

Posted by altairre

I wouldn't have complained but thanks nonetheless. Two weeks more until resubscribing then.

Posted by tourgen

thanks. I can't even imagine building something like this up from the ground like you guys managed to do. Great work guys. (I still miss the achievements system though.)

Posted by Kinapuff

Login issue was fixed rather quickly for me. Thanks again duders for running one of the best sites online.

Posted by Graylend

Radical. Thanks guy! Keep on rocking.

Posted by SuperFusion

God damn you guys are great. I know this has been said a hundred times in these comments, but it's stuff like this that makes Giant Bomb one of the best sites on the internet. Also: Great work on the site. :D

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Awesome! Thanks a lot.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Thank you Based Dave and the whole production team...fantastic job on the site.

Posted by Wannabe_Hipster


Posted by zoozilla

Like many others, I don't feel like I'm owed anything, but thank you guys for your generous gesture.

Just another part of why Giant Bomb is the best site on the Internet.

Posted by RecSpec

Thanks Dave, loving the new site.

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What about people that used to be signed up, but canceled their memberships because of lack of content and now just watch unprofessional fridays on the twitch channel.

Posted by Nick

I'm loving the look of the new site!

Posted by Luck702

Thank you so much guys, the new site is great!

Posted by gaffyh

Full screen mode would be nice, or that exclusive to paid members now?

Posted by Duffyside

I'm a baby; how will this affect my feeling-like-a-boss status during the BLLSL, being a day one subscriber and all? I always liked folding my arms over my fat chest during the show, pretending like my $50 hung in the balance, depending on how entertained I was.