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Still, had a good long run.

Posted by BurgerTrench

That'll do Harmonix. That'll do.

Posted by FearMyFlop

I still check every week to see the new music. Bummer.

Posted by Vexxan

Holy shit that's a lot of songs.

Posted by mcmax3000

Not really a surprise, but still sad as hell. Rock Band has easily provided me with some of my favourite gaming memories of this generation.

275 weeks of new content is a hell of an amazing run.

Posted by zachary

Over five years and I was sure they were gonna give up back in 07. RB DLC'll be sorely missed.


Posted by DaMisterChief

That's a shit ton of songs, whoever bought ever single one you must be fucking crazy

Posted by joshthebear

Man, 5+ years of constant DLC is fucking ridiculous. Kudos Harmonix for being super awesome.

Posted by tescovee

Wondering what will happen on the next consoles? I still play RB1-3 on the regs and have a boatload of tracks, will I have to keep out my old 360 when new ones come around? Will be odd as hell to keep this one box in the entertainment center just for one game...

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End of an era, no doubt.

Posted by Hailinel

An impressive run to be sure, but I won't miss it. The whole plastic instrument arms race era burned me out, left me cold, and I feel is in part to blame for the decline of esoteric rhythm titles like Ouendan and Space Channel 5.

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This is seriously depressing me more than I thought possible. Love this game and still play it pretty regularly, so just hoping these last couple of weeks are awesome and looking forward to whatever non-Dance Central stuff Harmonix has coming up.

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Good run, Congrats Harmonix.

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I think we all deserve a Rock Band TNT. Who's with me?

Posted by budgietheii

A sad, sad day.

Herculean effort over all these years though.

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Thank Christ no more RB clogging up the Xbox store front.

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Rock Band is the reason I'll never get rid of my 360, there's just too much money invested at this point.

I haven't played that game in forever, but I still plan to get back into it at some point.

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I've put more time and money into Rock Band then any other series. The end was inevitable but it's still sad. Rock Band has helped me get through some of the darkest times of my life over the past few years and I still go back to the series every few weeks. I'm probably going to write a blog post or something later about my feelings for this series.

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Seems appropriate?

Posted by gesi1223

@maajin said:

I think we all deserve a Rock Band TNT. Who's with me?

I'm totally into that idea!

Aside from that, I wonder if it's too late to go get rock band 3, I still wanna play those plastic instrument games

Posted by RJPelonia

Pour one out for Rock Band.

Then take a swig for what Harmonix has next for us.

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So we're never going to get Stop Making Sense the whole live album?! Godamnit
But still, good on them for keeping it up this long.
I'm hoping this last artist is U2 but I have my doubts

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No Tool or Deftones? weak sauce

Posted by Imsorrymsjackson
Posted by RudeCubes
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RIP Rock Band, I may not have my plastic instruments anymore, but you live on through the Blitz.

Posted by TheHT

It's totally happening! This gen is totally wrapping up! AHHHHHH

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sigh, now that was a legacy.

Posted by Alex

@wsninja: There are four Deftones song in the music store. "My Own Summer (Shove It)", "Minerva", "Cherry Waves", and "Hole in the Earth". No Tool, though.

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I've spent more time and money on Rock Band than just about any other game series. This just made me really sad. 5 years is a good run, though.

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Ok. Now they don't have any excuse for not doing a Game of the Year edition with all of that content on-disc for 60$. ;)

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I spent way too much money in the first year and a half of this. I kind of hope these games make a resurgence some day. I miss the times where all the greatest players put out many GH/RB videos each week.

Posted by TepidShark

My guess for the last song is probably going to be The End by The Doors. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

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The last DLC will be Led Zeppelin. You heard it here first.

Seriously though, thanks to the Guitar Hero/Rock Band games I have heard artists and songs I would never have. To my shame I had never heard of Rush until YYZ on GH2.

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Thanks Harmonix, never did I think you'd stick to releasing DLC (good DLC at that) for so very long. You've provided me with a great many hours of entertainment.

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I played "Blackened," that other weird cover of "Fortunate Son," and "I Fought The Law" many, many times in those early days. God, Rock Band is incredible.

This might mark the "end of the generation" for me. Sure, I'll be buying The Last of Us, Grand Theft Auto V, and Beyond: Two Souls, and I'll be starting BioShock Infinite that same week the music dies. But those first three games seem like next-generation thinking and technology on modern consoles, and BioShock Infinite seems more like a culmination of what's come before. My staples for this generation were pretty much BioShock and Rock Band DLC; those were the moments I really "got in" to the generation, though I'd had a lot of fun with Dead Rising and Call of Duty 2 before them.

Well, at least they've been going out with a bang. Tomorrow, they're adding "One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies, which is probably one of the songs I've had the most people ask me "Is this available?" for that game. Last week had "Tainted Love" and "More Than Words," an essential cut and a karaoke classic. The week before had an Aerosmith six-pack with the three songs any 70s Aerosmith fan would've demanded anyways. They've been nailing it.

Here's hoping they do the right thing and release "American Pie" that last day.

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It's sad to hear, but I had a feeling this was coming soon.

I did spend a good portion of my life (and income) on Rock Band related content, so most of my current gen memories are with that series (specifically RB2). Harmonix have been awesome and seemingly bent over backwards on a daily basis to not wrong the people playing their game (despite never getting that song I always wanted!).

Thanks for the fake plastic rock, Harmonix!

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After the last few weeks of them just releasing the songs off Blitz in packs of two or three I kinda saw this coming. At least we got The Glory of Love this week... fuck yeah we did!

Posted by WeepingWillow

Total bummer.

While the concept of plastic instruments and wild Rock Band parties have dwindled, it's still fun every now and again to break out all the gear from the closet and drunkenly jam out with friends.

I used to look forward to the Valentine's Day love tracks every year. Those were great!

Pour one out for Rock Band ...

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@maajin said:

I think we all deserve a Rock Band TNT. Who's with me?

Yeah, but only if the guys play the fake instruments in the studio while some random user belts the lyrics over an unstable connection and a shitty usb-mic.

Seriously though, I think it would be kinda cool. Better than Centipede on the Playstation 1..

Posted by TheMightySkullboy

Half my Xbox hard drive is filled with Rock Band stuff. Still, it's a bit, - I don't know, I don't want to say sad since this was obviously going to have to happen someday. Melancholy? - that this happened before they Rock Banded all of music. I hope Rock Band Network keeps rolling for a while.

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It's crazy to think that they've been going for 5 years with constant DLC releases. I've put more money and hours into that game than I'm willing to disclose, but this is the reason I think Harmonix had the best music game around. Not constantly bringing out different boxed copies and when they did they let you export the songs (except for The Beatles but that's not their fault).

Good job Harmonix! I can't wait to see what you guys do in the future!

Posted by GalacticPunt

This is truly sad. I had convinced myself there were enough hardcore fans left to sustain this forever. That the existing tracks would somehow be forwards-compatible with some kind of next-gen Rock Band game. Now the utopian dream is over.

Rock Band TNT needs to happen, closing with Buckner and Garcia's "Found Me the Bomb." Remember the fallen, on many levels!

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I never really got into the Rock Band thing. My last stand with the whole plastic instrument craze died with Guitar Hero II.

I had played the Rock Band games, but they never gave me the pleasure that the original Guitar Hero on PS2 did back in the day. The whole phenomenon never got close to that 2005 craze ever again, even if I know Rock Band was relatively popular for a while.

Either way, congratulations to Harmonix for somehow keeping the DLC alive as long as it did. Good luck going forward,

Posted by Shaunage

I completely filled the hard drives of a 360 and a PS3 with Rock Band songs. This is incredibly sad news for me.

Posted by rand0mZer00

@kittyvondoom: Yeah, the majority of the DLC I bought for Rock Band came during the time Rock Band 2 was released. They had a good run though.

You're right! There should have been WAY more FNM songs in Rock Band.

Posted by MysteriousBob

@zaphoduk said:

Thank Christ no more RB clogging up the Xbox store front.

I know, right? I had no idea people still bothered with this plastic instrument crap. Being told to press buttons like a slave isn't my idea of a fun game.