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Posted by forteexe21

They are obviously just escaping from the fans cause of the lack of Muse.

Posted by Mercer

Guess it's time for ol' Rock Band to be taken out behind that big red barn in Harmonix back yard..

Posted by Tyrax

Nick Chester did this! This would have never happened if they didn't get rid of that last community manager

Posted by m2cks

This is goodbye, Harmonix (at least for now!). With whatever new project they might make next, I'll be there to support them wholeheartedly. I bought way too much DLC to ever admit, but throughout these years I've had an immense amount of fun with their games; here's to you!

Posted by Godzilla_Sushi

Best post-release DLC support this console generation by far. I just bought like 10 songs last week. My only concern is what happens to everything 5 years from now.

Posted by HeyImPhoenix


Posted by Nettacki

@branthog said:

Let this be an end to the rhythm game genre.


Posted by Libb

As sad as this is, at least I'll be able to attend the going away party for Rock Band at the Brattle Theater before PAX East. I expect there to be much craziness and a touch of sadness in the air.

Edited by TPoppaPuff

This sucks. I still check and buy stuff regularly. Hell, I bought two songs just last week. I understand it wasn't the most profitable, but that they said they currently have nothing Rock Band related in the works is just dumb. Honestly they could have made one more game for the 360/PS3/720/PS4 and it would have sold well enough to justify it. I mean honestly they're going to keep making crappy-ass Dance Central DLC? Why? Nobody buys that DLC, especially at $3 a pop. The worst thing is that it sounds like they killed Rock Band just so they could pursue new games. I don't want new games from Harmonix. Those games are dumb. I bought Blitz but never played it. Bought it purely for the songs. What are they going to create now? MORE abstract nonsense with some newer shitty techno-dance music or shitty techno-dance remixes of B-sides just like their older games? The reason those games sold anything more than 10,000 copies because the bar for rhythm games was set so damn low that simply being playable made Frequency and Amplitude unparalleled in their genre. Now that everybody has had a taste for good rhythm games nobody should want to go back to the inevitable shit that will be released. I refuse to buy another Harmonix game unless its DLC is compatible with Rock Band. What's the point if I can't enjoy it? And its not like their next game couldn't be compatible, we already know if they aren't given a $150 device(s), they're just going to make Frquency again for the umpteenth time. I just hope when their next games fail and they inevitably shut down because Dance Central DLC is a financial sinkhole that somebody with some sense buys the rights to the Rock Band name and library and they realize that three years from now people will be receptive to a new Rock Band game using their old instruments or new cheap instruments without the insane markup Harmonix/EA had originally been guilty of that they have a potential wealth of income in those 4000+ songs just waiting to be bought.

Posted by atholm


We still play it during lunch break at the office and follow new releases to purchase ever so often.

I still have a list of artists, tracks that I hope to see as DLC, like Led Zeppelin, so not many weeks left to cross out my list.

Edited by papercut

What's going to be the last song!

Posted by jbuchan76

YEAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! I'm tried of seeing that crap listed as first 10 items in the 'New' DLC listing..

Posted by HellknightLeon

GG guys. Good work keeping it fresh for so long. You'er good in my book.

Posted by georgeygeorge

5 years of weekly DLC is quite the example. I hope that in the future more developers follow Harmonix' lead.

Posted by Xpgamer7

Coming next generation. The Ultimate Rock band collection. "Re-mastered for your pleasure."

But most likely not for a good long while until it's nostalgia play if ever. Plastic instruments are expensive.

Posted by Cthulad

I will always enjoy you. So much great music I can play to, or sing with. Will be sad no more DLC, but there still are a load of songs to search through. Found many a band I listen to regularly from the DLC, and games.

Posted by Bgrngod

I played Rock Band all of once, and it never hooked me. I had no idea Harmonix was doing this with DLC.

That's a whole insane level of dedication that I wish was the norm. Much respect. I might have to buy Dance Central 3.

Posted by ms_papercut

Damn, over 4000 songs later and it's finally coming to an end. RIP Rockband. Good times were had.