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Wasn't for me. More Insane it got the more I hated it. Cant bring myself to finish it. Answer me this though: why if you have a cyborg bod thats designed for sword fighting and acrobatics, would you put high heels on it?

Posted by Rahxephon91

@av_gamer: Yep, the idea of replaying fun games is so silly.

Posted by probablytuna

It's a little hard to justify the four or so hour play time but I'll probably give it a go when it's cheaper.

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He died only four times during the whole game? I've died at least 15 times now and I just finished chapter 6

Edit for further progress and more deaths

Posted by MEATBALL


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Doesn't lean far enough to the metal gear side for me, it seems, all chop and no sneak. Thanks Jeff

Posted by masterfaculty

He should really eliminate those cyborg police officers.

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The game's block system is completely broken. Because Raiden stays in his block stance until the attack hits and the command can be issued basically as soon as the enemy twitches his hand to even think about attacking, all you need to do is just constantly flick the Left stick in the direction of enemies, and mash light attack.

It blocks all attacks *every single time*.

Its crazy - you can fight whole hordes of guys and mechs indefinitely and take virtually no damage. The only attacks that can get through are unblockables (which hardly anyone has) or grapples (which you get as stick waggling chance to escape from). Its sad that something this important was messed up so badly. Because it removes any need for timing and just turns it into a button basher, ruining the game. And its all very well saying 'Well just don't do that', but it shouldn't be like this.

Its like if a FPS had an 'infinite ammo and invincibility' button mapped onto the actual controls, but told you not to use it, because that's naughty. I thought Platinum Games were supposed to be good at this sort of thing.

Posted by thatlad

@foxmulder: I hated the demo when I played that wolf, then I got the game for free on PS+ and learned mid way through the game how to master the parry. This changed the game completely for me, you need to 'flick' your joystick in the direction of the enemy whilst pressing square. Once I learned this 'flick' technique the game became wonderful

Posted by wumbo3000

Just beat this game. Holy shit I love this game.