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Edited by plato84

@iodizedjoe said:

What purpose does "Here's a new Bioshock Infinite trailer since we haven't had one of those this week" serve in archiving video games?

Ego and interjection are unnecessary. State what it is. Post it. Let us watch the video and react to it.

This thing about Giant Bomb needs to always be cute or funny or clever or Game-Spotty is unnecessary.

What you -- bunk of you -- are good at is simply posting news so we know what's happening. We invest in building a wiki we can refer to how video games are made and received.

State facts please.

Don't listen to this please guys, Giant Bomb's wit and personality is the reason I choose Giantbomb over all the other Game sites. Keep up the Great Work.

Edited by Mastertarvin

I don't understand the "I'm so sick of trailers of for this game" comments. If you don't want to watch any more trailers about this game then don't; I on the other hand think they're rad and can't wait for the game to release.

Posted by MeatSim

I like the 70's style documentary trailers better.

Edited by Dan_CiTi

I really don't like how they keep releasing trailers like this, I really wish they wouldn't have said anything about the game except the basic premise, and shown some combat and some environments. But then again, that doesn't sell pre-orders.

Posted by DonPixel

I don't want to be the usual internet cynic, but something is telling me this game is gonna be a fad. I hope I'm wrong.

Edited by Shaanyboi

Come on Kanji, this isn't your first rescue mission and you know it...

Posted by Evilsbane

This game is gonna be rad even if it is only half as good as what I have seen so far it will have one of the coolest looking locations in a game can't wait!

Posted by Haziqonfire

I'm going to wait until the hype around this game dies down to see whether or not I'll jump in.

Posted by Flappy

I'm still not sure how I feel about this game. It definitely looks nice, but...is it gonna be fun?

Edited by madmax0412

I have to repeat what another commenter posts repeatedly: you can always tell an Alex headline. There's always an incredible amount of snark. Alex, you are the maestro of Snark.

Posted by AlisterCat

This trailer is under the premium section of videos... not sure why.

Posted by TheThirdRLM
Posted by HellknightLeon

Is it just me or did that trailer look... bad? I love the game and will buy it, but the people in it look so funny and like silly dolls. I don't know... maybe its just me. Still... Awesome game! Can't wait.

Posted by hiono

she looks different since the last time i saw this game which was like e3 of last year

Edited by Sooty

Modern gaming ad campaign 101:

Guys our new BioShock game is coming.

Hey guys we have a new BioShock game coming.

You'll love the new BioShock game guys.

Did you forget our new BioShock game is coming out soon?



I'm already sick of Elizabeth.

Also worst font ever.

Posted by Nefarious_Al

Already bought it on steam. Just waiting now...

Edited by Foggen

Looks like she gets a haircut sometime during the story.

Posted by handsomeb

The previous trailers focus on the zipline stuff had soured me on this game a bit, but this one is bringing me back.

Posted by Kerned

I'm still not convinced that this is going to be anything special. I guess we'll know more soon enough.

Posted by elko84


Edited by kinnonyee

@snide Weird. I can't play this video on either Firefox or Chrome

Posted by squiDc00kiE

Crysis 3, SimCity, Bioshock Infinite, goodbye next few months

Posted by mlarrabee

I trust Ken and Irrational unreservedly, but this marketing is starting to frighten me.

It feels... panicked.

Edited by Deusx

Player isn't working for me... It might be on my end though. I'll try something else.

Edited by vikingdeath1

Man..... I really hope this game is good! cause you never know....

Edited by Scarabus

Looks nice, but I never liked any of the previous Bioshocks so I'll wait for a comprehensive review.

Edited by Zeemod

Damn it I don't want to watch it to preserve my first-impression excitement for it. On the other hand, if I don't get my Bioshock fix now... uhhhg!

Edited by year199X

I've been excited for this game ever since PAX.

Posted by Nelez

I'm gonna roleplay this game as a Saints Row : The Third side mission, because that's all I can think of when I hear Troy Baker.

Same here. Doesn't work in Chrome because of an agegate. Does work on for instance Firefox. Fix please :)

Posted by Arath

That last scene with the tornado in the background following the "Are you afraid of god?" "No, but I am afraid of you."


Edited by SlashDance

I'm gonna roleplay this game as a Saints Row : The Third side mission, because that's all I can think of when I hear Troy Baker.

Edited by dr_mantas

Is this video supposed to have an age gate?

I noticed some trailers with age gates don't work...

Posted by Mightymoose

I think I might be back on board with this game, that did look pretty interesting.

Posted by theanticitizen


Edited by BLAM_Renegade

Can't wait for this game!

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