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Posted by Yummylee

@pixeldemon said:

@Agnogenic said:

Looks like more Gears of War, but that could be a good thing. I think I'll wait to see what the reviews says, and then wait for the first price drop.

I was actually thinking it looks like a pretty significant departure from the previous Gears games, and that it could be good or bad.

Weapons, speed/pacing, and game types all look pretty different.

Yeah, the only people here crying monotony are the ones who probably haven't played any or all of the games. I was worried at first about some of the changes being brought in but after watching this I feel pretty good about playing something a whole lot more robust and different. The classes look cool and the unlocks are a lot better than they were in Gears 3.

Giant Bomb has apparently never had much of a Gears community anyway for whatever reason; it's more often than not just another franchise for people to unload their built up snark on.

I think this looks great anywhoo, but that's also because I've never had that much of a foothold in Gears multiplayer, and the idea of heading in fresh alongside a pack of other new players means I'll be on more of a level playing field, and not find myself getting decimated over and over by the max rank players who apparently do nothing but play Gears of War 3.

Plus the faster pace of it all sounds incredibly enticing and will be a lot more accessible, which has naturally got the hardcore MP fans in an uproar. Single-player looks super fun, too. And fuck all ya'll, Baird's possibly the best character in the series! Only downside to all of this is the removal of horde mode, which does suck something awful. I had envisioned that they'd implement the class system into horde mode, so you could repair structures and stuff, but that's evidently not the case. Maybe in next-gen Gears 4.

Posted by GunsAreDrawn

This video just seems to be showing everything that was built in Gears of War 1 getting streamlined to the point where it takes a lot less skill

Posted by antwane

I like the changes to the MP. Looks like a solid game.

Posted by Czarpyotr

I think this looks awesome. I wasn't coming to gears for the writing ever...

Also I fucking hate Baird but for some reason this didn't offend me. The new maps, multiplayer changes, and horde mode classes look dope!

Posted by Branthog

Gears of War multiplayer is something that just never has been very sticky with me. I finish the campaign. I play the multiplayer for an evening. I take the disk out. I never touch the game again. Even with Gears of War 3, I bought the game and then I bought two season passes (one for me and one for someone else). We played the co-op multiplayer for half an evening and have never touched any part of Gears, since. I don't even know what DLC came out for it, even though I paid for it.

So . . . the idea of yet more Gears . . . just doesn't do anything for me. I guess the best way I can explain it is that I suddenly just feel very non-plussed about the franchise.

Posted by ez123

They could change every single thing about the multiplayer and some people would say it's the same thing.

I would have loved to put that tacky-ass armor on a locust. :(

My interest in this game relies on Campaign/survival mode. Overrun could be alright. Multi is a guaranteed downgrade. Though, if it can be stable like in Gears 3(I think this game has dedicated servers too), that's something.

Posted by Tennmuerti

Wow, team death match? I'm impressed.

Edited by Mitch0712

But will it blend?

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@switters said:

This game may end up selling well but if pre-orders mean anything the one big exclusive for the Xbox 360 in 2013 may be in trouble.

That a fancy list thingy you got.

Posted by GenocidalKitten

Call me cynical but, all I see in those reward boxes are opportunities for micro-transactions.

Anyway this looks good enough I'll probably buy it a couple months after it comes out.

Posted by dgtlty

Wait, where's Horde?

Posted by pwnmachine

Can anyone tell me what the online population is like for GoW3, I missed out on the launch rush and would like to get back into it.


Posted by BPRJCTX

Amazing how much hate this series gets from the GB community, when the GB crew actually loves the games...

Anyway, always loved this series, and i really enjoyed Bulletstorrm, so this should be a great match.

Edited by BPRJCTX

Can anyone tell me what the online population is like for GoW3, I missed out on the launch rush and would like to get back into it.


It's still one of the most active games on Xbox Live, according to Major Nelson's reports, so, you should have no problems.

Posted by sirdesmond

A million yawns were just yawned by me.

Edited by Sooty

roll shotgun roll shotgun roll

Posted by WaiteyBulger

prizeboxes?? sounds like mass effect 3

Posted by SensuousLettuce

I think the new improvements (with the exception of the 2 shot sawed off) look like fun. Off hand grenades is a great idea and some of the new weapons look awesome. The verticality makes me a bit nervous, but I'm really looking forward to this game. People seem to have concerns that it's COD'd but you can't say they aren't trying to freshen up the game play. FFA looks like a hoot.

Posted by GunstarRed

I think the new improvements (with the exception of the 2 shot sawed off) look like fun.

I remember discussing the Sawn off shotgun with people during the beta for 3. Some people were massively worried/annoyed it would unbalance the game and make it easier for us less skilled players to get "cheap" kills. It turned out that within a week of the full game releasing everyone was back to rolling with the gnasher as the one shot/slow reload was completely useless against better players. I'm going to assume even with a slightly quicker reload and a second shot the gnasher will still always be the better option.

Posted by Canteu

Double noob cannon? No thanks.

Posted by strange_cloud

I wish they would have let People Can Fly make another bulletstorm with all the bells and whistles, that is a game I would buy!

Posted by Vampire_Chibi

idk, it looks like gears, i just don't like it when the next game in a franchise adds to many new things, i don't like when they add too many new guns actually, i like it more when they either improve the existing ones or remove some of the old onces and add news onces, but still idk how i should feel about this, i guess i'll wait and see, i don't thing i would get this tho.

Posted by DanTheGamer32

I'm sorry but no DBNO means this isn't a Gears game to me

Posted by civid

@gunsaredrawn: You're right how dare the COG start recruiting females when they're overrun, outnumbered and completely surrounded, that doesn't make ANY sense!

Also, this game looks competent although I can understand people who are getting fatigued by games like this and God of War: Ascension.

Posted by DougQuaid

New maps look great, some of the new features look kind of ehh... Being able to revive someone from range sort of removes the risk all together, something Gears mulitplayer has been really great at; risk/reward. Also, you could always throw grenades from the hip without winding up if you knew how to gauge the distance you needed to throw them.

I still don't understand why this needed to be another game, it looks EXACTLY like Gears of War 3. I feel like Epic could've released this as an expansion or another season pass and people would've been more excited; I know I would have.

Edited by Pixeldemon

I'm sorry but no DBNO means this isn't a Gears game to me

Not only that, but the game is shipping without any "elimination" playlists (e.g. Execution).

For those that don't know, the Gears 3 competitive scene is largely centered around Execution because it rewards skilled strategic team play (and not just a respawn-fest race to X number of kills).

It's a shame because competitive Gears 3 is really exciting and entertaining to spectate. I'd say that Gears also has a much higher skill ceiling than Halo and COD. Even moving around the environment efficiently is an acquired skill.

Judgment may still be a super fun competitive game, but it's going to alienate the core Gears player base pretty heavily.

Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

Meh, I never played Gears of War for the multiplayer anyway. I loved playing the campaign with friends, Gears 3 still entertains me, so if it gives me more of that...then I am all for it.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

I'm feeling cynical today, but those Epic Boxes just scream micro-transactions.

Posted by avantegardener

DOMination. That is all. I do have a bit of soft spot for the gears.