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Posted by AngelN7

Man those CELL guys sure are sweary

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I watch every quick look but this one was really annoying way too much yelling and in jokes even though it has my favorite people in the quick look.... why so much yelling :( It sounded really distorted also so the yelling sounded badly

Posted by TruthTellah

Man... this is a pretty game.

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Man glad i came and watched this after i missed the first chunk of the live stream.....god Jack Trenton was there and everything

Posted by kishinfoulux

The beginning of this Quick Look is amazing. <3

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Tweak the settings and then show the quicklook...painfull to watch guys

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Oh god, as soon as I saw the menu with the wet window, I immediately thought back to the collectors edition of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory! Such a good game!

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It's hard to watch this video and not shout instructions to brad via my screen.

Posted by ManlyBeast

Man these guys can make you laugh even when you're depressed as fuck.

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The screen tearing when they get into the jungle was making my eyes fall out.

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I'm so excited for the event tomorrow. I can't wait to see ALL the pixels.

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I thought it looked cool at the beginning but this is some JANKY shit. The teleporting guy was weird... then check out about 43:40 when they shoot an enemy in the head and the wacky physics propel him towards Brad

I'll sweeten this sour post by praising the sound design which is incredible

and then this happened....

Posted by DeviTiffany

"Only two Raptors survived, Prophet and Psycho."

Whoa, Whoa, what the hell? I'm not up on my Crysis lore but what the fuck happened to Nomad? Did they retcon him out of the series for good?

Posted by Canteu

@loktarogar: Not sure what you were watching but I can clearly see subtitles.

Posted by TruthTellah

Have a seat!

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For those wondering, Nomad died in the comic they released, shortly after the events of Crysis. So did the girl.

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It's impressive how they look at all them fancy options at the start and still just manage to ignore the "subtitles: no" part.

Posted by Masakari

The story of the Crysis games is absolute crap, nobody cares.

Posted by Korolev

Audio's a bit weird. Every time Vinny or Ryan or Brad speaks, there's this weird popping noise.

Posted by Vitor

So was that cutscene pre-rendered ? The last thing I want in my more-benchmark-than-game video game are pre-rendered cutscenes. I can't imagine that wasn't real time... right ?

No, it was in game. Seriously impressive stuff. That cutscene fluctuated wildly for me in terms of FPS and actually ran better than the actual game did once I got into the mission proper - definitely not pre-rendered though.

@langdonx said:

Why was this not quick looked on an Nvidia GTX Titan??

Because that just got released and costs $1000 which is a little excessive and wouldn't give people a decent impression of how the game would run in the real world?

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@drewbert Hey Drew, you forgot the intro "Bwaaaaaaaangwoosh" noise.

Quite surprised nobody has commented on this fact yet. For shame duders, for shame.

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@sgtpierceface said:

No more "first" 's guys. No quests, no reason to look like an asshole.

How about the sheer joy of it?

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Man this looks cool but if they're running a GTX670 I think it'd melt my 460

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Watching an FPS being played with an xbox controller seems to make me a little sea sick....

Posted by langdonx

Why was this not quick looked on an Nvidia GTX Titan??

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@slashdance: Crysis 2 had low-quality almost 480p looking quality cutscenes. It was the epitome of a "consoled" PC game.

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So was that cutscene pre-rendered ? The last thing I want in my more-benchmark-than-game video game are pre-rendered cutscenes. I can't imagine that wasn't real time... right ?

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Can someone honestly tell me what the point is of Live Quick Looks where they haven't played something at all? I mean I'm just not sure what the function is. We're learning all this early game stuff same time as the Bomb crew, when ideally, it'd be them explaining stuff to us and pointing out things they've found etc.

Content is content, but this seems to kinda serve no actual purpose compared to what Quick Looks are normally for.

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I was planning on trying it out but even the tutorial is giving me motion sickness.

Guess shooters will never be my thing

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Yeah, Rasch' voice has the same problem as Hargreave, I think both are voiced badly, but maybe it's intentional? Furthermore, supposedly the voice acting in this is 'terrific'. Honestly, this may sound weird, but that training itself to me looked awesome, it was like a tron meet VR mission kind of thing. In the first Crysis, you play as a character called Nomad. He dies in a comic by sacrificing himself to save Psycho and Prophet. Damn, this game looks way better than two.

Posted by Vitor

Just so you know, the first level of the game runs like sh*t compared to the rest.

Those rain affects are really taxing. Still, the game just looks better and better as you go through it. Incredible.

Gameplay wise, the next couple of missions after the intro are fantastic but it trails off a little after that which is a shame.

Definitely a solid game, about comparable to the second if a lot shorter (6/7 hours first run through with all side missions).

Posted by MEATBALL


Pretty incredible intro.

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God this game looks boring.

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The dialogue in this game is cringe-worthy.

Posted by HansKaosu

Seriously awful VO in the intro.

Posted by JeanLuc

If nothing else, this game does sure look awesome.

Posted by Phatmac

That's a great looking face.

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Is something wrong?

This video disappeared from the site for a while and now that it's back, it's all stuttery. Is there something specifically wrong with this quick look video?

Posted by CodeFire
Posted by sergeantz

Year of the bow part 2

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Graphics in this game are pretty sweet, I think I might just wait for the eventual Xbox 3\PS4 release.

Posted by onarum

new video player is working like utter crap for me... so freaking slow...

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Anyone else unable to watch subscriber content on the site? I can download videos but it won't load when I try to stream them

EDIT: Got it to work this time but it still seems finicky

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@sooty said:

@giantstalker said:

Hot damn, that's a good looking face! Like, holy shit!

I think they look better in the first game, seriously impressive for 2007 technology.

Much of Crysis 1 looks better or at least more consistent than Crysis 3, like the close up detail of the vegetation, but when it comes to the faces I don't agree. That face looks fucking fantastic, and they even manage to convey some emotions (though they are kinda inconsistent about that). At the scene near the end where Prophet says to Psycho that he'll cross that field by himself, Psycho's facial animation looks amazing. Pretty much looked real to me right there.

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Prophet is Big Bo's grandfather.

Posted by Nikral

@rirse: The best thing about Origin is that it saves me hundreds of dollars I would normally be spending on these games! Now I can add yet another game to that list.

Posted by fisk0

@rirse said:

No Steam No Sale

Just wait a year for the Maximum Edition to get released there. Your computer won't handle it until then anyway.