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meh, gameplay-wise I'm not that impressed =/ o well

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It's a London accent, Brad.

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Magazine. NOT A CLIP!

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@namesonkel said:

Oh yes, Vinny, YES.

After they turned Anti Aliasing back on he said it looked less sharp.


If you think about it, jaggies are the epitome of sharpness. I'm not sure if you realize it or not, but in many cases most forms of anti aliasing can actually result in a reduction of overall clarity but fewer jagged edges.

It's something few people realize when everyone goes running to jack up the AA. Most of the time the jaggies are more unsightly than the slight loss in clarity that anti-aliasing might bring to the table though, but as far as actual sharpness goes, it actually does take its toll on texture quality and other things.

If you'd like to know more read this page on the different options available in Battlefield 3.

Compare these two images which use one of the most common types of AA and you'll see that the textures and such can become quite a bit more blurry, especially if you compare the power line poles and the cluster of geometry on them. Again, it's minor, but it's there. While I'd say it does look nicer with AA, I'm not sure it actually looks sharper with AA.

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Brad never wants to try things when playing games.

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Boring game is boring.

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How is this on 360?

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The graphics are terrible. Hopefully this is playable on the PC.

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Holy Shit I died during Ryan's Jack Trenton impression.

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Oh yes, Vinny, YES.
After they turned Anti Aliasing back on he said it looked less sharp.

Posted by MrAsshat

The sun rises in the morning, creatures are born and die, brad is terrible at games, all is as it should be.

Posted by Quipido

First minute of this video is pure internet gold.

Posted by Chriz1133

Is anyone else having problems with the videos suddenly becoming all fuzzy if working at all? Cuz it's seriously pissing me off that I can't even watch videos on giant bomb anymore since they've updated the site.

Posted by GaspoweR

Watching Brad not even bother to mark dudes while trying to go through with stealth was kinda painful to watch.

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The PS4 version will have 173.4 times more particles. O_O

Every drop of rain will have it's own unique reflection! We modeled every speck of dust on that coffee table!

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I just wish Brad would get over being a graphics snob. I understand you work for a video game site and can spend money on new tech willy-nilly, however most of us can't and we somehow make due with our outdated technology. I get that you want to see games at their best, who doesn't, but when the frame rate drops into the 20's it's not the worst thing in the world. Calm. The fuck. Down.

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Thermite in an Etch-A-Sketch...Thank you Breaking Bad.

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@mumrik said:

I would really really like it if they'd just shut the "¤&!£%" up during cutscenes. Ryan, Brad and Vinny just mocking the game before it even starts just makes me hate the crew before the QL even begins, and it prevents me from hearing the VO.

Agreed. As soon as the QL started I figured I should unwrap the game and play the opening missions before watching this. It makes them a little more tolerable, but not by much.

Posted by Greenshoes

The storyteller at the start sounds swedish to me.

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@abendlaender said:

Can somebody confirm if what I remember happening in Crysis 2 is real?

So, at the beginning you play some guy who almost dies because of the Aliens. Prophet saves you, gives you his Nanosuite and kills himself cause he has some kind of disease. But actually you are also kinda dead and only the Nanosuite keeps you alive and somehow Prophet then uploads his memories into your body, basically reboots it and takes control of it?

Did I dream that or did that happen?

I had a similar head scratching moment in the beginning of Crysis 3, but there's a intel log you get immediately during play that explains it.

Basically Laurence Barnes (codename Prophet from Crysis 1) was infected with Ceph DNA due to the Nanosuit's unique ability to interface with the aliens and their technology, and as he became more and more Ceph, started losing control of himself and felt the, erm, "call" of the alien hivemind. In order to finish what he started, he rescues a dying marine (Alcatraz) with no hope of recovery by giving him the Nanosuit, but he needs to sever the link to it. So he shoots himself in the head and says "good luck."

Then you play as Alcatraz and your onboard AI takes on more and more characteristics of Laurence Barnes, culminating in the silo jump that wipes out the aliens in New York.

Now here is where shit gets weird - as it turns out, Alcatraz actually died in that silo and what emerged from the wreckage was a new personality/identity forged between Alcatraz and Laurence Barnes. It thinks it's Laurence Barnes, it thinks it saved the world from the Ceph (twice), it thinks it's a human being and not some fucked up AI under that nanosuit. It's not, though. It's some kind of hybrid human/ceph intelligence that's essentially party rocking in a corpse inside a nanoshell.

As you can see, it's a pretty sweet concept but it was sure confusing watching the opening of Crysis 3.

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Its like watching my mom try to play a video game

Posted by Mumrik

Imagine focus group testing a game and having a guy like Brad in the group...

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The start is very MGS2 VR Missions.

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Is that Peter Stormare's face on the QL cover image?

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Can someone honestly tell me what the point is of Live Quick Looks where they haven't played something at all? I mean I'm just not sure what the function is. We're learning all this early game stuff same time as the Bomb crew, when ideally, it'd be them explaining stuff to us and pointing out things they've found etc.

Content is content, but this seems to kinda serve no actual purpose compared to what Quick Looks are normally for.

100% disagree. The last thing I want is someone doing a lecture voice-over while they play. I want color commentary, first hand reactions, and just some dudes playing a game for the first time.

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@redravn: Brad mentions towards the very end of the QL this is not how he'd normally play a Crysis game (he prefers going stealthy). He said it'd make for a dull QL to watch him patiently sneak about the game.

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As someone who played through crysis 2 on the hardest difficulty watching brad play this is painful. Seriously, the gameplay is way more tactical and elegant than what you see in this quicklook. You will have to use a combination of all of your weapons and abilities to survive. Also, how hard is it to get a more capable PC for quick-looking games and take the time to learn how graphics settings work? Ok done complaining. I really enjoyed Crysis 1 and 2 but honestly this game just looks like crysis 2.5 with a less interesting story. Also, the game length is majorly disappointing.

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Pinger in the front, licker in the rear.

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Stop letting Brad play.

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"Made in HTML5" and I nearly shat myself.

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The PlayStation 4 presented by Ryan, Brad, and Vinny...also Jack Tretton

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1080p = "Low?"


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The music and VA in the cutscenes are leagues better than the writing like WHOA.

Does the dude in the pond not notice the HOLE in the water in front of him?

Posted by Synnosaurus

Outside of Hunter Mode this game's multiplayer is garbage. I really hate day 1 unlocks.

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MSAA x 8 is what you want but it requires 4GB of Vram which your 670 probably doesn't have. MSAA just eats u VRAM, people mistake it for a poorly optimized game, never knowing what MSAA is, turning it up and expecting to be able to handle it.

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I have never played Crysis but this looks pretty interesting. Dat face! :U

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Rule #1 of gaming, turn off motion blur, always.

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that's a octagon

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I would really really like it if they'd just shut the "¤&!£%" up during cutscenes. Ryan, Brad and Vinny just mocking the game before it even starts just makes me hate the crew before the QL even begins, and it prevents me from hearing the VO.

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@mofaz said:

PC version, 360 controller. Come on guys, seriously?

People seriously still care about this?


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Bradley Shoemaker..you will give me a hernia yet.

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Crysis 3 - Featuring music from the motion picture The Dark Knight.

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Don't you get it? It's hexagons all the way down!

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Congratulations for the new site.

The streaming is nonexistent for me now, and had no problems before.

I'm running a 19 Mbps downstream line and I can buffer about 5 seconds of video per minute. This uicklook is unplayable :(