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I actually JUST decided to get rid of all my Rock Band stuff, both for space and aesthetic reasons (and so my OCD would stop requiring me to buy songs I might never play). Now I just need to find someone that wants to buy a complete Beatles Rock Band instrument set. I can't just throw it out!

Posted by C2C

@epicsteve: Rhythm games will probably comeback eventually. The concept and execution are there, the genre really just needed a breather after having two competing franchises duke it out for like four to five years.

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I finally accepted it and threw away my old instruments. It was good times, but it's over. See ya'll again in 2020.

Posted by CheapPoison

I was always curious about these kinds of games. But never got to try any.

Here's hoping for that comeback in 10 years!

Posted by EpicSteve

@mellotronrules: I have to imagine every GameStop has about a billion guitars. Plus, you can check it out and make sure all the fret buttons press down and whatnot.

Posted by mellotronrules

i just got the rock band 3 keyboard bundle. i'm having a great time thus far (it's pretty reasonable on amazon, and i bought it mostly for the pro keys mode to learn a bit, and to use as a midi controller). anyone have any recommendations for good keyboard songs? also- anyone have a tip on where to find reasonable guitar controllers? i had a look at ebay, but they seem overpriced- and i'd really like to play beatles rock band (it's a damn shame the keyboard isn't backwards compatible).

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I don't have any specific memories with Rock Band, but I do have memories with Guitar Hero 2, which I think was done by a few of the people that worked on the Rock Band games. First time I saw someone playing it, I was skeptical, but at the same time I was intrigued. I got a chance to play it for the first time at our local electronics store (Frys), and oh goodness...it was awesome. Not sure about the first song, but the second song was certainly "I Wanna be sedated" by The Ramones. By the time I was done with that song, I wanted to play some more of it.

I sadly never owned any of the GH games, or even the Rock Band games, but I did love playing them. It was indeed an awesome concept, and yeah I could tell you stories on what was going on around the time those games were popular.

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So hopefully rhythm games make a weird comeback in like 10 years?

Posted by C2C

Looking back at this generation, the rise and fall of the music genre as a whole was something else. I had similar gatherings at my place just to play Rock Band 2. Those were the only times where people would pony up money to me so I could buy DLC. Sorta like a jukebox in a sense. I don't remember when it happened but the hype for Rock Band 2 just died out in a flash.

Like honestly, I think that the rhythm game genre is the modern equivalent of what happened to fighting games in the 90's.