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Posted by WickedFather

Snider man, Snider man,

does whatever a snider can.

Makes a website any size

catches his cock in his flies!

Lookout! Here comes the Snider man!

Posted by GuardianKnux
Posted by Phished0ne

I still have Snide's chili recipe somewhere, keep planning on making it...

The funny thing is if you go into google and type in "Dave Snider " one of the first few google auto-fills is "Dave Snider Chili "

Posted by clumsyninja1

Jeff Green= Dean Martin

Posted by wrecks


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gimme dat b b b booombcast!!!

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Where do I sign up for the Dave Empire in EVE?

Posted by rwcohn

Regarding the printer ink talk, often the printers themselves come with either half-full or half-sized cartridges compared to the individual retail cartridges which are at capacity

That being said, the markup on those cartridges is insane

Posted by Hurricrane

It's Wednesday here >>

Posted by Spectral

I love that 2 hours 18 mins is considered a short.

Posted by Ben_H


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Oh man it's a Dave cast!

Posted by dobschutz

o man i wanna play eve with Dave and you duders so bad. ive been playing for a month but still in the starting areas and basically just float around mining by my lonesome like Dave. i need some eve buddies. :) Can't wait to apply for KiteCo

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Posted by Velamo05

First 43 minutes were presumably the best

Posted by RetroVirus

Metal Bombcast?

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God damn, Dave hasn't been on the bombcast in a while. Awesome!

Posted by Maajin

You're still the coolest in my book, Vinny.

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Bombcast & Dave...perfect

Posted by ripelivejam

i kinda want to see scoops rock this look when he returns

(does make him look a lot older. like almost 20 or something ;) i kid i kid)

Posted by Jazz_Lafayette


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Is there a lamer old person band than Guns N' Roses? Don't get me wrong, Appetite for Destruction is fantastic but for every hit that they had, they had six horrible ridiculous cover ballads to cancel them out.

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After reading all those early "can't wait for metal gear"comments I can't help but wonder how disappointed y'all are. Anyway, it may be a short one but damn I love me some Dave

Posted by ripelivejam

@milkman said:

Is there a lamer old person band than Guns N' Roses? Don't get me wrong, Appetite for Destruction is fantastic but for every hit that they had, they had six horrible ridiculous cover ballads to cancel them out.

led by a lame old person, strangely enough.

but i won't judge ;)

Posted by Vigorousjammer

Woo! Dave Snider!
I love these davecasts!

Posted by hollitz
Posted by Hef

@vinny As someone who's moved furniture for 4 summers in a row now, you sound like a nice person to work for. It's when people start adding stuff that wasn't going before or if you're not packed by the time we get there. Honestly the big awkward furniture isn't bad cause you deal with it everyday and are used to it, but people who are unprepared is normally a bad omen for the rest of the day.

Also a cup of coffee in the morning goes a long way.

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the cartridges in new inkjet printers are only 25% full.

laser printers are totally worth it and pretty cheap if you don't need color. even so the yield on toner cartridges is just insane and even color laserjets would be worth it in the end if you print a ton of color. not too keen on the color quality of inkjet vs laser though.

also why the fuck do we still need or use printers?

Posted by RE_Player1

Man listening to these guys talk about next generation consoles and gaming in the future makes me depressed... exactly why we need new consoles!! This generation has gone on so long people have been having these questions about the fate of the industry due to breakthroughs being few and far between. I hope Sony and Microsoft fucking blow the doors off with their new offerings so people can just be excited about games again, something I sorely miss from all gaming media.

Posted by Vortextk

Jesus I'm not sure if I clocked out for a minute or did it really take brad 15 minutes to get into the conversation? Thought he might be out too.

Posted by Animasta

@milkman said:

Is there a lamer old person band than Guns N' Roses? Don't get me wrong, Appetite for Destruction is fantastic but for every hit that they had, they had six horrible ridiculous cover ballads to cancel them out.

I honestly thought that chinese democracy wasn't bad... prostitute is a great song.

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Whoa. I'm new to the updated bombcast, this is awesome-looking. And talk of next-gen, yay! :D There's actually quite a bit excitement in gaming right now to me. Or, not really a lot of things to be excited over, but the things to be excited for is big, for me at least. Oh, and I liked the early talk (that's going on as I type this) about fatherhood and how it changes one, or just as you look at what you've done in the past and to see how you've changed. I agree entirely with everything they said about next-gen.

Posted by thebunnyhunter

Didn't Vinny just move to the suburbs like a few months ago....was i just imagining that? Could of swore Jeff and Vinny had an elongated conversation about Applebees and Arbys when he moved. Does anyone have a detailed history of where/when Vinny has lived.

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I'm kind of freaked out about tomorrow after listening to this episode. And after thinking waaay too deeply about the everything new is old is new again, I'm kind of freaked out about life.

But hey, Hotline Miami on my Vita is pretty dope.

Posted by mellotronrules
@milkman said:

Is there a lamer old person band than Guns N' Roses?

fleetwood mac. come at me, coked-out-hippy-bros.

Posted by artofwar420

The bombcast is with Dave.

Posted by PolygonSlayer

Yeah! Crazy Snider is on! This should make the morning working hours a breeze. B-) Cheers dudes!

Posted by blueinferno

Driving lesson is over at 2:30, I hope I don't miss much of the live stream tomorrow.

Posted by gomezar7

I hope that one day the guys have the time for a podcast about nothing and just follow their tangents wherever they take them. Thanks for the Bombcast Giantbomb crew

Posted by L44

Davecasts are bestcasts

Posted by hollitz

Wii U back of the box quote: "Oh, jeez." --Ryan Davis.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Bring back the important games feature! It was such an awesome tool and useful list. Also Samsung Galaxy S4?

Posted by Ares42

Interesting to hear Dave talking about EVE. Jumped into it myself recently too and while it's been a journey it's been an exciting one. Seems like he still needs to discover some very basic things that really opens up your perspectives.

Posted by Nev

Welp, time to play EVE again. Thanks, Dave!

Posted by Wilshere


Posted by WesleyWyndam

@vortextk: Same here. I thought it was just Vinny, Ryan, and Dave. Then I heard Brads voice and was wondering if I had zoned out.

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How long has it been since Dave has been on a podcast?

Too long, that's for sure.