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Posted by MeatSim

The Giant Movingcast featuring space trucker Dave!

Posted by Lorbst

Just sayin', as a scandinavian duder, guns and roses pretty much suck.

Posted by KittyVonDoom

Can't un-hear paranoid drug-addict Brad.

@cwjoe said:

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@milkman said:

Is there a lamer old person band than Guns N' Roses? Don't get me wrong, Appetite for Destruction is fantastic but for every hit that they had, they had six horrible ridiculous cover ballads to cancel them out.

I honestly thought that chinese democracy wasn't bad... prostitute is a great song.

Yeah, honestly, Chinese Democracy is a decent album. It's just not a good Guns N' Roses album. It's Axl Rose's solo album in everything but name.

Dave Mustaine's been doing that with Megadeth for well over 15 years now.

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@chibithor said:

If there's one 'American thing' I'll never get it's the whole lawn business.

Land of the free, for the longest time had people die of curable diseases for the sake of retaining the freedom to choose a health care provider without restriction - must keep your lawn within strict parameters and make sure to purchase the type of seeds that are accepted by your community.

Yeah, I'm with you.

EDIT: Don't get me wrong, not criticising the "land of the free" part, just being weirded out by how the hell it's legal to force you to keep your own front yard in a certain manner.

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(also Vinny)

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It's kinda sad that Max will never fully appreciate how cool his dad is/was.

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Posted by Game_Pad

These days, I rarely use printers, but the annoyances that comes with inkjet refills and such is why I switched to a laser printer 3 years ago. Hell, stock toner in that same laser printer, a HP unit, only recently went empty, and even then, the replacement toner was only about 10 bucks on Amazon.

With that being said, I went ahead got another laser printer recently (actually, I am waiting for it to arrive in the next few days), because Amazon had a Brother WiFi unit on sale, and I am giving the old HP unit to my little brother.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Beware of really interesting yet depressing opening conversation.

Posted by BoringK

The correct answer was

I put my iPod on shuffle the other day and was reminded that I still have Chinese Democracy on it. Oops!

Posted by HellknightLeon

In my veins!

Posted by Carlos1408

What a coincidence I'm moving tomorrow and it is stressful and harrowing!

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@Dave: That means the combat's worth doing!

...Well, game in question excluded.

Posted by PulledaBrad

"I'm like a fussy baby"

-Ryan Davis

Yep. Nailed it.

Posted by Vod_Crack

@boringk said:

The correct answer was

I put my iPod on shuffle the other day and was reminded that I still have Chinese Democracy on it. Oops!

In a months time, you will have Earth Rocker on it and all will be forgiven...

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Posted by Seanakin66

Vinny, what you said about parents...well-said.

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Dave! What's your corp name! Can I be in it!

Posted by Noli


Posted by ArbitraryWater

Nothing quite like the lack of Jeff and Patrick to turn the bombcast into a discussion about the crushing onset of middle age. Also, Brad openly says, on the record, that he is a graphics whore.

Posted by Darkhollow

Bombcast including Dave? I'm in! :D

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"Is there any other news? Any new games this week? Any Aliens news? Any Crysis news? ...Any video game movie news? Nope? Okay emails."

Jesus, what does Nintendo have to do to get attention from these guys? They announced a sequel to Giantbomb's 2009(?) DS game of the year in a new Mario and Luigi RPG alongside a bunch of smaller scale projects like Mario Golf and three new IPs on their eShop service. Beyond any sort of fanboy rage nonsense, is the worlds biggest video game publisher announcing 6 or so brand new games not even a blip on the radar anymore? Could six new games from any other console game publisher be similarly forgotten?

Posted by Xymox

What am I missing here? I can't find that level of depth inside the wiki search. There was talk about being able to search for games that have both dungeons and dragons in them, but from what I'm seeing, there's no object/concept/etc search box. The only things you can actively search for is developer and publisher? @snide

Posted by mnzy
Posted by ThreeRoneC

Hey @snide, when DUST 514 comes out I will fight the ground battles over your space truckin' routes.

Posted by ripelivejam

@krixok said:

Speaking of putting down fake numbers, my number looks super fake. So I got a call from a hospital last week. "Hi this is blahblah hospital, Gabriel, we need you to come in for surgery tomorrow at nine, bring your bag."

you got there in time right?

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Need to get Rorie in on the next bombcast.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

Came wanting to hear about Crysis 3 and MGS:Revengengengengence.

Left wanting to hear more about Dave's World of Eve.

Posted by BranDong

I'm fiending for a new podcast, I want to hear Jeffs reactions to the Sony conference.

Posted by hollyw00t

@brandong said:

I'm fiending for a new podcast, I want to hear Jeffs reactions to the Sony conference.

Then I am your comrade in fiend'osity. No fake, I'm straight up torqued for the next Bombcast. That being said, I'm straight up torqued for every Bombcast.

Posted by ominousbedroom

Just listening to this after watching the Sony 2013 reveal, hah. First of all, a big kudos to Dave's work ethic. I can't imagine all the debugging that must have been necessary to get things running.

I really like the non-gaming convos. Vinny's life stories are so relatable, and the Ryan is pretty introspective sometimes. I like his vocabulary. And Brad... oh, Brad. On top of this, nearly everything is coated with a sense of humor and that makes the Bombcast so fun to listen to.

Posted by SpartyOn

I was really hoping the PS4 announcement would warrant a special bombcast...I want to hear what these duders think!

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@spartyon said:

I was really hoping the PS4 announcement would warrant a special bombcast...I want to hear what these duders think!

I would imagine this is the closest thing you're going to get

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I know I'm late but

Resident Evil 4
Final Fantasy 4
Yakuza 4
Metal Gear Solid 4
Devil May Cry 4
Monster Hunter 4
Mega Man 4
Street Fighter 4
Phantasy Star 4
Castlevania 4
Contra 4
Dragon Quest 4

A million other Japanese games with a 4.

That was so never an issue.

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@giovanni: Next bombcast they will. Jeff will be back to talk about it.

Posted by Snakepond

Rocket Queen and My Michelle are my picks.

Fucking greatest group of all time.

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Dave talking about EVE makes me want to renew my subscription...

Posted by floodiastus

DAVE SNIDER!!! My fav dude of the crew, glad to see him more!

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Is it Tuesday again yet?

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Waiting for that Bombcast. So hyped.

Posted by graf1k
Posted by Undeadpool

DAMNIT, @snide! I've been getting calls from a Mini-Cooper dealership for someone named Wu and I couldn't figure out how it happened, but NOW I KNOW! There are PEOPLE on the other side of that +1 number, you monster!!

Posted by Roddykat

Please let there be a 'Dave Fortress' style video for Eve Online. That would be excellence! Call it.... 'Dave's Bayou'?