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Edited by Sooty

The problem with this game is it's only fun the first few times.

Posted by Psychohead

Dude! Galaxy Trucker is fucking sick. I'd love to see a video game take on that idea. Kinda surprised it was his inspiration, as Spaceteam really felt a lot more like Space Alert. (Which is also fucking sick. Perhaps fucking sicker, even.)

Posted by Wonloong

@bombedyermom: You and me both! When I got to the Play Store after getting a new Android phone and finding no matches on it, I was bummed out.

Posted by probablytuna

Even if Space Team is released on Android, I wouldn't have any friends interested in playing it :(

Posted by beepmachine

@patrickklepek Awesome article, I was wondering where the hell this crazy game came from. Spaceteam made me really miss the in-person interaction you used to always get with older consoles, but now miss because everything is online.

BTW this sentence seems off:

"There is no singleplayer component to Spaceteam, but Spaceteam’s genius is easily it converting friends and family."

Edited by senkir

Definitely some good advice in there. I think having the ability to work on side projects is a must as a developer of any kind.

Unfortunately, I still have not gotten to play spaceteam since I don't have any ios devices, but the friends I have told about it are in love.

As such, a port to Android would definitely be awesome. I think I'm going to have to start contracting myself out to build ports of ios apps I like.

Posted by medication

that shit is cool.

Posted by GrantHeaslip
Posted by tumes

Amazing game. Considering it's a) free and b) took 3 months to make, it's damn near the most fully baked concept/execution I've ever encountered. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

Posted by Tarsier

now he can make a new game and it will get hype because its 'by the guy who made spaceteam' and he can sell that one for trillions!

Posted by michaelfossbakk

Curious as to why, in the new site design, the actual article cuts off a bit of the header image.

Posted by Sweetie_Bot_V2

This game sounds like a lot of fun, I wish I had an IOS device to play it on.

Edited by Mezentius

As a current EA employee, I wanted to flesh out a bit from the article.

The restriction against working on game related IP as an employee is frustrating and as far as I know ubiquitous amongst the larger publisher/developers (please correct me if I am wrong in that assessment . As part of your initial employee contract you can typically declare existing IP of yours to be exempted from that rule, but going forward EA could claim ownership of anything you create as an employee outside of what you initially declare as existing IP. There are, at least at EA, processes in place to allow you to work on independent projects if you want, but there is no guarantee that your request will be approved. While I do find this stifling, there are valid reasons behind clauses like these, not the least of which being your access to privileged information that could give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Edited by Brackynews

@thepaleking said:

I would love to see you guys try out Artemis.

Seconded. It's Spaceteam for people with flight sticks and LAN parties.

I watched my campus gamer's club play this a couple weeks ago. First time I'd heard of it. I was all "why is the projector on? why is that asshole barking orders... oh." He's the captain type though. ;)

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