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Posted By StormTrooper

i'm already in. that was a cool show.

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Posted By Leviathan2000

If GTA 5 will be out for this platform, maybe I will buy it in the end of the year!

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Edited By gerp

Do we know if all 8 GB of RAM are gddr5?

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Posted By Peanut

Wasn't great, but I know I'm in day one either way, so I guess it really doesn't matter.

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Posted By SlashDance

I'm stocked about video games again.

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Posted By LiquidSaiyan3

I wasn't expecting much, but I'm left thoroughly impressed. I feel much better with Cerny at the helm of the next-generation.

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Posted By Draxyle

A much better show than anyone could have expected. I have blind optimism right now. New damned hardware! Finally!

SE not giving me much hope for them though. They announced an announcement and showed a trailer we had all already seen. Definitely the one weak link of the conference.

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Posted By cannonballBAM

Infamous: Second Son sounds great. I hope they go with the original idea for it to feature Cole's brother.

Big ups for Troy Baker already invading new consoles.

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Edited By Ulfghuld

I was unimpressed. I honestly thought a lot of what they showed could graphically be done with the PS3. But, I will wait to see more in the months to come.

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Posted By i8Donuts

Is Drive Club in the same universe as Wake-up Club?

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Posted By reflekshun

Do I lose all the games I have bought from PSN on PS3?? or can I carry them over? lol doubt it's possible!!

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Edited By arx724

Some smart network/connective things that actually have to do with video games, color me excited.

I'm personally mostly interested in Capcom's thing and From Software's logo being on the big logo wall. Slightly disappointed about the lack of Team Ico, but it was a long shot to hope for them being shown anyway.

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Posted By misterpope

I like video games. They had cool games. I'm hyped.

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Edited By MooseyMcMan

I cannot wait! I am already sold!

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Posted By Weasel713

Microsoft is gonna tear sony up, again

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Posted By loudgeekjr
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Posted By hughesman

I think it looked fantastic. Can't wait.

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Edited By Sooty

@weezel42 said:

Microsoft is gonna tear sony up, again

Nope. Microsoft are now screwed because everything they announce will likely be similar to the PS4 inviting a much more tame response.

Unless Microsoft innovate in some way, but it'll have to top the streaming/sharing stuff and instant on/off Sony have already unveiled.

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Edited By GuyIncognito

Pooping on the parade: Where's the Last Guardian?

Also, where's the PS4?

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Posted By kseoul

Honestly, it was a wonderful show. Sony really impressed me this time, even if most of the titles announced have little to do with my tastes. I loved the game-centric discussions and reveals, and cannot wait to see what the damn thing looks like at E3.

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Posted By ScientificPizza

I just expected 'Hey, look at this new Playstation maybe?', but the amount of games and stuff shown was impressive. I skipped all of the PS3, but I think I'll be on board for this.

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Posted By metalsnakezero

Very good, good job Sony.

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Posted By PDXSonic

No price or hardware pictures leaves me somewhat on the fence about this. Sure the new features seem cool, but nothing left me thinking I should buy this day 1 (or 100 for that matter). Did that with the Vita and got burned.

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Edited By LegendaryChopChop

I thought the showing was stellar, and smart in that they kept a lot of things in the dark until E3 so they have more to show instead of Microsoft's offering taking center stage.

I have to say, I was a 360 guy this generation, but that's mostly due to how frantic the marketing was and how it came out first and cheaper. Before that, I was all Sony with the PSX and PS2. I'm thinking Sony might win me back this generation.

I do wish that they'd have shown the system, but that might be because they're still designing it.

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Posted By JamesJeux007

I was really looking forward to this, but scared that Sony would completely fail to say anything new and interesting. Personally, I think they nailed it.

Video games, I'm back in.

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Posted By Weasel713

@sooty:Of course both systems are going to be similar just like last time. Xbox will have a better UI

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Posted By Seppli

I'm in. I've heard everything I wanted to hear from Sony. Microsoft most likely won't get my business this time around. Microsoft would have to rethink their subscripiton model for Xbox Live, as well as deliver everything Sony did today. I don't think either is going to happen.

And I'm glad, that gaming is exciting again. It's been too fucking long.

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Posted By MegaMetaTurtle

Sony having sorted out their online stuff makes me more excited than an improvement to graphics and AI for some reason. Actually more interested than I thought I would be. Just need to see what Microsoft do...

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Posted By ScreamingGhost

They had me at the new inFamous have to scrounge up some cash and stick it in the safe.

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Posted By Elwoodan

honestly what I'm most excited about is that new, more powerful consoles means better looking games on the PC, so many ports are held back by the current hardware.

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Posted By DeathByWaffle

I really would have liked to see what the PS4 is gonna look like (and a price point), but overall I was pretty impressed by Sony. I've done the vast majority of my console gaming on the 360, but the PS4 was looking pretty interesting. Really want to know what the new Xbox is gonna be like.

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Posted By Cykke

Thought the conference was pretty terrible. Was really wanting them to pull me away from the Xbox but that just didn't happen. Not showing the console, the only interesting game being Watch Dogs, and I don't care for all that social aspect and streaming crap.

Just bad.

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Posted By bacongames

@i8donuts said:

Is Drive Club in the same universe as Wake-up Club?

My first thought as soon as I read that.

Can anyone speak to hard drive flexibility? If you can use an SSD to hybrid drive this sumbitch, I would be really compelled to get one.

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Posted By bkbroiler

I wonder if this will force Microsoft to get very specific in their hardware specs too. Wee!

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Edited By switters

@guyincognito: PS4 will be shown in June. Have to save something for E3

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Posted By crusader8463

I'm interested in seeing what will come, but looking back nothing they showed blew me away. None of that online stuff interests me and even if it did I could never use any of it the way they talked about because I can't get the blazing fast internet that you would need to do so. While the games certainly looked much prettier, the game play part all just seemed more of the same and none of the games they showed were of gameplay that I enjoy or find appealing. I saw nothing there that is going to pull me away from my PC as my main platform.

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Posted By Eaxis

Thanks GB crew for the livestream. Had me cracking up the whole time, great stuff. Also Sony had a good showing.

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Posted By ddensel

Looks like a lot of cool stuff, could tempt me to jump ship from Microsoft over to Sony.

Stupid question: Is there a photo of the console itself? I can only find UI and conrtoller pics.

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Posted By Asurastrike

I really wasn't all that impressed.

  • I don't even touch DIablo 3 now, and I have it on PC.
  • Another Killzone game
  • Another inFamous game
  • Watchdogs, a third person shooter
  • Destiny, a first person shooter
  • An already shown Square Enix tech demo

My PC already looks better than current hardware, so I would rather see games doing something different, rather than just looking prettier.

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Posted By Kidavenger

@gerp said:

Do we know if all 8 GB of RAM are gddr5?

They wouldn't have labelled it unified if it wasn't, that's my take on it anyway.

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Posted By Fobwashed

I'm wondering how close the specs to the next 360 will line up with what the PS4 is offering. Most games being multi-console, I'm thinking games released on both systems will basically be the same just as it was this generation. There's sure to be a bit of disparity in the framerates, but beyond that, more of the same just better.

More than ever, it's going to be a battle of non-hardware features that determine which system will come out on top. Sony has way more in this field than I would have imagined with their social sharing focus. Microsoft will have to play follow the leader for the first time since the 360 launched in terms of what they'll need to add to their existing service. Lookin forward to E3 this year =)

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Edited By TheMasterDS

Genuinely impressed, great showing, I feel like I've been sold on a PS4. Which is weird because I felt like I played the PS3 the least of last generations 3 platforms. Whatever. Ball's in Microsoft's court.

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Posted By Jondan

Yep, I'm back in on video games. This Christmas? Let's do this.

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Posted By Punizher

No console, no price, is it official yet dat ps3 games discs wont be compatible with the ps4? ( pretty sure they will put them on the store for u to buy even tho u already own the damn game ) conference took toooooo long not enough games showed it was pretty boring i have to say.

how can u call a conference to show/talk about a product and not actually show it? FAIL imo

but happy about the whole last years OnLive options, play/record/watch

good they keep the same design that i am used to on the controller

i expected more from a +1h30mins bla bla bla conferance, but ofc i will still buy it hopefully they keep the date and we can get one for xmas :P

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Posted By mcain99

I didn't hear at the meeting that the PS4 would have a Blu-ray drive. Download only games?

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Posted By Jace

Diablo III

Yes, that Diablo III, from that developer Blizzard, is coming to both the PS4 and PS3 later this year


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Posted By Video_Game_King

Why does the presentation have a picture of a brain for memory? That's not even the right type of memory!

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Posted By fisk0

This may be the first console (unless we count the original Game Boy) that I'll get near or at launch. The promised continuing support for indie games, and some impressive looking first and third party titles along with the streaming and Vita integration looked really interesting. I got pretty hyped watching that press conference, even though I missed the first 30-40 minutes of it.

Were they clear on backwards compatilibity other than the fact that it won't run PS3 games natively? Will it still do PS1 games like the PS2 and PS3 did, and possibly PS2 games? PS3's software emulated titles prove that PS2 games run quite well on that machine even after they removed the actual PS2 hardware from it (even though they opted for selling you the games again rather than just letting you buy the emulator and play your current PS2 DVD's), and surely the PS4 could run that emulator as well, considering this is a powerful x86 PC, and PC's have been able to emulate PS2 games for quite a few years by now.