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Posted by reelife

@msavo: right on brother. I feel sorry for David Cage...

Posted by Lord_Xp

Thank god there wasn't a drinking game where you take a shot for every bit of lag that had happened.

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Some of this stuff is really exiting. Sony basically slapped some gaming companies on the cheek for hunting down let's players on youtube and made it a fundamental part of their system to stream gameplay. Mad props for that. Good to see a company that understands how the information age works. They could just as easily have pushed the copyright agenda forward and onto new heights.

Push X to try game, buy if you like it? Yeah, if this stuff works well, it could be pretty cool. Not really liking the idea of the system wasting download time on stuff I "might" like and the "friend bought this game" spam. If you're gonna frontload that stuff and say "come play this game too!" I don't expect to pay for the game to try it and play with the friend who bought it, just like how Age of Empires worked or as if I physically came over to the person who bought it.

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After rewatching this, I've noticed that Brad's behavior during the stream is one of the classic cases of someone so obsessed with getting every bit of information about something by barely keeping his nose out of his laptop and phone, that he actually routinely misses details from the actual presentation he is trying to listen to the feedback from. Don't let twitter take over your lives, kids.

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I've watched this so many times

Posted by agentmaine
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The drive club guy still makes me crack up laughing. Still can't get over how much that dude loves cars

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I had to watch this again after Microsofts reveal. This one was so much better.

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I had to watch this again after Microsofts reveal. This one was so much better.

yep, i really really hope sony doesnt blow their chances of dealing a powerful blow to microsoft.

Posted by BestUsernameEver

I was initially impressed by this conference when it happened, now it's just that much more promising after Microsoft's showing.

Posted by Nilazz

Watching this makes me realizes even more how lacking the xbox one reveal was, Microsoft really dropped the ball.

Posted by AlexanderSheen

Some people say that MS opened with the home entertainment stuff so they can focus on the games at E3. Maybe they got the necessary crap out of the way but that doesn't make a good first impression. Now most people associate the PS with games and Xbox with... something like this:

MS has to put on a really good show at E3 to fix this. We'll see.

Posted by Oddballs

The Xbox One reveal just made me want to re-watch this again. So, here I am.

Posted by Zevvion

Not writing off Microsoft yet. I still believe they will offer great games on their system. But they better be preparing right now on how to blow me away at E3.

If they miss the E3 oppertunity, I'm not so sure they'll have another chance like that to sway people's perception.

Posted by Zero_

Watching this again, much better than the XONE reveal. Not just from a content/focus perspective, but from purely an attention keeping one.

Posted by SeriousSgtStu

I Love how no one said shit about fucking television or sports, just good games and the console. Nothing more needed. I can't wait for E3, and I hope the XBone can pull something coherent together, because at this point Sony have been presented with the next generation on a silver platter curtsey of Microsoft's arrogance.

Posted by Max_Cherry

Now, this is more like it.

Posted by Odinez

Is... is that a gun by drew's leg?

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so much hype and I am rewatching it !

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Watching again.

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Watching to get myself ready for launch tonight

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Watching this over again because I wanted to see some Ryan.

Just now noticing how godamn cynical Patrick was about everything they mentioned. It was pretty off-putting. Everyone expects a certain amount of cynicism and fun-poking from the GB guys, but constantly Patrick was the Debby Downer of everything, rarely positively commenting on anything.

Came across as cheesy and lame. I love the guy, but hot damn that was annoying.

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The birth of the scoop's-tee. You can barely even see it.

Posted by dekinblues

wow a year already. way to change the game sony.

Posted by TheNoseBear

Video game developers are weird people...

Posted by peritus

Still waiting on most of those promised features. But this video will keep me entertained while i wait!

Posted by zokamoka

I hope we see a Knack 2, think I sunk 50 hours into that game >_>