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Posted by hollitz

Killzone 2 was one of the only multiplayer shooter experiences I've ever enjoyed. Could be fun if I end up getting one at launch.

I really don't understand everyone's negative reaction. Then again, every FPS seems the same to me.

Posted by gamergutz
Posted by kishinfoulux

@meatsim said:

Killzone is more of graphical showcase then a game I actually want to play.

This. To quote Adam Jensen "I didn't ask for this". Sony so desperately wants this to be their Halo, but nobody really gives a fuck.

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

Why is that Helghast wearing Altair's robe?

Posted by chose

I thought space nazis was the most unoriginal idea the first time I played Killzone 2, then I watched the live demo and saw a wall dividing the city.

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Wow. Space Berlin Wall with a comically stark dichotomy between east and west.

I don't think the imagery could possibly be any blunter, but there are worse time periods to crib from than the Cold War, I guess.

Posted by courage_wolf

So will this finally be the game where Earth steps in to curb stomp the Helghast? The ISA have proved to be incapable of containing the Helghast, when does Earth get tired of their failure and go all in on Helghast extinction?

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@big_jon said:

@supersonic1305 said:

@nals: millions of people yes. Killzone 2 is still the best multiplayer of this gen.


Is that a fact?


Posted by Regal

I think that flying through a city that big, with this level of detail and reflections coming off buildings and so on was every bit as impressive as that Deep Down tech demo, and this is actually a game. Now, I personally don't care about the actual game at all, but what you want to see is what would run on the system, and I think this is as great as anything else shown on stage. I really did not believe it was real time during the opening shots of this.

You'll start imagining this technology and an interesting IP like Mass Effect was for last generation.

Posted by RudeTrooper
Posted by Giantstalker

Looks great, although I kind of liked the darker atmosphere/aesthetic of the older games more.

Still, new settings, new visuals, so it should all be good. I for one really like the niche Killzone has carved out for itself in the console shooter arena and look forward to more.

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@blue_cube said:

I guess it's pretty popular among the press and gamers alike to bash the sequelitis that's being going on in the games industry for quite some time now, but what's so wrong with it? Killzone is a good game and it's not like sony has a lot of alternatives, and from the look of things this promises to be another good game. I didn't hear them cry so much when COD black ops 783.356.121 was announced because they admitted it was still a good game.

Just wait until Halo 5 (the 7t Halo, btw) to get announced.

i love the hypocrisy people have when it comes to FPS'

A Killzone or Resistance game gets announced: "Ugh, another aim down the sights and shoot guys FPS. BOOORRRRIIIINNNNGGG.

A CoD or Halo gets announced: "OMG!!!!111!One GREATEST GAME EVER!!!! I CANT WAIT!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

Posted by Klaimore

I want Killzone.

Posted by Agamemnon

I think the other killzones have been fun enough to play, and it´s always nice to have something pretty to show off your new system to your friends. Will most likely get it.

Posted by devilzrule27

Love the aesthetic shift. KZ is one of my favourite FPS' and I certainly look forward to going back to it especially since it looks quite fresh.

That said I would still like to see Guerrilla games make a new title as well

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