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Posted by Regal

@yorro said:

I remember pretty well when people thought that the real-time gameplay demo of Killzone 1, during PS3 announcement, was complete bullshit.

Same pattern happening right now. People are just too cynical.

Lets not forget though that it wasn't a real time demo of Killzone 2 (if that's what you meant), but what they finally came up with didn't actually stray too far from that concept video.

For this they literally said that it was running on their new engine on a PS4, and after 'Killzone-gate', I doubt they would repeat that same mistake again, I don't think we are being too naïve in assuming that. Amazing as this looks, If you cram all these new lighting- and particle effects into a small environment like this, I believe it can be done.

If it could co-exist with other game mechanics and AI is a little more doubtful, but it is a real time demo.

Posted by aktivity

@korolev said:

I'm pretty sure that this footage isn't real time, and I'm pretty sure such dynamic animations won't be seen throughout the game. I could be wrong, hell, would love to be wrong, but this looks a little TOO good to be true.

I dunno, I think it would be kinda pointless to try and sell your new engine by showing pre rendered stuff. So, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

It's a Japanese Dungeons & Dragons-ish game! I'm sold!

Dragon's Dogma was my game of the year 2012

Posted by StriderNo9

Thought this was Dragon's Dogma 2. Sad face.

Posted by Kerned

Thought this was Dragon's Dogma 2. Sad face.

I'm betting that it is. Dragon's Dogma: Deep Down seems like a likely title.

Edited by galloughs

I love how they tagged on little details in the corners to make it look like this is gameplay, when it obviously isn't at all

Posted by Darthozzan

This is definitely in-engine, if you know what to look for it shows. It doesn't seem wildly above Unreal Engine 4; but this is obviously much more impressively crafted since it's directed in this way with a game that actually seems pretty cool. If it is pre-rendered, then they have done a remarkable job of making it look just shitty enough to make me fully believe that it is in-engine.

Posted by Coolarman

Most impressive thing to come out of the conference. After this it would be watch dogs, and the Jonathan Blow game.

Posted by soralapio

This is going to be some shitty Move game isn't it

Posted by zoozilla

This obviously isn't gameplay, but I can certainly believe that it's real-time, with every frame optimized to use all 8 gigs of RAM.

They were smart to set it in a cave, where unecessary details could be obscured by shadow, and they wouldn't have to render it. They also have a lot of close-ups, so they could devote more horsepower to tiny details.

It looks amazing - an actual game won't look anything like it, but who knows? Maybe 3, 4 years down the line, they'll look close.

Posted by Arx724

@ahgunsillyo said:

Hopefully, they'll do what they did with Dragon's Dogma and put some sweet-ass J-Rock on the title screen to get you pumped every time you play.

The first time the music really kicked in, I fucking hated it so much. I thought it was completely out-of-place. Every time after that, it would totally get me in the mood to climb up on giant creatures and stab the shit out of 'em.

Posted by King9999

Now I want a Souls game with this engine.

Posted by King9999

What was with the message from Blanka at the end? Are they hinting some kind of Assassin's Creed like world within a world? Or are they just pushing the PS4's sharing features?

I think that's just Ono being Ono.

Posted by MeatSim

I hope it's got the Dragons Dogma combat system.

Posted by ShadowKnight508

Looks awesome. Looks like I'm down with Deep Down for whenever the release date turns out to be.

*puts on shades and walks away*

Posted by kishinfoulux

The funny part is because of the fake HUD people will think that's actual proper gameplay. Sony with the smoke and mirrors again.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

Hate to say it but I'm skeptical about this game and whether it would even look that good.

Edited by Superkenon

The funny part is because of the fake HUD people will think that's actual proper gameplay. Sony with the smoke and mirrors again.

If it's in-engine, does it really matter whether that was actual gameplay? They framed the whole thing as a tech demo anyway.

Edited by BlatantNinja23

@twoarmed: it could be, it's just you know, only rendering that specific situation. So once the game opens up it could no longer do all of that.

Same thing goes with the old man's head. All the processing power was going to just that head, so it might not be capable of doing a full body let alone multiple people in that detail.

Otherwise this was pretty meh cgi.

Posted by mewarmo990

So many "Panty Raid" snarks on Twitter during the live stream...

Posted by theslimdavylp

Swords, shields and dragons! Yay!

Edited by RudeTrooper
Posted by ThunderSlash

Why is Zaeed in this game?

Edited by rebgav

So... cutscenes are going to be pretty sweet in the Panty Raid engine?!

Posted by Huey2k2

There are people who legitimately believe that this is real time footage?

Come on people, did you learn nothing from the Killzone 2 demo?

Edited by Tennmuerti

Considering how incredibly assy Dragons Dogma looks from a technical perspective, I am super skeptical that they can pull off this level of graphics (that overtakes Witcher 2) in this short a time, new engine on beefier hardware or not.

Especially considering almost all of that (bar 2 places) looks like scripted animations. A super touched up and optimized in engine cut scene i can maybe swallow.

Edited by mattymjp

Ahhhh, loads of nice looking movies but no gameplay footage, I do love the arrival of a next-gen console

Posted by Sir_Belf

I also got Dragons Dogma vibes. Looks too good to be true.


@korolev: I think it is real time.

Animation is something that's really going to be pushed this gen (peeps way too busy talkin polygons now). I imagine their engine allows them to do some interesting dynamic and physics based stuff, along with motion and performance capture.

I didn't really find anything Animation-wise too unbelievable. The "afraid" animation sticks out because it's something we don't see in games much as 200% of characters are bad-asses but it's not difficult to do (and again, it could just be mo-cap).

Anyways, I really hope you're wrong. :)

Posted by Jedted

Why is Zaeed in this game?

I was thinking the same thing. Be interesting if THIS was the last game Robin Sachs worked on.

Posted by divergence

this was the most impressive demo at the PS4 event, in my eyes. The lighting and texture detail is quite a leap ahead of where we are at right now which is what I expect out of next-gen systems. Can't wait.