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Posted by Flyp

Looks good!

Posted by sebmal

I'm looking this up right now.

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Ah! Finally I can watch some quality video of the trailers. Thanks duders.

Edit: Well, that was short.

Posted by Crippl3

Look it up!

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That man was going to orgasm on stage.

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Posted by groverat

That looks fucking awesome.

Posted by Trace17

As it stands now, this is the game I want most on PS4. Looks fun.

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Giant Bomb, when can I buy a Drive Club t-shirt to go with my Flight Club t-shirt?

Posted by Spike_Kojima

you say 1st person racing I say eff yes

Posted by skrutop

My Hyundai Santa Fe goes faster than any of those cars in that game.

Posted by RE_Player1

you say 1st person racing I say eff yes

Yup couldn't agree more.

Posted by DukesT3

I'm back in videogames guys.

Posted by FunkasaurasRex

The entire presentation made this game sound more like a car-fucking simulator than a driving game.

Posted by icytower38

That guy on stage was creepy. That aside I'm a big car guy, real or video game, so I am definately interested to hear more

Posted by LiquidSwords

The guy went from six to midnight as he was describing this game. Creep!

Posted by moondogg

@msavo: will they have the balls to keep it only 1st person though.

The Driveclub name doesn't do much for me I must say. But at this point, what do you call a driving game to separate it from all the others.

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DriveClub, as opposed to a putter.





Posted by sempiternal

So, did anybody look to see if the name really was registered nine years ago?

Posted by SomeJerk

We need Top Gear to air and comment on his choice of words because it was wonderful

Posted by alibson

Strap it in

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

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Please be a launch title

Please be a launch title

Please be a launch title


Posted by Nardak
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That guy really did like cars to a uncomfortable level.

Posted by Coleslaw893


Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

Team based racing sounds good to me. Might get it if enough other people get it and it manages to maintain a good player base, which will be a monumental task for a new racing game.

Posted by Bollard

It's not as pretty as Project CARS, but damn that dude loves cars.

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Ssshhh... Close your eyes. The first rule of DriveClub is, you do not look at DriveClub.

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Seeing this makes me want to know what a new Burnout game would look like on the PS4 sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FREAKIN MUCH!

Posted by Robaota


Posted by John1912

@zero_ said:


Lol, Id like to see that...Skin, gone........3rd degree burns.....I wont bother posting a pick, but good 3rd degree burns....

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Gotta give credit where credit is due. This team really made a beautiful looking driving game. How it plays has yet to be seen. But I'm excited for this title! In the words of Ryan Davis "This is the guy you want making your car game!"

Posted by BlatantNinja23

looks cool, but honestly it just made me more excited for Forza 5

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I have to say that while the game looks amazing, I've never been a fan of the teaser. Show me something.

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I sort of hope this is Forza-good so I don't have to buy a next-gen Xbox. It's the last Microsoft exclusive franchise that I still really like.

Posted by Andorski

I'm willing to bet that the game will only possibly look this good if there is a photo mode in the game. It's more likely though that this trailer was all pre-rendered.

Posted by flyingace16021

If it's anything like Flight Club, I'm in. Hopefully they get the original voices for Drew, Vinny, and Dave. :p

Posted by devilzrule27

They really seem to have taken the autolog feature from NFS and fleshed it out into it's own game. Looks like a fresh new take on a sim racing game. Could be interesting.

Interesting this is their showcase racing game for their new console and not something from the Gran Turismo team. Guess the next GT game is a loooooong way away.

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I'm a little bummed that Evolution didn't decide to continue to show it's deep, deep, deep, deep, DEEP hatred for cars - MOTORSTORM STYLE!!

Posted by graf1k

When they first showed this I was a little snarky about it and brushed it off because if I want sim-type racing there's already Forza on Xbox and Gran Turismo on PS, and if I want arcade racing there's GRiD, NFS and now Forza Horizon. But honestly after thinking about it, maybe this could finally be a GOOD version of Test Drive Unlimited. That team had an amazingly good and original idea that was matched only by how poorly they actually executed it, but the idea is still awesome nonetheless. I'm still not sure DriveClub is going to have all that, but it seems like it's going in that direction which is pretty cool. Somebody has to do that idea properly and without so much Euro-weirdness.

Posted by hughesman

I sort of hope this is Forza-good so I don't have to buy a next-gen Xbox. It's the last Microsoft exclusive franchise that I still really like.

Yep. This.

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