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I'm really liking the look of this game. I'll be interested to see how the ps4 version differentiates itself from the ps3/360 versions. If I remember the last console launch correctly, the next-gen ports weren't exactly head-and-shoulders above their predecessors.

Posted by impartialgecko

This has to be Ubisoft's console launch game right? Right?

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We watch the watch dogs.

Posted by CollegeGuyMike

I'm excited for this game.

Posted by GnomeonFire

@adam1808: But that would mean its a game I actually want.

Posted by Hashbrowns

I'm so glad the developer decided to do a voice over. In case you're wondering, I'm being sarcastic.

Posted by leejunfan83

It's been confirmed that this is pc footage

Posted by Aetheldod
Posted by calvinsaurus

more chasing dudes...

Posted by Dixego

So pumped for this game.

Posted by Artof_War

Is this PS4 or PC footage?

Posted by Wiseblood

"Who watches the watch dogs? Like...other dogs?"

Sleeping Dogs.

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Check out www.chicago-ctos.com (you can see it on a few billboards, especially on the roof where he hijacks the train.)

Hacked by a group called DedSec, which you can also see as graffiti when the main character is climbing to that roof.

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dat Québécois accent from someone who doesn't speak english very often :)

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gotta watch out for that tear gas.

edit---- oh wait, wrong game. >_<

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I'm in, but I've yet to see any part of this game that screams "next-gen."

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I'll probably just get the PS3 version.

Posted by Deathpooky

This still looks great. Almost like a combination of an open world game and Syndicate. Even if it isn't a huge leap graphically, this is easily the most interesting gameplay I've seen for next gen consoles.



Posted by jozzy

It's been confirmed that this is pc footage

Posted by RobbieRage

I can't wait to control EVEYTING!

Posted by umdesch4

Yeah, I'm definitely going to be playing this on my PC.

Posted by Batalskar

Dont care if this is PC or console footage, that game is going to be a great experience.

Posted by On1inepersona

Its like Ubisoft continued Syndicate in some sort of Syndicate prequel

Posted by AV_Gamer

I want to play this game.

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If this game started out as Assassin's Creed future spin-off, it wouldn't surprise me.

Still keeping my eye on this.

Posted by allodude

Wait wait wait wait. isn't this just Person of Interest: The Game?

Posted by TheHT

"Who watches the watch dogs? Like...other dogs?"

Sleeping Dogs.

Actually the Watch Dogs watch the Sleeping Dogs. The Big Dogs watch the Watch Dogs and the Mad Dogs are just chaotic neutral.

Posted by icytower38

This game seams to promise a lot, and I want in on all of it

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Watching Dogs.

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@allodude said:

Wait wait wait wait. isn't this just Person of Interest: The Game?

you know... I saw the intro to Person of Interest after seeing the first Watch Dogs trailer... and had pretty much the exact same thought.

Posted by WiqidBritt

I wonder if there are any repercussions for shooting or killing police in the game. From what I've seen story wise, the main character seems like the type that would avoid shooting cops that were basically just trying to do their jobs. But given the way most people play games, there needs to be more than just story to keep them from killing off the city's entire police force every time they play the game.

Posted by Beomoose

Oh god this game. Everything on my body that can stand, is.

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That developers voice coach was Mister G

Posted by Zelyre

PC footage on hardware close to a PS4.

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@adam1808 said:

This has to be Ubisoft's console launch game right? Right?

I'd imagine. What they have shown seems to be looking good and it is still coming to PS3 and 360 so it has to be close to the launch of the new systems for them to bridge the gap like that, right?

Posted by Kri0s

This gave me a mental erection.

Posted by golguin

This looks pretty good. Really like the idea of hacking your way through a problem. The multiplayer angle also looks super interesting. I feel like Dark Souls really opened up the idea that multiplayer can exist in a single player game.

Posted by DaMisterChief

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I just noticed my new favorite part of this demo: the player throws a token glance in either direction before he jaywalks.

Interestingly, Alex, the address that appears in the footage links to a website with a Latin quote which roughly translates to "who will guard the guards themselves?" Or, you know, "who watches the watchmen?"

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The multiplayer sounds neat

While your playing single player others will join your game journey style. They are not coming to mess with you or kill you. What other players jobs are is to spy on you doing things without being noticed. You can get contracts like "go into this guys game and catch him doing this without him knowing your there." That camera the guy turns off while ridding the train away was controlled by another player.

Posted by SpicyRichter

What the hell is this accent?

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Not surprising how Assassin's Creed-ish it seems. Totally cool with that.

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It looks really impressive. Kind of surprised by how open it sounds, though.

Posted by nbesnerson

What the hell is this accent?

@spicyrichter: That would be the French Canadian Accent from someone who doesn't speak English very much... eh

Posted by WilliamHenry

So you're a vigilante in the future basically? I'm in.

Posted by Hatsworth

"Hi, abjaghfagbghjdaya Watch Dogs."

Posted by Dan_CiTi

If this is as open and deep as they're hyping it to be, goddamnnn this game!!! And obviously they would run it on a PC, it is a demo and they want reliable hardware, not a prototype.

Posted by Plasticpals

Out of all the games, the cross-platform titles like this one probably best show what is possible on the PS4 - at least at launch. And they were the least impressive. Agni's Philosophy, Quantic Dreams' old man, and many of the other impressive demos were just that - demos - with no real game play shown. Cinematic camera angles look nice in trailers but are not representative of what the actual game will look like when played from a typical 3rd person perspective.

Posted by Indiana_Jenkins

Before the inevitable hate gets out of control, I just want to say I love the underscore in Watch_Dogs.