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The early (pre-conference) talk about the hardware of the next gen systems sounded like they would just be an $80-150 upgrade for my 2010 PC. The rumored CPU didn't sound all that impressive (and they didn't talk about what clockrate or how many cores it had during the conference), but after it became clear they use 8GB's of GDDR5, I'm not so sure about that. That stuff is expensive and I don't know about any consumer grade motherboards that use or even support that, so that'll probably keep up with high end PC's for several years. Obviously we'll be in the same situation we're in right now in another 7 or so years, but I don't think the memory will be the issue with this machine (like it was throughout the entire cycle of this generation - 512MB wasn't much even in 2005 and the PS3 could only use 256MB out of those 512 if I recall correctly, that shit's been devastating to developers), but the CPU worries me a little, 1.6 ghz doesn't sound like much, even if it is 8 cores. That sounds like a potential issue down the line, it's not like consumer grade 3ghz 8 core CPU's are prohibitively expensive today.

Clock speeds and number of cores are not necessarily useful points of comparison when talking about vastly different chip architectures. Examples include Nvidia vs ATI/AMD video cards, significantly lower clock speed multicore processors that are much faster and more efficient than the highest clocked Pentium IVs of the past, and lower clocked dual-core consumer Intel processors that were faster than the 360's 3.2ghz triple-core CPU.

I'm wondering if the PS4's processor is a result of joint development with IBM, like Cell was?

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I'm pretty excited for this game. Looks like there is some cool stuff you can do.

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@plato84: yea, wtf? the new video player is pixelating all the time. That never happened with the old player....

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@shimmy: Console Next-Gen, PC this gen.

2013 High End PC = PS4

You don't play games on a PC, do you?

Nobody really plays games on a PC. They spend all of their time buying new hardware, adjusting the settings, downloading mods, and then complaining on Internet forums about console ports and technical settings.

PC gaming!

On topic, what's up with that cover art? Man with gun in open-world: The video game. I could totally see this game ending up being another shooting and killing thing, with a few interactive world elements thrown in.

You must have had some terrible experiences if that's your definition of PC gaming. I'd much rather have more control over my games than playing on an already outdated console that's not even out yet.

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This looks like it could be one hell of a sandbox to play around in. I wonder what your limits will be as far as the hacking goes, so far it looks like you can hack just about EVERYTHING.

Still don't understand what this multiplayer component is. Like other players can affect things in your game?

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Well, he sure made a lot of promises. Not really holding my breath to see how they won't deliver.

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If they can deliver what they promise this game will be a must play.

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This is the Gun of the next generation except it won't be complete trash. Making this game on all platforms is just going to limit the scope of the gameplay.

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Worst french Canadian accent ever !!!!!!

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I was hope'n for a stealth game that didnt use the normal tropes. This is looking like a balls to the wall action game with "new" tec game play. I'm still in but I hope its not this crazy all the time. Is your guy a tec ninja?

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i bet they were playing this on a mid range gaming computer though >.>

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Shame this content was PC footage again though!! really anoying!